Are you up for the Safari challenge?

Huzzah! Travel across the world and see the exotic animals from each continent. Explore Safari Word Hunt. It will be your new favorite game!

Safari Word Hunt has you chasing all the words down. Rely on your swift predatory anagram skills to beat the insidious countdown. Beginners could use 3 letter words, but the true masters go for the big words (and they are handsomely rewarded with massive score, and more exotic animals to see).

Safari Word Hunt is a challenging and fun word game in which you try to form as many words as you can out of the letters on the board before the time runs out. The harder the word, the greater the score. So think big! Think Fast! Challenge yourself today.

Feel free to leave me feedback in my blog, so I can add more fun stuff to this game.

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Helpful words: wonderful baby sweet kind gentle kind beautiful 3d aim ancie base adorable bawl bowl beje boys girls bpl bpm brick bubble top field poke tetri enig epl fart f1 face field fish flas flight bee earth hunt ifar igir imob golf mafi mania metal mls movie mono moto nhl pand premi pro parking lot peeka poke facebook myspace super tap tetr texas tip touch twee uno grena rally run snip mam virt war wealth blue word anagram cube game music puzzle games brain teaser iq smart brainteaser challenge button shapes questions answer pass fail quiz genius moron stupid idiot parvo essai prova teste prueba débile deficiente imbécil wheel fun

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