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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Warfreak

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 04/19/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |          GTA          |:E7Xz7iv1toz2oX;;Y77tt;Xn1tttttt7X0@Q@MM@MMMMMi      
    |    Chinatown Wars     |,btc7XY;;;CSzS;;;;CX7Cn;7S111ttCcIMZ;..ivYXtoEMMME    
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    2bMB#@$WE89AUAAAAAAAUzIZZov,EM8noSt1I0MMM$Ztci.   ..: 7MMM@E17S7Y1:i#M#MM     
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    #QWQ0Q@#08o2QXv79B@M#Ezz2Ab@I;i::i;;;iv7YcYYc9W ,::::,.;c;;;;i.cM@#$#@@#@22C  
    @WWQQEQ@$bEZ6@@0E9:$$#BZ69##i;i:ii;;;;Y77YS7oc$o ,::::.iYcv;;.iM@$###WQ@@biE; 
    $WWQ00Eb0##Bb8bbbbZUMX.o7  oMM$......;12St9M$i .,::::::,. iMM##@@#Q0B0E#QQ0Q##
    $QQ0000Eb$##B88b8bZ6@A.,iY. :6;,.,,,,..... :..,,:::::...,vMMMM@#QE0Q#8E#QQQW$#
    B$@##WEE0EEBB8b8B#9ZW#@ii,:,iUCv::::,.;Ac.:::::::. YMM#0tivY77Yv:W$#WQQQQW0@# 
    MWB@@@#QE0E0Qbb8QQ9bWBMv,,:,:UC:c:::::.iov,:::::, :MM@#@MZ;i;cv:oMzb@WQQQB8$$ 
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    8C1CYi#MW0WBEEbbbEEbbWWM6 ::ic:iiiii::,iYY;,iI@M@Q0$@$#WE@@@@WQQW$62AA966IIBW 
    8CttX;8M$8W$EEEEEEbb8EB@# .:iiiiiiii:,ic;i;bMMM@$0#@WQQ0Q@@@@@B###EzA699666Mc 
    Et11tX;WMQbW$E0EEEEE#@BEZZEMMv ,:::;i2MM@@@@@@@#QWBBBWQ@Mnzzzoi@MM@@@#$MMv    
    Et1ttC;EMBb0$00E000bE#@@BE9E@MX .,;iYMM@@@@@@@#QWBBBBWWMB1UA0c  .8MMMMM#      
    Author: Warfreak
    Version: 1.1
    Date Started: 22/3/09
    NOTE: This Guide will Contain Spoilers. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
    *~~~~~~~~~~~Watch In Awe, Watch In Awe, Aeria Gloris, Aeria Gloris~~~~~~~~~~~*
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    Table of Contents
     §1 Introduction
        [1.01] Introduction
        [1.02] Version History
     §2 Walkthrough
        [2.01] Welcome to Liberty City
        [2.02] Making a Mark
        [2.03] Deep Undercover
        [2.04] The Rat
        [2.05] Grand Finale
     §3 Side Missions
        [3.01] Paramedic
        [3.02] Vigilante
        [3.03] Taxi Driver
        [3.04] Firefighting
        [3.05] Noodle Run
        [3.06] Excess Delivery
        [3.07] S&M Grand Slam
        [3.08] Transfender Invitational
        [3.09] Bohan Snake
        [3.10] East Side Escapade
        [3.11] Fast Tracks
        [3.12] HoboTron
        [3.13] Monument Mania
        [3.14] Go-Kar-TT
        [3.15] Dukes Dust Up TT
        [3.16] Liberty City Gun Club
        [3.17] Hi-Way Tire Tourney
        [3.18] Graveyard Groove
        [3.19] Beach Blitz
        [3.20] Loose Exchange
        [3.21] Wetscapade TT
        [3.22] Patriot Park TT
        [3.23] Riding Shotgun
        [3.24] Boulevard Boogie TT
        [3.25] Midtown Mayhem
        [3.26] Rampages
        [3.27] Unique Stunts
        [3.28] Security Cameras
        [3.29] Guardian Lions
     §4 Systems
        [4.01] Wanted Levels
        [4.02] Taxis
        [4.03] Hotwiring
        [4.04] Safehouse Awards
        [4.05] Food
        [4.06] Safehouses
        [4.07] Drug Dealing
        [4.08] Random Encounters
        [4.09] Scratchcards
        [4.10] Gangs
     §5 Weapons
        [5.01] Pistols
        [5.02] Sub-Machine Guns
        [5.03] Shotguns
        [5.04] Assault Rifles
        [5.05] Heavy Weapons
        [5.06] Projectiles
        [5.07] Melee
     §A Completion List
        [A.01] 100% Completion List
    [A] Contact Information
    [B] Credits
    [C] Webmaster Information
    [D] Copyright Notice
    *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Now, Let the Guide Begin (o.0)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*
    [1.01] Introduction
    Sorry about the ASCII, that was the best I could do with Huang doing his
    kung fu. It isn't half bad. Anyway, this is my 49th, and after thinking 
    this morning, so I didn't have to wake up, this guide was somewhat born. 
