"Rock, Paper, Scissors on a Checkerboard!" - Mike M.

Looking for a little mental exercise? This strategic board game pits you against a computer opponent in a virtually endless variety of layouts. In this turn-based game the goal is to take your opponent's pieces from the board while protecting your own. Empty places count for one point and taking an opponent's piece is worth five points. The winner is the one with the most points. Taking an opponent's piece is roughly based on the rules of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" and legal moves are highlighted. Automatic "blockers" can be used for defense or for controlling board offense - though not always as you plan!

- Millions of different game layouts!
- Intuitive feel with visual feedback of legitimate moves.
- Games can be replayed at any point.
- Opponent (AI) strength can be adjusted.
- Game state is saved automatically.
- Sound effects volume can be adjusted.
- Compatible with the (background) iPod music player.
- Symmetric and optional asymmetric layouts.
- Gameplay is like checkers or chess with a solitaire feel.


->The free version has eight games you can play if you just want to try it. This paid version is unlimited.

->Thanks for the great feedback in the reviews and at the blog.

-> An "Only Symmetric" option has been added for those of you who like just the fair (symmetric) games.

LIMITED TIME: 1/2 Off Sale!

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