From the darkest depths of outer space comes... Alien Arcade™ Quasar Klutzes!

You are alone in your saucer, armed with only banana's... can you control the mindless Quasar Klutz masses? Do you have cunning to prevail? Buy Alien Arcade Quasar Klutzes for the sake of the universe and find out!!!

Quasar Klutzes is an exciting non-violent game where your task is to get the lumbering & lazy Quasar Klutzes to go back to work. But, they won't come willingly, so you need to trick them. The only weapon at your disposal are bananas tied to balloons. Now you know three things about Klutzes:
1. They love bananas
2. They are slobs
3. They are .... Klutzes (clumsy)
so... if you can feed the bananas to the klutzes, they may eat the bananas, and if they eat the bananas, being slobs, they will probably toss the banana peels on the floor. Finally, being such klutzes, when they step on banana peels, they will probably slip and fall. When they fall, the Klutzes can be gathered up and sent back to work. Be careful though, they could fall on you!! Also, watch out for the Robot Dogs, they clean the floors of banana peels but are also know to emit little toxic clouds--avoid the clouds!! Lots of retro game fun for kids of all ages!!!

... or can choose to buy the full set of 6 Alien Arcade games in the iTunes APP Store, just search for "Alien Arcade Classic".
All of the games are simple to play, safe for players of all ages and fun for everyone!
You get: Nerdoids, Quasar Klutzes, Stink Snakes of Saturn, Andromedroids, Quasar Rain, and Fungus Patrol!

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