    Anyway, let us start. You have to admit that the ASCII is okay at least. 
    [1.02] Version History
    Version 0.1 [22/3/09]
    Another DS guide for me. That makes 8 from memory. Quick start to the guide.
    Version 0.2 [23/3/09]
    Added more info. 
    Version 0.3 [24/3/09]
    Getting more done. 
    Version 0.4 [25/3/09]
    Wednesdays, the worst days to write on. 
    Version 0.5 [26/3/09]
    Finished my weapons guide. Some more missions. 
    Version 0.6 [29/3/09]
    Did a bit more on the storyline, and by demand, Excess Delivery. 
    Version 0.7 [2/4/09]
    Completed more missions. 21 more storyline missions to go, which means more
    than two thirds is complete. Completed a decent amount of side missions. 
    Version 0.8 [3/4/09]
    Completed more side missions.
    Version 0.9 [4/4/09]
    Side missions complete. 100% checklist added.
    Version 1.0 [14/4/09]
    Completed nearly all the missions save 5. After those five missions, only a 
    bit about drug dealing, food, safehouses and random peds are left to go. 
    Version 1.1 [19/4/09]
    Completed the guide, it is all done.
    [2.01] Welcome to Liberty City
    Since the game has many missions, this will be a very long section, and given
    the mission structure, it is nigh impossible to actually seperate them. So
    we start off with the prologue, your introduction to Liberty City. I'll try
    when possible to split them up, when it i s practical. 
    --==Yu Jian==--
    Reward = $50
    Well, this is your introduction mission to this game, and the start of your
    adventure in Liberty City. Your ride sinks quickly to the bottom of the sea
    so you need to quickly tap the back windshield and break free. In this game,
    you can actually swim, so swim to shore and onto dry land. 
    Now, just head over to the car and out of nowhere, you seem to have the 
    tools needed to hotwire the car, so do so. Hotwiring a car is quite important
    because if you fail to hotwire a car, the alarm goes off, and that alerts the
    cops to your presence as a car thief. 
    Now, given you know how to drive, from the manual or from fiddling with the
    keys or just reading what the screen says, you can drive to Kenny's little
    restaurant and enter the shop using the little arrows there. 
    He welcomes you to Liberty City, but he is kind of pissed off that you lost
    that little sword. Well, he gives you a little apartment that you can go 
    and sleep in.
    Head to your apartment, and you learn how to save. I hope you have autosave
    on, because it is extremely useful and more or less necessary. Now, you need
    to learn two things about safehouses. There are two features, a garage and
    whether it is secluded or not.
    A garage is where you can store a car, and you can only store a single car,
    not like the ones on the consoles and PC where it is a contest on how many
    cars you can cram into it. Seclusion is important later on with drug and
    Ammu-Nation vans where you can hide it in your safehouse and open it for
    drugs and guns. 
    When you are done learning everything to start off, we start the actual 
    missions. Note that unlike other games, you can explore the city from the
    start, without bridges blown up, without hurricanes passing through, without
    terrorist acts taking down seemingly vital road links. Though this version
    does hold one thing back, many features that will be introduced later on.
    When ready, head back to meet Kenny and start the next mission.
    --==Pursuit Farce==--
    Reward = $50
    Well, this is another tutorial mission, explaining how the police system
    here works. Basically, you decrease your wanted level by either hiding
    from the police at the one star level, or you disable the police ability
    to attack you at higher levels.
    Basically, when you see your wanted level in terms of stars, you will
    also have ram and crash the cop cars with your own or make them hit
    something, which will disable them. When you have to do this, it is 
    best if you hit a cop car at high speeds, which will remove their ability
    to fight back.
    Once there is a cross over the cop car, they are disabled, and you can 
    view the amount of disabled cars below the wanted level. Each level will
    have the corresponding number of cop cars.
