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Golden Miner has 99 levels. For each level, there are various items that have different scores and need different strength to get. You have fixed time 60’’ and target points at each level. Your scores you got in the last level will automatically cumulate to the next level. After you pass any level, you will be led to the prop store with sexy girl. In the store, you can buy the following props:
Bomb-- After you bought it, when you grab item, you can click the screen again to bomb the item.
Strength Water--After you bought it, in the next level, your strength and grabbing speed will increase. It only works in one level.
Lucky Clover--It will help you get good thing from the opportunity bag. It only works in one level.

Notice: you should use the scores you got in the last levels to buy prop(s), so you should be careful if your scores you got are not high for if your remained scores are too low, you may lose in the following level.

There also are cute moles walking up and down to make your gold mining more difficult in some levels.

Endless treasures are waiting for you to dig. Are you ready?

More props, amusing sound effects and levels are coming soon in the new version.

Thank you for supporting our game Golden Miner. Some players think that our new version is a little difficult. We will improve it soon. And global ranking is available in the next version.

What's new in 1.2 version:
Added global ranking in the new version
Two modes are available in the new version: Standard and Expert.
Standard version is used the 1.0 version map and the play way; Expert version is challenging and more difficult.

In the near future, we will present the network version, so that you can play with other players through local area Network—wifi.

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