When you move the balls, the screen seems to have real depth. The balls follow your perspective just like real 3D objects floating on the screen, something like a 3D hologram.

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Tilt the iPhone/iPod touch to guide your black beating ball, gather as many black balls as you can while avoiding the white ones. It is a very simple game, perfect for killing a few minutes of your time - but it is so addictive, be careful not to play too hard!

Hitting one of the black balls will give you one point, purple balls give bonuses, one for ten points, however increasing points make the game faster and more difficult. If you hit even one white ball you will lose immediately. Shaking the iPhone/iPod touch to initiate a bomb blast will get rid of all white balls.

The best record we’ve come up with is 245 - if possible, please write your best record in your review.

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