    When you disable both cop cars on level two, the wanted level flashes and
    degrades to level 1. Disable another cop car and this should lead to a 
    flashing silver star on your wanted level. This is where you need to be
    careful of your actions. Do not do anything when the silver stars are
    flashing that will lead to police activity. Wait until the stars are gone
    and then you can start your crime spree again.
    Anyway, finish with the police and start on heading back to your apartment
    and finish off this mission. When you are ready, head back to Kenny's.
    --==Under the Gun==--
    Reward = $50
    Now, we learn how to get some weapons to play with. It ain't a Grand Theft
    Auto game if we don't have some nice toys to play with. Though the gun
    range is limited from the full blown version on PC and consoles, there is 
    still a nice variety of weapons to play with.
    Anyway, head to the waypoint and meet Ling, again after she made you do
    some crazy as driving. Now, she wants you to do some practice on the dummy,
    please don't kick her instead, like I did. I was under the assumption she
    wanted to practice. Oh well. That does lead to a mission failed. Take on the
    dummy, and now, we go from kindergarden to high school.
    Now, you get to practice using a gun. Lock on using the R button on your DS
    and just shoot, and destroy the dummy. As soon as you do that, Kenny comes
    out saying that there is some trouble and wants you to fix it.
    After that, you move to the location, but not before Ling shows you the
    secret where all the Triads (which you are a part of) weapons are held. They
    are held in red dumpsters. From this point on, you can search dumpsters, 
    blue, red or green, and find things. Blue and Green will have random items
    such as sex toys, condoms, mouldy and normal food, and on some occasions 
    drugs and money, but the red ones contain the guns and ammo. Thoses are the
    ones you want. They commonly contain pistols, sub-machine guns and shotguns
    and their respective rounds.
    Anyway, move onto the location where the punks are, and Ling gets shot almost
    instantly. What happened to being on guard? Anyway, you have to go hunting
    and avenge her death, so go rambo and pistol kill these eggheads. There is
    a health powerup if you need it, so take it. Kill all the guys on the ground
    floor, move up the stairs and waste the last survivor. Those punks won't be
    going anywhere soon, except the morgue. 
    When ready, back to Kenny's we go. 
    Reward = $50
    And now, we need to make sure that the death doesn't go unpunished, as if 
    killing those punks wasn't enough. Anyway, you need to head to the marker
    and meet with your lead. And isn't this going to be a fun chase.
    You will here learn up to jump over small fences, so you need to chase the 
    punk. It will be a fair amount of jumping, so keep going and follow him to
    an alleyway, and where he has some friends. Bring out the firepower and get
    ready for a firefight. 
    There are several enemy troops here, so just lock on and fire. You really
    want to advance quickly because there is a leader, and if you give him the
    chance, he'll run to a car and you will need to chance and ram him off the
    road, but it is far easier to just shoot and kill the leader before he has
    a chance to escape. 
    If you let him escape, you will either have to ram him till he crashes or the
    better solution is to have a pistol or a SMG and shoot him in his car until
    he gives up and exits the car as it is going to blow. You can quickly finish
    off the car, blowing him up, or just target him with either your guns or
    your car. Take him other either way.
    After this, it is back to Kenny for another fun filled mission. 
    --==The Wheelman==--
    Reward = $50
    This is another sort of introduction mission, it will introduce you to the
    auto dealer in the game. Anyway, you have 6 hours, which is about 6 minutes
    in real life to go and fetch 3 cars and deliver them to the auto merchant
    down near the water.
    This isn't hard, but the problem is that you want to avoid the cops when you
    are stealing the cars. You need to remove the alarm and drive quickly to the
    auto merchant in Bobao, use one of the parked cars there and then head back
    to collect the rest of them.
    There is one near a petrol pump, and this is one you want to be careful of
    because if you so much as touch the petrol pump, like in Need for Speed, it
    will totally go up in flames and destroy the petrol station, and needless 
    to say, you along with it. Nice if you think you can just escape and get rid
    of the cops tailing you, but extremely dangerous.
    After you have delivered your final car to the merchant, you will have access
    to the auto merchant and the ability to hail cabs if you so wish, but driving
    is more entertaining, and more profitable.
    Do what you need to do, and head back to Kenny's for the next mission.
