iXonix is an addition to old well known Qix / Xonix category games. It's arcade and strategy game at the same time.

Year 2049. The Earth is dying. Globally air, water, land and ocean ecosystems are collapsing. There is no escape. Earth's population are forced to colonise the Mars planet. For this purpose iXonix (specially designed robot) was send to Mars with the mission of planet terraformation to make it habitable by humans and other terrestrial life. But Martian aborigines are trying to prevent the changes of their planet at any price.

The objective of iXonix is to plant a supermajority of the playfield with trees. More than 75% of playfield has to be terraformed to jump to the next level. The more area you plant at once, the more points you get. Every next level gives you one more life.

- Create characters animation.
- Add different bonus objects.
- Submit high scores into "iXonix Hall of Fame" over internet.
- Improve sound support.

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