Been waiting for a Dungeon Crawler RPG on the iPhone? just haven't found anything worthy? Or, just looking for a quick time waster RPG that you can jump into and jump out of just as quickly and come back to at anytime without having to try and remember what you were doing? Then look no further! Pocket Hero is dungeon crawling RPG with a time-based battle system, and even randomly generated dungeons, enemies, and items. Customize your character by focusing your levels into any combonation of Strength, Mind, and Stealth and their corresponding skill trees. You have 100 levels to make the strongest Pocket Hero you possibly can!

Game Highlights Include:

Three Skill/Level Trees each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Trees can be mixed and matched to create a custom character.

Strength - A level in Strength increases the Hero's attack, defense and Health. Leveling in Strength awards a strength skill point. All skills in the strength tree are free of Mana cost. Instead of paying in mana your character will pay with time delay to the next attack, lost Health, or become inflicted with a negative status effect.

Mind - A level in Mind awards extra resistance to mind attacks, Mana, and increases the overall power of your Mind skills. Leveling in Mind awards a mind skill point. All skills in the mind tree are either innate (Stat Altering) or consume Mana during battle. This tree contains the some of the most helpful skills and the most devastating attacks. Mind is the only tree which offers attacks which will damage all enemies at the same time.

Stealth - A level in Stealth awards you with extra dodge, and speed, as well as improving the effectiveness of Stealth abilities. Leveling in Stealth awards a stealth skill point. Skills in the Stealth tree offer a somewhat alternative form of gameplay. Skills in the Stealth tree will allow you to Sneak past enemies undetected, pickpocket items from enemies, escape or go invisible during battle.

Even the items in the game are created randomly so there are literally an almost ENDLESS number of possible items that can be found in the dungeons.

A maximum level cap at level 100 offers the challenge to see what is the strongest character you can make by testing to see what is the toughest dungeon boss you can take on once you've reached the highest level.

Enemies and the items found in the dungeons change and grow stronger as your character grows stronger!

Test your character by selecting the level of the dungeon to be higher than your character's actual level. Make it as high as you want! Even past the maximum player level of 100!

Communicate with the developer on the Pocket Hero forum and maybe your ideas can be incorporated into the next release!

Below are a list of known bugs.
I apologize in advance for some of these bugs, I am a one man show I'm afraid. I don't have anyone to do any testing for me really so I try to do as much testing as I can myself but there are limitations. If you would like to become a tester you may inquire at the forum or by contacting me via the contact forum at the website linked to below.

Known Bugs:
- There is now a small chance of receiving two items after winning a battle, this is actually a bug, though most of you probably don't mind this one.

If you've noticed anything else please Let me Know!

** Website is back up! However, it has been improperly restored to an older version. I've put in a support ticket and am sorry for the delay. **

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