Every year the brightest minds in the Universe come together to play a tournament of Quarqa: a game of numbers that surpasses language barriers and simply requires one to outsmart the opponent.

This time around you are invited to challenge the top-players from the comfort of your Earthly surroundings using your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Have you got what it takes to beat Moo'oo Lah, the undisputed Quarqa master? Or any of the other worthy contenders?

You play the game on a board of red and green tiles. Each turn you need to pick one tile from the highlighted row/column.

Red tiles are negative points, green tiles are positive points. If a tile appears multiple times in the highlighted row/column, it will give you the points multiple times.

The tile you pick, controls the column/row your opponent has to pick from next, so if you pick smart, you can push your opponent into a low section.

The game ends if a player cannot move anymore. Highest score wins.

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