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Help the Bone-Rabbit travel far across the land in search of his missing brother.

You can help the Bone-Rabbit by dragging, spinning and setting panels on the surface of the water to urge him in the direction you want him to move. Use the same methods to lead him towards carrots when he gets hungry.

The cat (who is friend to Bone-Rabbit) will try to help him (This kind hearted feline is really just trying to help his friends)

However, if you feel that the Cats ‘help’ isn’t needed, you can pick him up and throw him out of the screen. But only if you feel it is necessary.

When you have found Bone-Rabbits’ brother, take care to avoid falling into the water. Little Bone-Rabbit tends to get lost easily.

Now, let’s see and touch HALBON’s world!

Game explanation

*As soon as the game starts, the Bone rabbit will start walking off.

*Place panels before Bone rabbit to create a path so that he doesn’t fall into the water and moves further in the direction you would like him to go.

*Find his little brother, try not to fall into the water and continue walking to the end of the progress bar to clear the game.

Thank you to all the people who gave their feed back.

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