Help the Pencil Pusher fulfill his need to keep his pocket protector full! Keep him bouncing on the stapler to gather floating office supplies - don't let him fall!

Similar to the old Atari Circus game with bouncing clowns, Pencil Pusher Stapler Jump-All is a game in which you tilt your iPhone/iPod Touch left and right to keep the stapler under the bouncing Pencil Pusher and keep him bouncing as he gathers office supplies.

You can control the Pencil Pusher's left and right movement by controlling where on the stapler he lands; have him land on the left side of the stapler to bounce left, and right on the right side of the stapler.

Play starts easily enough and as you progress more supplies are available and the game speeds up.

Some Tips:

-Your high score is tracked and you can control if you want to hear the game music, sounds effects or background image on the Settings screen. Access the Settings screen by touching the "i" icon in the upper right corner.

- If you'd like to listen to your iPod music while playing, turn off the Game Music setting. When you restart Pencil Pusher Stapler Jump-All, your iPod music will continue to play.

- You can adjust how sensitive the stapler is to left right movements by adjusting the slider on the Settings screen. Keep in mind that as you get a higher score the game will speed up so don't set the sensitivity too low.

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