Pencil Pusher Word Around is a word find puzzle game in which you build words by tapping on adjacent lettered tiles, with a twist – you can rotate tiles around to make longer and longer words with massive scores!

You play by building words by tapping on a letter then selecting other adjacent letters above, below, left, right and diagonally. You get more points for longer words than you do for shorter ones.

To add to the challenge you can rotate tiles! Pick the tile in the middle of the tiles you want to rotate – touch that tile and slide your finger left or right for counter-clockwise or clockwise rotation of the surrounding tiles. Make sure none of those tiles are already selected as part of a word or you won’t be able to rotate them. Having the ability to move letters around adds to the challenge of building longer, more complex words and getting a substantially higher score!

The built-in word list has over 100,000 words.

Instructions are included in the game to help you get started.


- Instructions can be found on the Settings screen (touch the “i” icon in the lower right of the screen)

- iPod music will play in the background

- Game is saved when you exit so you can pick up where you left off

- Game tracks total score, highest word score, longest word and average score per word

- Sounds effects and vibration can be turned on/off

- Large dictionary of words

- Points increase dramatically as word gets longer

- Bonus points for using rare letters – Q, Z and X

Some Tips:

- Tap the "i" icon in the lower right part of the screen to access the settings and view the instructions for play.

- Keep an eye on the lower part of the screen. Try to use those letters as much as possible or you’ll get to a point where you can’t make any more words due to too many bad combinations of letters

- Keep an eye out for patterns that are helpful in easily building longer words (ie. “ing”, “tion”, “ly”, etc.)

- Use the rare letters as soon as you can, they’re worth a lot of bonus points.

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