"Find The Nuts" sounds like a sex app, but it's a fantastic poker training exercise.

In poker, “the nuts” is the strongest possible hand in a given situation. “Find The Nuts: Texas Hold'em Trainer” is a one-player Texas Hold ‘em training application that teaches users to learn to read the community cards.

Why is reading the community cards important?

In a real game of Texas Hold‘em, many players look at their hole cards then look to the community cards to identify their hand. They then identify what cards they want when new community cards are dealt.

Instead, players should read the community cards to determine the best possible hand. Identifying the nuts allows a player to understand how his hand compares to other hands and whether or not he should continue to bet.

As an example, the following cards are dealt on the flop:

6 of clubs
Ace of diamonds
Ace of spades

Someone with the remaining two Aces for hole cards (pocket Aces) has the nuts. If the 5 of clubs is dealt on the turn, the player with pocket Aces still has the nuts. However, if another club, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, or 9, is dealt on the river, the nuts changes. It’s possible that someone has a straight flush, which beats 4 Aces.

Reading the community cards tells a player where his hand ranks and what his opponents may have.

In “Find The Nuts: Texas Hold'em Trainer”, 3-5 community cards are dealt to the center of the game screen. The rest of the 52-card deck is in a scrollable row at the bottom of the screen. A player must choose two cards from the remaining deck for his hole cards. He should ask himself, “Which cards would give me the best five-card hand?” Once he chooses two cards and submits his answer, the application will reveal the correct hole cards and the five-card hand that comprises the nuts.

Players can practice with 3, 4, or 5 community cards; “Random” lets the application choose the number of cards; and “Progressive” deals a flop, turn, and river, representing the deal of a real Texas Hold ‘em game and teaching a player to re-determine the nuts as new community cards are dealt.

“Find The Nuts: Texas Hold’em Trainer” is a great compliment to other popular poker apps: World Series of Poker, Ultimate Hold’em Poker, Live Poker by Zynga, and Poker Superstars, and it was produced by the new hit app, “Nerve’s Sex Position of the Day”.

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