Test your reflexes - can you become the ultimate Uggles master and unlock them ALL?

Uggles - Fast, Furious, Frustratingly Addictive, Collectable, Casual Fun on your iPhone or iPod Touch. It’s simple to play yet difficult to master. The more Uggles you catch the faster it gets. It really is that simple. Sounds easy, it’s not...

FEATURED by Apple Inc 03/31/09
Uggles has been featured in the "What we're playing" section on iTunes!

"If you asked us which genre defines mobile gaming, there is no doubt it would be “pick up and play,” simple games that you can quickly run through when in a rush.
Uggles is an excellent example. Its overall simplicity and flawless controls make this game a gem on the iDevice."
-Slide to Play Review 05/06/09

"Uggles is a perfect pick up and play game for any spare moments in your day. It’s fun, and quick so you can play quite a few games in a short amount of time. It’s easy to pick up the basics, but gets quite difficult as you progress, and even tougher to reach the higher unlockable Uggles."
- The APPera Review 06/01/09

Uggles - Collect Them All is OpenFeint Enabled.

UNLOCKABLES (new collectable content)
1. Released 04/22/09 - "Two Tribes"
2. Released 04/22/09 - "Pieces of Eight"
3. Released 05/06/09 - "Zin it to Win it"
4. Released 05/31/09 - "Yeah Man"
5. Released 07/03/09 - "Viva La Bull"
6. Released 07/12/09 - "Uggles in Space..."
7. Released 08/12/09 - "Return of the King"

1. Released 04/22/09 - "Ugglewood Forest"
2. Released 04/22/09 - "Uggle Bay"
3. Released 05/31/09 - "Uggle Groove"
4. Released 05/31/09 - "Nebula"

1. "Doodle" - A beautiful hand drawn visual theme. Just like playing in a sketch book.

Addictive, Fun, Frustrating, Casual Gameplay.
Gorgeous, Unlockable, Collectable Characters.
Beautifully Designed Environments.
Global and Local Hi-Scores For Each Difficulty Setting.
Open Feint Achievements.
Collectors Display Case.
Uggle Quotes.
3 Levels Of Difficulty.
Tilt Based Controls.
Touch Controls.
Pause On Touch.
Listen To Your Tunes Whilst Playing.

Can You Collect Them All?

??? Uggles was a finalist in the "Best App Ever 2009" awards ???

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