NEWS: If you prefer a retro version then Invazion Project-R is for you.

Project-R is similar to Invazion but has some subtle twists. Why not try it out ?

Updates coming soon if enough interest !!!!!

Enemies are invading the earth and it's up to you to save them. You have the protection of 4 Shields which will protect you until the enemies reach them, they will then erode as the enemies get closer.

You start the game with 3 ships, every third level you earn a new ship.

You move your ship left or right whilst avoiding the enemy fire and destroy all of the enemies before they land on earth. If you destroy them all then the screen will fill with another barrage of enemies, this time one step closer to the earth and depending on your level the number of enemies will increase (up to a maximum of 55).

This continues until the enemies reach earth or you lose all your ships. Each new level the difficulty will slowly increase, with the enemies slowly increasing their pace and increasing their firing abilities.

This is a game of strategy, endurance and skill. During game play you can pause the game and alter the settings. In the settings you can turn sound on/off, shields on/off or select one of four control schemes.

Control Schemes:

In the full version you have the choice of the Touch Control, Joystick Control, Button Control and Tilit Control. These are covered in the help screens and on the support site.

To increase your score you can hit the random UFO which will appear at the top of the screen. This has a points value between 5 and 30 based which is calculated using a special formula.

The full version of Invazion features a game saving ability. Anytime you exit the application (for example using the home key) the game state will be saved. In addition the pause screen in the full version features a save game option which can be used at any time.

On re-entering the application you will have the option to resume a saved game.

The full version also features an on-device high scores saving system. The top 10 high scores are saved on your device, in future releases we may include an online table.

Features :

- 3 Lives to Start, Increasing every 3rd Level
- Unlimited levels.
- Settings (Audio/Shields/Control Schemes)
- 4 Control Schemes (Touch, Joystick, Button and Tilt)
- On Device High Score History
- Game Saving and Restoring
- Pause Feature during game

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