This quick connect game is a popular and funny game, aiming to train the players’ capacity of reaction, memory and logic.This game has been separately set into two editions providing convenience for players to shuffle on the screen for the game.

1, Operational games, with fast pace.
2, Games could be auto-saved and resumed.
3, Multi-touch supported. While a finger move on the screen, another finger can choose the icon, or you can choose two icons at the same time with your two fingers.

Control Method:
1, Move: Move the screen by sliding your finger back and forth.
2, Select icons: Tap the screen on the fruit icon.
3, Tip: Tap the "Tip" button.

1, Players should connect the group pattern with the same fruit, while this connection will be completed avoiding other fruits patterns, the path is limited to be no more than two turns. This game is divided into "easy", "normal", "hard" three levels in each of which there are 11 rounds. Players should remove all the fruit patterns at the presented time. After all this missions are completed, players could enter the next round.
2, When players can not find the eliminable fruit patterns, he can choose the the game system will automatically eliminate a group fruit patterns and deducting the total points at the same time; When it comes to unlicensed cancellative group patterns, game system will be automatically restart with living points deducted. The game system will give players five tip points and two living points at the beginning of the game. One tip point increased once pass one round, one living point deduced every other round. When the living point is zero, moreover the situation appears to be no solution, game end.
3, When the player choose "Exit" button in the half-way, the game system will auto-save and exit at this time. The player can continue to play the game reserved previously or restart a new one. After the end of the game, the system will decide whether or not to log on the top according to the total score.

Instruction of the rounds:
Round 1: unchanged
Round 2: move up
Round 3: move right
Round 4: separation of upper and lower
Round 5: concentration of upper and lower
Round 6: separation of left and right
Round 7: concentration of left and right
Round 8: left up, right down
Round 9: upper right, lower left
Round 10: extend outward
Round 11: centralized inward

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