XMAS SALE! The Earth was in peril... again!
**The task of saving the day falls at the feet of Generic Marine (G to his friends). *As the Martian horde invades, G must battle his way from his base on the Moon back to Earth, to wipe the Martian menace from our streets and restore the human race.*It won't be an easy task but G has an arsenal of 15 deadly weapons to hand. Join him and shoot, splat, and blast your way through 30 levels across 3 unique locations, to victory!

Here's what people are saying about Inkvaders:

'Love this game - really fun and addictive - well designed- worth far more than its price tag'

'I'm addicted already. This is a great game, well executed and brilliantly smooth animation. One of the best things I've got on my iPhone!!'

'So good it hurts'
Colin Brown

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Whilst doodling away, half dazed from the boring lecture I was in, I thought I saw the image move. The Martians I was drawing were invading my notepad! I had to do something to stop them. Pen in hand, I drew a hero to fight them off. Bold, brave, no fear of death, the story unfolded before my eyes...**

•Manage ammo and the upgrade path of 3 weapon types. Futuristic energy weapons, everyday physical weapons, and the very tasty grenade launchers. Enjoy single-shot weapons, multi-shot weapons, beam weapons, and rocket launchers. All designed to send the Martians to oblivion.
•Collect Martian rocks and meteors to earn cash and purchase items from vending machines.
•The brave among you will risk 'the Rush' for greater rewards, slaying wave after wave of Martians, but beware as you risk losing health and large amounts of ammo.
•Manage your 'boost' cool down, vital for collecting those hard-to-reach Martian rocks and meteors and jumping incoming Martians for the best attack.
•There is always a new way to purge the Martian Invaders just around the corner, so keep up the good fight and victory will be yours!
Easy to learn, addictive to play, saving the Earth from the Martians has never been so much fun!**Features:
•Stunning graphics with comedy visceral deaths.
•Story mode, 30 levels over 3 unique locations.
•Endurance mode, play as long as you can!
•Resume feature lets you continue a game in multiple sittings.
•Easy, normal, hard play modes.
•Bespoke sound track, designed to kick Martian butt too!
•Or Listen to your iPod music and select tracks from within the game.

-End-of-level bosses
-Fighting while using jetpack
-New weapons
-New enemies
-New environment
-New pickups
-and more...

Inkvaders is developed by Games Faction Ltd and published by Chillingo Ltd.

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