XTERIO is an experimental minimalistic game that originates from a far away galaxy.

The prototype of XTERIO was initially found on an alien spaceship crashlanding site in Siberia, 1996.

? You haven't seen a game like this before. There are no ordinary game elements (score, lives, energy, etc), XTERIO is all about gameplay and nothing else.

? You will find that XTERIO is the ideal game when you're waiting for someone/something or just have 3-5 spare minutes. Takes a tap to start. A typical game session lasts 2-4 minutes depending on your level.

? You can play XTERIO along with your favorite iPod music.

Have fun with this unique and addictive game!

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? Star Guitar - the #1 guitar app in terms of usability and sound quality!

? Star Piano - the ultimate automatic piano!

? Star Melody - Bloom on steroids! ambient generative music sequencer!

? Pro - the best iPhone sound synth! #1 Synthesizer!

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