    --==Tricks of the Triad==--
    Reward = 5 Coke
    Now, this is one of the most important missions that you need to understand
    because this teaches you about drug dealing, a new concept that has been 
    touched on in this game, no other games have touched this concept. Anyway, 
    you need to drive t0 the drug dealer marked on your minimap, so head there,
    and he will give the basics, as well as telling you about security cameras
    which keep prices high, so you need to destroy them. 
    Anyway, after that deal, you get a message to head to Meadow Park where he
    has some Coke that he wants to offload. He is offloading them extremely
    cheap, at $5 a pop, they can go for a much higher price. However, this is
    where you learn the lesson that each drug deal has a chance of being a bust
    by the cops. 
    A bust is extremely random, the cops will automatically have a wanted level
    of 2, meaning that they will shoot, so when they turn up, as soon as they
    leave their cars, take their cars and quickly drive off, which will moot
    their attempt to get their car back. You can either head back to your 
    apartment or lose the wanted level. You might as well do both, get some 
    practice removing cop cars out of play as well as saving.
    Now, you will learn about drug dealers. You will find that they appear as 
    blue dots on the GPS initially, but after you deal with them, it will be a 
    suitcase. They are all over the place, so keep an eye out for them. Now you
    will get the nice perks of drug dealing. I'll have a section up specifically
    for this later. Drug dealing is the best method of making money, though
    not always the most fun. 
    Again, move to Kenny's when you are done. You will also get a mission from
    Chan Jaoming, but we'll deal with it once we finish with Kenny.
    --==Natural Burn Killer==--
    Reward = $50
    This is another mission that teaches you about the features in the game. In
    this case, it is the use of gas stations. I'm not use to saying gas, more 
    petrol. Anyway, gas stations are relatively useless in this game if you are
    going to full up your car, because the odds are that the car is blown up,
    dumped into the ocean, stolen, parked in the middle of the road, towed away
    is much higher than you needing more gas to run the car. 
    Anyway, you need to head to the petrol station and full up bottles. There are
    three functions at the station, there is a small, medium and large. The small
    is $100, the medium is $150 and the large is $200, but this time, it is free.
    Now, all you need to do is to fill up the bottle with fuel, and when it is 
    full, you put the nozzle back into the pump. Then, you stuff a rag, pull down
    and soak the rag, and that will mean you can get a molotov cocktail out of
    it. In some ways, this is useful because these could be nice features in the
    console and PC versions. Anyway, you should be able to get about 10 molotovs
    down in a single go. Remember, if you are out of grenades, with a mere two
    hundred dollars, you can go get some molotovs to play with. 
    Moving on, you need to head to the Spanish Lords lot, and start to firebomb
    the place. Now, all you need to do is to firebomb your targets and that 
    should more or less finish the mission. Firefighters will attempt to put
    the fire out, so just bomb them instead, fight fire with fire. With that
    down, you can destroy the security cameras. Grenades are cooler, but they are
    a tad more expensive. 
    --==Recruitment Drive==--
    Reward = $50
    This is the final of Kenny's missions, the tutorial ones at least. Anyway,
    he needs some more men to fill his ranks, given the recent violence. It is
    weird that as soon as you turn up, a lot of people have "disappeared". I 
    mean, the cops don't even care if a person is murdered in front of them. 
    Anyway, grab a fast car and make it to the blue blip. You need to have a 
    four seater car, so the Admiral which is relatively closeby is a pretty
    decent choice.
    When you arrive at the blue dot, the potential recruit is being attacked
    by gang members. Now, with your handy pistol, just shoot them and collect
    some more ammo. Save each of the gang member wannabes, and you need to 
    rush because that bar determines the collective health that they have left
    in them.
    Now, you need to head to the tattoo parlour and you will get the new members
    tatts and you will do it yourself. This is going to be another method for
    you to make money. The whole aim of this game is to cover as much area that
    is required to by the tatt as fast as possible. Therefore, you want to be 
    fast and accurate, a hard ask on any day of the week. 
    After you get them tatted, it will complete the mission and adds the tattoo
    parlour to your list of odd jobs. This list can only grow. Now, this is the
    end of the Kenny missions, so you need to do some other work, for Chan
    this time. Head to the C. 
    [2.02] Making a Mark
    --==Pimp His Ride==--
    Reward = $50
    Chan is what you can consider a lazy prick to say the least. He is a spoilt
    brat and egotistic and exceptionally hopeless, lacking brain cells. Anyway,
    he wants to win a race, and for him, the best solution is the cheat because
    he can't win any other way, because he is hopeless.
