I Love Virus follows a young virus-in-training on his journey to become a fully fledged viral pandemic.

Help Virus eat his way through 30 different stages, collecting fun and unique power-ups along the way. But watch out for those nasty White Blood Cells who are trying to stand in his way!

These never-seen-before power-ups give Virus some super abilities:
• Fight back! Eat the White Blood Cells!

• Need a shortcut? No problem, just eat through the walls!

• Escape danger and eat cells faster with a little speed boost!

• Feeling lonely? Tired of doing all the work? The Clone power-up summons a viral buddy to help you out! He can use all the other power-ups too! But watch out—the White Blood Cells can use the Clone power-up to call up some extra enemies.

• Be sure to collect the Extra Deaths along the way—they give you an extra chance even if you get caught by the White Blood Cells.

The White Blood Cells are eager to prevent our poor hero from his bright future as an up and coming virus, but luckily they don't work too well together. Their slap-stick antics are fun to watch, but be careful! You never know when a White Blood Cell is going to come flying at you!

• 30 Levels of Various Styles
• 3 Game Modes
• Comical Villainy Antics
• Unique Power-Ups & Enhanced Gameplay
• Simple Yet Engaging

Please visit our website for more information.

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