Thousands have downloaded OB and OB Lite, and we've listened to your feedback. OB 2.0 features include:

- A completely redesigned control scheme

- New and improved training missions

- An all new squadron commander mission

- Bonuses for visiting Cellufun Live: more missiles and better armor!


"Orion's Belt delivers drama in spades...with 20 missions, great graphics, excellent production values and good replay value; this game is a good buy for four bucks."

"Orion's Belt 2.0 is worth every bit of any gamer's attention! From the well developed training missions to the completely customizable skirmish levels, this game will have you coming back for more - months into playing! 4.5 / 5"


For centuries, the Terran Empire was a peaceful one. Colonies throughout the galaxy cooperated in all matters of commerce, science and the arts. But a series of internal struggles led the Empire to ruin. The far reaches of the galaxy that were once seats of science and culture now blaze in conflict.

The Minatakan and Alnitakan tribes have long made their home in the peaceful stretch of stars known as Orion's Belt. But the Empire's collapse has disrupted once reliable supply lines, and the proximity of these two peoples has now produced a bitter struggle for vital resources. For one young Minatakan cook aboard the convoy ship Tiamat, the struggle will hit home in a way that he never expected!

Experience the space shooter that's like nothing else available on the iPhone! Rise through the ranks of the Minatakan fleet from cook to squadron commander as you take the controls of an ultra-maneuverable space fighter. In this top-down action game you'll encounter multiple enemy ships programmed with powerful AI. You'll also need your wits to complete a challenging campaign loaded with strategic twists and turns.

Game Features:

- Fly 20 action-packed missions
- Deploy 4 different weapon types
- Earn new ships with better weaponry
- Advance from flying solo missions to leading a squadron of fighters
- Complete the training missions to unlock SKIRMISH mode
- Upload your scores to win trophies and see who's the best of the best

Published and distributed by Cellufun.
You can also visit for other games such as Space Wars and Call of the Pharaoh.

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