We believe you will have hours of fun as Crabby predicts your future when you ask him questions. At this time there are over 100 possible answers (see below for sample answers) to your questions and not the 2, 8, or 20 answers most “fortune-telling” games allow you to have so you will have many hours before you see all the answers. This is a random generator so you may see the same answers a few times, but there will be a new surprising answer as you play. The answers are as simple as yes or no and complex as a 15-word sentence. We will be adding more answers over the life of the app.

Sample Answers:
01 - No
02 - Yes
03 - Your Best Friend Has The Answer.
04 - If I Would Have To Say, And I Do, I Would Have To Answer… Yes.
05 - You Will Soon Receive A Phone Call With The Answer.
06 - Well Slap Me Silly And Call Me Shirley, The Answer Is No.
07 - Are You Nuts? The Answer Is Obviously No.
08 - You Need To Make The Decision And Be Careful When You Make Your Final Decision.
09 - Were You Talking To Me? I'm Sorry What Was Your Question?
10 - Are You Sure You Want Me To Answer THAT Question?

How To Play:
1 – Ask Crabby any nonspecific question. (Example: “Will I find true love this year”).
2 – Tap the green “Reveal” button to reveal your answer.
3 – To ask another question simply tap the red “Clear” button and repeat steps 1 & 2.
It’s That Simple!

If you have any questions and/or comments you can reach Alpha Dog Apps the following ways:

Mail: Alpha Dog Apps
Post Office Box 12
Kure Beach, NC 28449

Notice: This game is for amusement only. The game “Ask Crabby” is NOT a real fortune-telling device and is to be treated as a game only. We know that 99.9% of you out there know this, but we just need to make that .01% aware.

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