Ride fast and take chances... and then ride even faster!In the high-speed world of Light Riders, your goal is to outlast your opponents. But are you up to the task?As you guide your personal LRV (Light Ride Vehicle) through harrowing turns, an energy trail will be left behind you that neither you nor your adversaries can pass. You must out-maneuver your opponents and wall them off before they do the same to you.Using our game career tracking system, Light Riders will allow you to challenge up to three other players over Wi-Fi while tracking your wins, losses and other statistics. Compete vigorously with others to hold the top spot on the global leaders board if you dare!Prepare for action at the speed of light.OTHER FEATURES:- Single-player mode with advanced and aggressive artificial intelligence. Choose between one and three (1-3) AI bots to compete against.- Multi-player mode with up to four (4) players over Wi-Fi using four (4) separate devices. You may substitute human players with AI bots.- Career tracking and global leaders board for multiplayer matches.- Completely polished user interface that fully takes advantage of your iPhone or iPod Touch.- Customizable game experience. Select the color of your LRV and personalize other game features.FUTURE UPDATES:- Internet multiplayer with up to eight (8) players.- LRV enhancements: weapons, power-ups and more.- Environment enhancements: obstacles and new levels.WHAT'S NEW IN THIS VERSION:- All new redesigned 3D graphics.- Three (3) different camera perspectives. Choose between first person, third person or overhead views.- Tighter handling and turning of your LRV. Now you can turn on a dime.- Faster paced action. LRVs now travel at much higher speeds.- Improved multiplayer performance with lower network latency.- Customizable in-game sound track using your personal music library (iPod Library Access.)- New sound effects and menu graphics.- Performance and stability improvements.

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