The day Boredom turned and ran.

Have you ever had an incredible idea? Are your ideas usually accompanied by a situation filled with annoyance? My idea came to me while waiting for over an hour for a table at a restaurant.

After spending thirty minutes gnawing on the plastic vibrating cube the hostess gave me, I realized there must be a much better way to spend my time.

I decided to create a series of games that would be fun for all ages. I began brainstorming to create collection of games that would be challenging, fun and educational all at the same time. I finally settled on 5 games that are fun, can be played with others at the table, and you can stop at any time when the food arrives.

What about communication? What about people sitting and waiting and talking? I carefully chose the games for the WaitAndPlay collection to allow people waiting to begin communicating again, instead of sitting in their own world text messaging. Several of the games can involve group interaction, like HangMan, the Slider Puzzle and the IQ tester. These games are perfect for fun competition at the table. All of the games are perfect if you are by yourself waiting.

The WaitAndPlay collection was created with you in mind. We have all had to wait for tables or in line. I say why not have fun while waiting? Chase away boredom with a group of fun games that can – do I dare say, make waiting fun.

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