There is more detailed information in
Please see that.
There is animation in YOUTUBE. Please refer to here.
All almost functions that I had wanted to put
it were originally mounted.
As for the opinion of everybody, it is scheduled to reflect
as much as possible in the future and to correspond
Review of sweet, please.

Mahjong BOY
It is an utility software that is fully loaded of
useful functions when using it when playing mahjong.

IPhone/ If iPod touch is put on the center of
the mah-jong mat, the mah-jongg saloon style.
It is ..quick change.. . in the dice outline machine.

The function is as follows.
- It is ..about convenient dice put away..
function that the beginning mountain of
the distribution tile is easy rapid.
- Improvement of no operation of FU calculation easily
- Parents were the points to the child how many,
and the child came to understand the child from
an obvious, easy operation like the points etc.
how many from enhancing FU calculation function
and inputting HAN in addition to the
calculation to the score computer.
- UI for the calculation of FU greatly changed into a kind display,
and the selection of the tile for FU calculation was made easy to use.
- It is a mah-jong point table in you of the vague remembrance.
Improvement of easiness to see. Looking at after reach etc. is also good.
- The score memo is enhanced to 12 half rounds x6 person.
- It warns quietly if the total of the score is calculated
by one half rounds and it doesn't become 0.
- Score graph function to understand ups and downs by one
- When the score memo is deleted, the confirmation screen is added.
- For English parallel description
When the parallel description was better,
desire English made it describe in parallel.

Retrieval key
Mah-jongg saloon FU calculation score
mah-jong mah-jong easy staying up all night

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