Help the Pencil Pusher go from a weenie to a real all-out he-man as you accept the Paddle Ball Challenge.

Pencil Pusher Paddle Ball Challenge is a game similar to the paddle ball game you may have played as a child - hit the ball connected to the wooden paddle by a rubber band and keep the ball bouncing as many times as you can.

The paddle is controlled by flicking your finger upwards on the screen at the right time - flick too early or too late and you'll miss the ball. Hit the ball at exactly the right time and get extra points!

The ball will bounce off the paddle in the direction and speed of your flick. A faster flick will cause the ball to bounce much higher and gain more points, but watch out, the ball will come back faster and be harder to hit. Flick to the left or right to catch/avoid powerups.

Look for the +10 power up to get ten extra points, but watch out for the -10 power up - hit that and lose 10 points.

There are three modes of play; Regular where the game is over once you miss, Timed where you get as many points as you can in one minute while each miss costs you points and Practice mode where you can play all you want without worries about missing or running out of time.

Some Tips:

- You can turn off the background image, sound effects and background music in the settings page by touching the "i" icon in the lower left corner.

- Use practice mode to get the hang of the paddle if you're having problems.

- You get extra points for a perfect timed hits so keep an eye on the timing.

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