For the first time on the IPhone/IPod, you will be able to shoot Zombies! Uh, what do you mean another Zombie game came out 6 months ago? Well, Confucius once said there can never be enough zombie games. What a wise man that Confusion guy was.

Are you tired of Zombies always attacking your towns and cities? In this game, you flip the script and go into THEIR town and wreak havoc. You begin the game armed with only a wrench but as you melee attack your way through the town, you will earn Style Points which can be used to purchase weapons. Buy the crowd favorite shotgun. Or arm yourself with an Uzi, Chain Gun, or even the Portal Gun.

You can spend your Points on Health Kits, Ammo, and the Crate. When the going gets tough, use the ultimate weapon to transform yourself into an orange crate. This will confuse zombies and they will leave the area! It's time for payback as you try to eliminate as many foes as possible while managing your resources!

-Choose your way of combat: Kung-Fu your way through waves of enemies or be trigger happy.
-Responsive control to maximize your zombie killing fun
-Utilize your resources carefully. Don't waste a single bullet!
-You do not have unlimited stamina to melee attack, so time your attacks to avoid leaving yourself open!
-Intense zombie action!

Special Thanks to James Silva for the artwork. Go buy a copy of his awesome game, Dishwasher on Xbox Live Arcade.

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