You are a unlicensed electrician working on getting your license done so that you can open you own shop.

You will face different challenges for wiring cables to connect the battery to all the lights. You have to use all the pieces in order to be successful (no shortcuts!). In the easy mode, you have prefabricated pieces that are already in the right spot, all you have to do is to turn them to the correct position (touching them will rotate them clock wise). In the hard mode, you only get the information of how many connections each piece supports, but you don’t know to which side (top,bottom,right,left) the connections have to be. You have to touch the pieces to connect or disconnect them.

The scoring is based on the number of moves needed to solve the puzzle - if you use too many, points will be deducted. If you finish ahead of time, you will earn bonus points.

You have a practice mode, where you have unlimited time to try things out, but you won’t earn any points here. In the marathon mode, you will face several wiring layouts and have only a limited time to connect them as needed - you will only get points when you finish a wiring diagram.

This is a great fast paced, addictive game that will keep you busy and is perfect to play while waiting e.g. for the bus or if you just want to kill some time with a mind twisting fun puzzle.

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