Hold on tight ‘cause there’s a new addiction in town. iToss is a ridiculously fun App that turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a virtual Frisbee®.

In Version 1.1, there are two different games built into one:

Target Practice

Target Practice has three increasingly challenging levels. See how many times you can hit the target in a row and we’ll keep track of your high score for you. If you like Paper Toss, this will be even more fun because you get to pretend to throw your iPhone!

City Smack

Go on a tour with us to major cities around the world and put your target practice to the true test of your skills: hitting stuff! For starters, we’ll take you to New York, San Francisco and London where you can toss the Frisbee® at trucks, signs, people, etc. while building up your point total. We’ll keep adding cities if you keep playing.

WARNING: We are not liable for any devices or other objects that are broken while playing iToss so hold on tight to your iPhone or iPod Touch and don’t actually throw it.

STAY TUNED: We’re already developing Version 2.0 where you’ll be able to play catch with your friends who’ve also downloaded iToss.

Frisbee® is a Registered Trademark of © 2004 Wham-o Inc

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