    Now, you need to start following a car, but don't stay too close otherwise the
    owner will get rather suspicious and you will fail. Keep a good distance from
    you and the car, and it will stop outside a Pay and Spray. Quickly go and 
    steal the car and you need to drive quickly back to Chan's garage.
    Here, you need to make a few "modifications" such as a nice bomb and a fish
    for some reason, you need to quickly drive back to the pay and spray and 
    return it before the owner realises that it is stolen. Park the car, let it
    get towed away, and that finishes the mission.
    Back to Chan for the next installment. 
    --==Whack the Racers==--
    Reward = $100
    If cheating by rigging a car with a bomb isn't enough, Chan wants you to run
    interference during the race to remove the other racers so he can win. Like I
    said, he is hopeless and cannot win by himself. Anyway, grab a fast strong
    car, a patrol car from the cops are a nice choice, and get ready for the race.
    The leader gets killed instantly, due to the modifications, and you need to 
    get rid of the other 3 cars. Chan drives like a old grandmother on a Sunday
    Morning on the way to church, or rather, James May, and you need to basically
    ram all the other cars into walls, block their paths, anything that will slow
    them down and let the loser Chan win the race. The moron even thinks that you
    didn't do anything. I so really want to whack this guy, my guns are just 
    waiting for a shot. 
    Anyway, after this mission, you will be contacted by Zhou Ming who requires 
    you to bring 20 bags of weed for him to meet him. Weed is relatively cheap, 
    and the most you will have to pay is about $200. We'll deal with him later
    on so head back to Chan the craptastic.
    --==Jackin' Chan==--
    Reward = $150
    Well, Chan has been kidnapped. I'm not surprised, it isn't very hard to
    capture a dimwit like him anyway, but for some reason, we have to rescue 
    him. Anyway, head to the docks to find out that Chan is inside one of the
    cars on fire and you need to put out the fires.
    To put out the fires, you need to head back onto the roads and steal on
    of the firetrucks that happen to be putting out a fire. Well, go ahead and
    steal it and put out the fire that is about to kill Chan. I don't mind if
    the mission fails, he still won't die either way, so don't beat yourself
    over his death.
    Anyway, on the path to Chan's house, you will be attacked by a bunch of
    gang members who are incompetant as Chan is, unable to finish Chan off 
    with a pathetic display of fire. Get rid of the baseheads and finish off
    this mission.
    Now, you need 20 bags of weed now and deliver it to Zhou so you can 
    continue on with the missions. 
    --==Stealing the Show==--
    Reward = $150
    Zhou is a maniac, a homicidal maniac. It seems that everyone Huang meets
    has extremely deranged in some way, shape or form. Anyway, he believes that
    he should be the next boss of the Triads. At least he has one thing over
    Chan, some brains. Anyway, head to the fuel station and you need to go to
    the pick up truck and steal it. Or rather, jump onto the back and hide until
    the car is mobile.
    When the truck is moving, Zhou will follow behind you can somehow catch the
    boxes. You have infinite boxes, so toss the boxes from the truck onto Zhou's
    car. The real aim here is to try to watch for a bit of straight road, and
    where Zhou can follow up real close. Try to get several boxes out here and
    keep going.
    There isn't any hints or tips. I can tell you how to aim, but this is a text
    guide and pictures and videos aren't really allowed in this format. It is 
    going to be trial and error. The first few are going to miss, but you will
    get the hang of it. This missions reminds me of the one in San Andreas where
    you rob the National Guard depot, "weekend soldiers". 
    Anyway, you need to get 15 boxes, and once you have the necessary boxes, you
    need to hop off the truck and then head into Zhou's car, and drive the way
    back to his "club". Once there, you get the reward. 
    Head back to Zhou's when you have caused enough mayhem. 
    Reward = $150
    A friend of Zhou's has arrived in the city and they are in an ambulance for
    some reason, and Zhou wants to desperately meet this person and to do that,
    you need to steal an ambulance. Well, it is heavily guarded by cops, but 
    that shouldn't be a big problem now should it? 
    With three stars on your tail, and a car that isn't built to smack things,
    you need to rush back to Zhou's as quickly as you can. In a situation 
    similar to the normal Paramedic missions, there is a chance where the 
    patient can flatline. What happens is that the patient's hard has failed,
    and you need the crash cart to revive him back to live. You'll have to do
    this several times however. 
