H3Timer for Halo 3 provides timers and alerts for weapon spawn during matches. For the iPhone and iPod.

Support for all official MLG Pro maps:

MLG - Amplified
MLG - Construct
MLG - Guardian
MLG - Lockdown
MLG - Narrows
MLG - Onslaught
MLG - The Pit

Generic support for "Other (All Weapons On)" map.

Re-sync start times without restarting game timer.

The "Start / Sync Timer" button will start the game clock when pressed.

When the "Start / Sync Timer" pressed again it will only re-start the weapon timers allow you to adjust the timers based on a spawning weapon.

Selecting a different game after the "Start / Sync Timer" is pressed will not affect the current timer.

Pressing "Stop Timer" button will stop and reset the game and weapon timers.

The "Power Ups" timer has its own "start" button allow you to adjust the timer based on the last spawning.

Visual Alert at 30 seconds...
Voice Alert at 10 seconds...

Version 1.01:
- Stop Timer Button Color Change
- Spelling Correction
- Version Stamp

Version 1.2 (future):
- Voice and Alert Adjustments
- 30 Sec. (Timer Bump)

Thanks for the reviews...

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