Elemental is a pure arcade and addictive game, where you guide a little ball through four beautiful elemental worlds : earth, wind, fire and water.
Open the gates to the new maps and worlds, by gathering or creating green and red pills, and putting them in the right place.
But beware; you have many enemies who only wish one thing : preventing you from succeeding. Understand their behavior and use your mind, world topology, bonuses and items to avoid or get rid of them.

Features :
_ Pure arcade and addictive game, for both casual and hardcore gamers.
_ Play with the accelerometer or with the virtual pad.
_ Explore 40 maps in 4 different and wonderful worlds : Earth, wind, water and fire.
_ Choose your own path all through the game.
_ Use world topology and special areas to avoid and block your enemies.
_ Languages : French, English

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