A combination of technology, physics and you (the user) brings to life a simple yet challenging game.

As a child we all tried to balance a stick or baseball bat on the palm of our hand. This application recreates that experience. The motion of the iphone or ipod-touch in your hand counters the influence of gravity as you adjust to maintain the pendulum upright.

A full 3D physics model of an inverted spherical pendulum is loaded and run on the iphone's cpu. Your movements are read by the unit's accelerometers - connecting you to the virtual pendulum. Your natural reactions and strategies apply!

This game is meant to be pure and elemental; without points, timers or bonuses. It is truly fun and safe for all ages.

When you think you have a handle on it, try again while on a city bus, subway car or the back of the family mini van. This brings in a whole different level because... the motions of the platform you are on are real too!! They also get reflected in the game.

Good Luck and Enjoy,

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