tableelements is a puzzle game - periodic table of elements Chemistory character.

The iphone is pretty Chenimal game characters will disappear back to the original position of the tilting of the periodic table.

They measure the time in the background, can participate in the rankings to the website and send a clear time to pay the periodic table of elements.

How it works:

iphone is tilted slightly, leaning in the direction to move the character.

The back is tilted from the horizontal, move the character again.

Move one character at a time from 1 to 3 characters.

By rotating the character disappears back into the correct position and the character of the periodic table.

Back in the correct position of the periodic table of the character of all time appears clear.

We send you a dialog to enter a screen name and press the button, enter the names send rankings appear in the data being sent to the Home button.

added touch control to the app from ver1.1.
To move a chara, let your fingers lubrication.




iPhone and iPod touch respond to

iPhone2.2 software update is required.

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