How good is your in2ition?

Some days you can’t win
and other days you cannot lose !

In2ition is a mindless, addicting game that can be played anywhere, anytime. It is perfect for airports, lunch counters, grocery lines or any other place where you are looking for somethng to do. It is the kind of app you’re going to want to keep handy at all times.

However - IT IS NOT A GAME - it is a TEST of your intuitive and precognitive powers!

The object is to guess the number from one to nine that Vlad is thinking about. You have nine tries, on every attempt Vlad the “Thinker” thinks of another number from one to nine. When/if you get the correct number, that number is eliminated from the keyboard and you have eight tries to guess the next number and so on until you've eliminated all numbers.

Since Vlad has no bias your success depends strictly upon your intuition and your precognitive powers.

Its amazing what you will discover!

Are you more intuitive than the average person or are you less intuitive? Are you more intuitive in the morning? Late at night? Can you improve your intuition? Its fun and addicting.

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