Control Method:
1, Move: Move bricks by sliding your finger back, forth, up and down.
2, Rotate: Tap the screen that is not over the bricks.
3, Drop down: When you drag the bricks, release you finger, the bricks will drop down.
4, New bricks: When there are no active bricks, just tap the screen. Or you can drag the prepared bricks out into the scene.

1, Dual bricks entrances. There are 2 prepared bricks bundles for you at the same time. You can select the bricks as you like."It bring you much flexibility.
2, Auto save game data and recovery the game data the next time. You can exit the game at will, and next time you can continue to play.
3, Multi-touch supported. When you move the bricks use one of your fingers, you can use another finger tap the sceen to rotate the bricks.
4, Creative movement. You can not just move the bricks left and right, but up and down.
5, Many bricks bundles at the same time.

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