"A great pipe puzzle game... plenty of gameplay value and great music/sound effects." /watch?v=44QlSUjNGn8

"Paradox 3000 is a game that has a high addiction factor. There are so many puzzler games out there that its hard to find a title where you still say Wow."

"Paradox 3000 is a great game for when you want to just shut off your brain and poke around on your iPhone screen. It's a pipe puzzle game that gives you widely varied difficulty levels to keep you interested, simple gameplay, and, ultimately, more entertainment than you might expect."

Paradox 3000 is a fun little puzzle game that takes elements of "Pipes" and "Tetris" and creates an eclectic mix. There are two main modes of play (Arcade and Puzzle) that offer completely different play experiences, while sharing the same amount of brain teasing depth. Arcade Mode plays fast and frenetic, forcing you to think quickly, while Puzzle Mode is more relaxed and methodical. Paradox 3000 offers excellent replay value and is the kind of game that will earn a permanent place on your device.

- High-velocity Arcade Mode, with the feel of classic games such as Tetris and Pipes.

- Low-octane Puzzle Mode, containing 3000 puzzles (in a range of difficulty levels) to challenge yourself with.

- Enter Code option, allowing you to jump to any puzzle and share the best codes with your friends.

- Paradox plays well with your device: by switching off the in-game music, you can play your own.

In the year 3000, the United Space Federation require their crack pilots to train using a puzzle game designed to test their spatial awareness, mental agility and ability to handle pressure. In their brutal war with the Axis of Evil Planets, any edge must be taken advantage of.
Thanks to a time-travel accident in a secret government facility beneath the french-swiss border, we are able to bring you this game for your enjoyment. This is Paradox 3000! The future of time itself may depend on your performance.

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