Running With Scissors :: Pre-Season

Introducing: "Running With Scissors: Pre-Season"

It's an action-strategy racing game, with an 9+ age target, and rpg collectible aspects for the characters equipment that changes their in-game graphics. Its theme is 'stranger and stranger', with obstacles like giant eyes on stalks that wink at you, tsunamis, kittens and meteor showers.

There are scratch n' win elements at the end of every race, a bunch of different outfits for your character that change your capabilities and affect the obstacles you encounter.

The graphics are a mix of flash based vector animation and 3d graphics rendered into a series of 2d sprite sheets, which allow an incredibly lush and vibrant visual experience at high enough frame rates to be visually seamless, on the target of 2nd gen iPod touch devices & iPhone 3G. The game is still fully functional on the 1st generation devices.

Sounds have been done in-house, and are a mix of funny voiceovers and environmental effects, with custom, high quality music.

For our initial release, we are targeting single player gameplay modes with advanced, non-cheating AI, and with leaderboards (coming soon).


• Awards systems hooked into the ngmoco plus+ system!
• <FREE> More Worlds! "Really, Really Dry", "Pond Side", and "Dark Side Of The Moon"
• <FREE> More Accessories! Full outfits to unlock and buy!
• <DLC> Powerful new capabilities for your runner!

Buy Today! You won't find a more unique title than this!

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