    Quickly tap the body of the victim on the bottom left where the body is on
    the touch screen, and keep tapping till he revives and comes back to life. 
    Now, you want to keep an eye on the road whilst you are doing this because
    if you are stationary, the cops will go and try to bust you, and not only
    do you lose the mission, but all your weapons as well. 
    Anyway, head back to Zhou's and for some reason best known to him, he will
    kill him. Seriously, what the hell was the point of killing the man when
    you had to revive him three four times? That was a waste of effort. Anyway,
    there is one more mission for Zhou until a fork arrives. Shall we?
    --==Bomb Disposal==--
    Reward = $200
    Looks like the big boss wants some cars to be blown up, along with some
    drugs, and Zhou, being the wannabe that he is, attempts to steal it. I say
    attempts because he doesn't steal it, you do. You have to do all the legwork
    for him. Its like you are the worker and everyone else is the chief.
    Anyway, you need to head to the vans and quickly. The bombs are disarmed by
    using the Voltmetre and what you do is to scan over all four of the wires, 
    and figure out which one has the highest volt reading. The one with the
    highest reading is the one that you need to snip, so go ahead and snip it,
    but make sure it is the right one.
    After you disarm the bomb, you effectively steal the drugs but you need to
    fend off some punks who decide that since the bomb is gone, they would like
    the drugs for themselves. My pistols and my Uzi answers that question rather
    effectively, don't you think?
    Anyway, do the same for the rest of the vans and that should end up the 
    last of Zhou's missions, for now.
    To continue on with the next missions, you need $5000. Kenny wants to buy a
    warehouse, and he needs the money from you, effectively calling it rent 
    money for the apartment in Chinatown that you owe him. After all, he didn't
    do it out of the kindness of his own heart, lets be fair. Continue when you
    have the money, so drug deals are the way to go. 
    --==Carpe "Dime"==--
    Reward = Lancaster Safehouse
    Now deliver the money to Kenny and this will start this mission. You need
    to do some hijacking, because there is a rich guy moving around items around
    town in his van. You need to head to the red dot and move towards the rich
    man. Hijack the car, and this is going to be hard, but try to get as little
    damage on the van as possible.
    Gang members will drive up and shoot at you, so either shoot back or ram them
    into a nice solid object and get rid of them. Drive the van quickly back to
    the garage and you will learn how to "search" the van. Basically, the door
    panel needs to be cut open, and you're the man to do it. Slice the van open
    by following the dots and you get a ledger. 
    Now, this now allows you to hijack vans all around the city belonging to
    enemy gangs. These vans are highlighted with a red arrow on top of them, and
    when you cut open the van, you will get a random stash of drugs. The amount
    of drugs will depends on the type of drug you get, which is utterly random. 
    Now, you have three different forks. You can do another mission for Kenny, or 
    you can help Chan and Zhou seperately. Finish with Kenny since the mission
    starts right where you are standing. 
    --==Store Wars==--
    Reward = $50
    Kenny is annoyed because the owners of the car lot you destroyed earlier, the
    Spanish Lords, have decided that it is a good time to do what you did to 
    their lot, they are going to firebomb one of the Triad's fronts. And you are
    going to be the one man who can stop the threat. You might want to get your
    guns ready.
    Your first mission is to barricade both ends of the street in front of the
    store. You need to park sideways so it is a proper roadblock. After you have 
    hijacked the nearby cars to block the path, get ready for the Spanish Lord's
    onslaught, or lack there of. They will come in two cars from one end, so 
    just point and shoot to teach the spanish gangsters a lesson.
    After the first wave, they will come from the other direction. And this will
    go on for a while. Most of the time, there will be one armed with molotovs
    and the other armed with a weapon, so you get some ammo and molotovs for your
    own use. The molotovs that you pick up are a good weapon to toss at the enemy
    when they arrive, hit with their own weapons. Finish off the games and you
    shall finish. 
    --==Raw Deal==--
    Reward = $200
    Chan thinks that he can take the leadership by having a peace chat with 
    some other gangs. Problem is, as Huang points out, it is probably an ambush, 
    and Chan only provides that he lacks any sort of grey matter by disregarding
    the advice and going ahead with it. 
    Of course, it is an ambush, and you can either stand and fight or run like
    crazy. Pick the latter, because even though the former is a good source of
    fun and ammo, it isn't for the mission, though I don't think anyone would
    miss a dope like Chan all that much.
