PopGroup is the bubble popping strategy game that's so sleek and elegant, people might think it came with your iPhone or iPod touch.

All you do is pop groups of bubbles that have the same color. Sound easy? It is, unless you want a high score! You have to pop groups in the right order to form bigger groups and get more points.

PopGroup is based on the classic, award-winning game concept invented in 1985 by Kuniaki Moribe. You may have played similar games on other devices. PopGroup lets you customize the board size and number of colors to match your preferences--each setting has its own feel.

- Clear graphics let you focus on your game
- "Cascade" animation with accurate physics
- Customize the board size and number of colors
- Optional Widescreen mode
- Online high scores
- Saves your game when you exit or take a call
- Listen to your iPod music while you play
- Lightweight design maximizes battery life
- And more...

PopGroup gives you four game slots so you can try out different settings, or let your friends play without affecting your average score.

PopGroup is made by the developer of tChess Lite and Pro (the popular iPhone chess games), Learn Chess (the Apple Staff Favorite e-book), and the AI for Gomoku Narabe (Gobang).

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