The idea of the magic puzzle is very simple: you have to move the tiles in an order, so that the numbers in every row and every column and the diagonal add up to the same value - there is not one single solution to this puzzle, there are many ways to arrange the tiles. Thats all you need to know - but dont be tricked by the simple rules, it can be very tricky to find the right spot for the tiles. This game supports different sizes for the field, from 3x3 up to 9x9. The 3x3 is easy to solve, the bigger ones can be a challenge. There are also three different difficulty levels for the game:

- easy: only the rows and the columns have to add up to the same sum

- medium: the rows, columns and the diagonal have to add up to the same sum

- hard: same rule as medium, but some of the tiles are locked in place and cant be moved

You can also choose different designs for the tiles. The game also keeps track of the highscore in different categories. You can enter the hall of fame in the categories time, moves per minute and number of moves.

To get to the menu, just double tap anywhere on the screen.

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