    Anyway, get out of there, into a car and drive like crazy. You need to avoid
    gas tankers and enemy cars driving at you until your reach the safehouse to
    finish this mission. As it finishes, you are hauled over by the cops. The
    lead, Wade Heston, is obviously a corrupt cop as he lets you go, but that 
    isn't the last you see of him. 
    For the next mission, go talk to the crazy Zhou.
    --==Driven to Destruction==--
    Reward = $300
    There are some drug dealers that are causing some problems for Zhou, and he
    wants them gone. Of course, he gets to have all the gun, so he goes into the
    back of a pickup truck, armed with a minigun. You need to do the driving. 
    Move towards the drug dealers.
    Zhou will do the killing, and don't worry about him, all you need to worry
    about is making sure that the car doesn't go kaboom. All you need to do is 
    to drive through a street, at a decent speed. Run over whose you can to help
    Zhou out, but move quickly so that the car explosions that Zhou causes
    doesn't hit you instead. Of course, your SMG can contribute to the carnage 
    as well.
    The Carnage bar needs to be full to complete the mission, so if you move
    quickly, all you need is at most 4 drive bys to complete the mission. You
    need to completely kill an entire wave before you can move on. This isn't a
    hard mission, all you need to do is to make sure the truck doesn't blow up
    on you. 
    Now, you get missions from Chan, leading you to his faster, Hsin, and you
    get a mission from Heston, the corrupt undercover cop. That is in the next
    [2.03] Deep Undercover
    --==The Tow Job==--
    Heston, a corrupt undercover cop, doesn't like the Korean gangsters all that
    much, and his idea of making them go away is to plant some drugs in their
    cars and "accidently" give it some attention with the police.
    Now, head to the nice little dot and you will need to take over a tow truck
    in order to get a car released. Of course, you can hijack it in any way you
    want, but the driver will not be pleased, so teach him a lesson to quit when
    he is ahead, with his life. Now, head outside and into the arrows, taking
    control of the Korean Car.
    Get into the car, and now, you need to raise some attention. You need it to 
    get a two star wanted level, and you need to do some crimes. The easiest
    way is to ram a cop car, and that will force the cop to come out. Kill the
    cop, and that will automatically get you into a two star wanted level and
    now, follow your GPS and deliver the car to a cop station. Drop it off and
    you are free to go.
    Now, Heston needs two bags of coke before you can do another mission, but
    remember that you have a mission from Hsin as well. Head to Hsin.
    --==Trail Blazer==--
    Reward = $300
    As usual, the verbal abuse comes thick and fast, though this time Huang
    does give a little more back. Anyway, you need to destroy a gambling den that
    the big boss doesn't approve of, and this time, you aren't just going to use
    fire, you are going to use a lot of fire, and the source? A tanker of nice
    Move to the petrol station and take the tanker. Now, the problem is, some
    asshat decides it is a good idea to shoot the tanker, so this is going to be
    the GTA Chinatown Wars version of Speed. You need to move quickly to that the
    fire doesn't catch up.
    Move quickly to the position indicated on your GPS, and park the tanker
    that is about to get blown up right outside. When you get out of the truck,
    run as fast as you possible can, mainly because it will be a very big 
    explosion. Now you know what a tanker looks like, there are some near the 
    ports, so if you decide that society is too boring, KABOOM!
    Anyway, you need to get two bags of Coke to deliver to Heston. Wait for the
    email to arrive or bust some drug vans for it, because that can cost up to
    $4000 for two bags of coke. 
    --==The Tail Bagging the Dogs==--
    Heston tells you that the Korean that you tried to frame for drug possession
    got nothing more than a slap on the wrist, and Heston wants him gone, and the
    best way to do it is to kill everyone he knows.
    Follow the Korean as he leaves the police station, and after a good while,
    making sure that you keep your distance so he doesn't get spooked, you need
    to kill the underboss that he was meeting with. Just do a drive by with the
    SMG and that will take car of him. These are the underbosses, and there are
    going to be two more that the Korean will meet. Now with his contacts gone,
    you need to take him out.
    The Korean will pick up a passenger, and you need to kill both of them. Move
    fast and give them a drive by, and keep going until the are both killed. That
    should finish this mission for Heston.
    Now, Kenny will need your help again, so head to the K on the map to start
    another mission for him. 
    --==Copter Carnage==--
    Reward = $400
    The Spanish Lords decide it is a good time to attack Kenny again, but what
    they need to learn is that no time is good to attack anyone when you are
    around. Anyway, head outside and you will need to defend the area from the
    Spanish, who will appear on the GPS system when they arrive. 
