Play the new puzzle phenomenon that's sweeping iPhones worldwide! MoShinRo is a cross between Minesweeper and Sudoku.  It is very similar to the puzzle game Shinro. Perfect for commuters and jet setters, the average puzzle takes no more than 2-3 minutes to complete and the game automatically saves mid-puzzle so you can start and stop when necessary.

DIRECTIONS: Beat the clock and find all 12 green spots on the board as quickly as possible.  Arrows point your way to the spots.  Use the bordering numbers as a guide to how many dots are in each row and column.  Avoid the red spots to improve your score.

MoShinRo has virtually UNLIMITED combinations, so play as many puzzles as you want!  MoShinRo comes with 2 themes and the chance to unlock 3 more! Master each difficulty and beat the creator's times to unlock a theme.  Compete against yourself to beat your own times to achieve your best! Can you beat the hardest puzzle in 0 seconds?

Once you start a new level you won't want to stop!

Visit our Facebook Group "Digital Plight Studios" for news updates and to provide feedback.

- Three difficulty levels makes game easy for first timers and challenging for the seasoned player
- Unlimited replayability - never play the same puzzle twice!
- Two visual themes (Normal, Traffic) available upon purchase
- Autosaving allows for start/stop gaming on the go
- Unlockable themes for each difficulty (Crystal, Neon, Planets)
- Change the look of the game as you progress and find your favorite!

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