Play the only realistic 3d carrom game for the iPhone!

Carrom, the extremely popular Indian board game, is a cross between billiards and shuffleboard. Sometimes known as 'finger billiards', the game uses small disks instead of balls and the players 'flick' the pieces instead of using a stick.

Whether you are new to carrom, or grew up playing the game, iCarrom will give you hours of fun.

Use the 'striker' to knock all of your pieces into the pockets, scoring points based on how many pieces your opponent has left when you have cleared the board of your pieces. Play multiple 'boards' until a player reaches 25 points to win the game.

- Realistic 3d simulation
- Use of touchscreen makes you feel like you are interacting with a real carrom board and pieces.
- Easy controls to allow for getting just the right view when trying to line up a shot.
- Play singles (1 against 1) or doubles (2 against 2)
- Play against friends or computers opponents in any combination.
- 20 computer opponents to choose from.
- Play a tournament! Start with an easier opponent and keep winning until you beat the best.
- Create your own player profile with an avatar and striker design choosen from a large collection.
- Auto-save (when quitting, phone call, etc)

In the movies:
Carrom was briefly shown in the Academy Award winning movie Slumdog Millionaire. Really... It was only for a few seconds - but it was there!

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