Every penguin's dream is to fly, how far up into space can you go.

Help the penguin fly by touching him, and keep going until you reach the stars. But be wary the higher you go the harder the fall is.

Perfect game for spending time, if you have a long commute this will keep you entertained.

* Powerups
-Rocket: Will launch you faster.
-Magic Arc: Will launch you higher when you touch it.
-Safe net: If you miss this will save you.
-Parachute: For a safe and slow landing.
*Accelerometer: Tilt your phone to catch the power ups.
*Scalating difficulty.

We hope you enjoy this game.

Click on the Polar Bear to make him jump as high as possible, see how far you can go! Keep clicking on the bear to reach the stars. Steer the Bear towards the bonuses for a top score.

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