Solitaire - 6 Games contains 6 Klondike GAMES that all play like the famous "Solitaire". Three games are Double-Klondike variations.

SOLITAIRE (Klondike) plays the easy and famous Klondike (deal 1 and 3) rule.

EASTHAVEN is a one deck game with 7 stacks, but it is more challenging than Klondike.

SURPRISE is a 104 card Klondike variation that starts with a real nice setup. It is called Surprise, because it can fail even if you are sure you have won already. This is my personal favorite.

BIG HARP is a huge 104 card Klondike style game as it is played in Germany. You have a better chance of solving the game, as the German rules provide one additional cascade compared to Double-Klondike.

MY MOMs is a variation that my mom plays since forever. I do not know where she picked it up, but it is medium hard if you use a good strategy.

GYPSY is a double deck variation of red-black solitaire that is very hard to win, but 2 cheating cells help a lot.

This collection is intended for Solitaire players that do not like to learn many different rules or setups, but like to play a well known rule in six excitingly different variations.

This game is built using the Super Solitaire game engine:

- drag and drop play
- minimal battery drain (up to 5h play)
- gestures (collect, hint, undo, deal)
- automatic save and resume
- animated dealing
- advanced hint system (2x tap on green)
- unlimited undo (3x tap on green)
- collect cards
- sound

Do not expect scoring, or fancy end of game graphics.

Patience mit deutscher Anleitung.

Release Notes: No known bugs.

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