Put your chi to the test in this action-puzzler!

Game play is simple: Make every Ninja mimic the Lead Ninja, who is either running, creeping, or defending. But watch out: These teens have a mind of their own and will randomly start running, creeping, or defending of their own volition.


Tap the ninjas to move them into one of three positions. All ninjas must follow the action of the lead ninja (highlighted in red).

If the leader stops,you have to make the other ninjas stop. If the leader runs, you have to make the other ninjas run.

Press the ATTACK button to send your Ninja Rally across the battlefield to your opponent's base or to defend an oncoming attack. The longer you can keep your team following the leader, the larger your Ninja Rally--and the more damage your attacks inflict on your enemy!


Two rival schools of ninjas are under attack--and bad blood prevents either side from seeing the true threat. In the midst of it all, love blossoms between a boy and a girl from the rival schools. Can their forbidden love save the day? Or is doom inescapable?

Battle your way through story mode to find out!


* Single player combat with 3 modes of challenge: Easy, Normal, Insane
* Multi-player combat
* Multiple endings in story mode
* High scores
* High quality visuals
* Exciting music and sound effects


Before playing your new game, please be sure to restart your iPhone or iPod.

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