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Triple Card Poker, one of the most popular internet casino games, is now available for your iPhone and iPod Touch. With various betting strategies and countless ways to win, players are discovering that Triple Card Poker is not only easy to learn, but is also a lot of fun to play. Based on the standard Las Vegas rules, Triple Card Poker is ultimate companion for any Vegas veteran.

You start off with three ways to bet. The 'Pair Bonus' bet, the 'Ante' bet, and the 'Play' bet. Once the player places their 'Pair Bonus' and 'Ante' bets, three cards are dealt. From there, if the player has a pair or better, the 'Pair Bonus' bet pays (up to 40 to 1 for a Straight Flush). There is also a 'Ante Bonus' that is paid if the player has a Straight or better. After the player receives his three cards, he/she can choose to take on the dealer. This is the 'Play' bet. If the player decides to 'Play' against the dealer, their play bet will equal the 'Ante' bet. From there, the dealer will receive their three cards. If the players beats the dealer, both the 'Ante' and the 'Play' will pay 1 to 1. Sound easy? Can you take down the house and set a new high score?

NOTE: This game is also commonly referred to as 'Three Card Poker' or 'Tricard Poker'.

--Custom Stats Modules that tracks all of your game statistics (games played, won, folded, best hands, high scores, player trends, and much more)
-- In-Depth Odds Sheets
-- Save Game and Resume functionality
-- Intuitive User Interface for Fast Paced Play
-- Vegas Style Playing Surface
-- Animations
-- Social Network Integration for Twitter and Facebook
-- Global Community Chat Rooms
-- Game Specific Chat Rooms
-- Online Leaderboards (Global and location specific)
-- In-Game Alerts
-- NEW! - Achievements and Unlockables
-- NEW! - Player Profiles
-- NEW! - Friends Lists
-- NEW! - 'Feint' Player Points System
-- OpenFeint 2.0 Integration

Triple Card Poker is a ChewSoft LLC game.

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