    This is a simple mission, use your favourite gun, and get ready to make
    waste to a lot of human life. Now, a copper will soion come along and it
    will start to flee when it realises that they are losing pretty badly and
    you need to follow it. Grab a fast car if you can, a hijacked cop car will
    do nicely, and follow the copter back to its base.
    Once you have found the hideout for the Spanish Lords, you will need to move
    back to Kenny to finish off the other part of the mission.
    --==Kenny Strikes Back==--
    Now, you need to go fully automatic, so you need to make sure you are
    fully stocked, armoured and heavily armed for this mission. You are going to
    take down the base of the Spanish Lords.
    Head back to the location where you discovered the Spanish Lords hideout and
    you are going to steal a van from it. Move in and draw your weapons and 
    get rid of all the gang members once you break down the front gate, which is
    easily done by smashing the panel, connecting the coloured wires together.
    Bring out your guns and collect the free ammo.
    Now, the hard part is actually not taking too much damage, so you want to
    take cover behind the cars when you can, and then use them as a weapon to
    blow up the enemy gangsters hiding behind them. Make sure that all the enemy
    gangsters are dead before you steal the van. 
    After that, drive back to Kenny's and this will end the mission. From now
    on, you can start a raid on the Spanish Warehouse whenever you want, which
    is like stealing a van that is meant to be carrying drugs. 
    The next mission is from Heston, the crazy corrupt cop.
    --==Weapons of Mass Distraction==--
    Reward = $200
    Well, this is another mission for the crazy cop. Anyway, you need to distract
    the enemies long enough until Heston can successfully plant a bug so that he
    can have a listen to their conversations. Anyway, head to the marker and you
    need to cause some havoc. Head to where the enemy's car is, and blow it up,
    how you do it is completely irrelevant. 
    Kill everyone there, and then head to the next marker, and then keep going,
    killing everyone as you go along. I suggest you pack some body armour for
    this mission, you will need it in order to stay alive for the rest of the
    mission. Remember, cars can both provide you cover as well as providing a 
    nasty hit to your health, so if the car looks like it is going to blow up,
    well, after all that, it seems like your mission worked with any sort of
    problem, after all, Heston seems to have gotten his information and there
    was no opposition.
    After you finish this mission, another mission from Heston turns up. 
    --==Street of Rage==--
    This is a hard mission, since you lack heavy firepower this time around. Head
    to Heston's pad and you will instantly, or eventually, realise that Heston 
    isn't home, and you will get a message that he is pinned down near the toll
    booth at Steinway, so you need to get there as soon as you can. 
    Once you head there, it is a battle between the cops and the gang members, and
    the cops are losing badly. Now, normally, we should pick a side and stick with
    it, but kill all of them, they are going to shoot you either way, the gang 
    members think you are a cop, and the cops think you are a gang member, so take
    them all out and move to where Heston is.
    Now, here is the problem. There is a lone person guarding the body of Heston,
    and he is armed with a Minigun, which you will get if you succeed in killing 
    him. The problem is, how to kill him. The best way is to throw a Molotov 
    Cocktail or a Grenade and lob it at him, and that should kill him. If not, 
    wait until he mows everything over, and advance. You are probably going to
    take a shot with a Shotgun, so when he has moved, spray. If not the shotgun,
    the assault rifles you picked up are going to be a good choice. Either way,
    save Heston.
    After the save, Kenny will give you a message and he needs your help. 
    --==Missed the Boat?==--
    Reward = 10 bags of Heroin
    It looks like the Triads have made a deal with the Mob, and what they want is
    you to head to a location in the middle of the water, and pick up some nice 
    goods that Kenny wants. Sounds easy enough. Head to the location, starting up
    the crappy boat, and get ready to run. Make sure you have your stylus on hand,
    this isn't going to be fun. 
    Anyway, you need to flee from the coast guard, who have a heli on you, so
    flee in the general direction of the marker. However, the boat will constantly
    stall on you, so this is what your stylus is for, restarting the engine so you
    can flee. Now, you have a head start, you need to get rid of them.
    To avoid them, just move ahead enough so that they will disappear, as in the
    red blips, will disappear off your GPS, and that means that they are gone for
    good, which is what you want. Get rid of them, and all those that will appear
    in your path, and head to the Jetty.
    This will finish this mission, and you get a cut of the product. Now, Zhou
    and Chan will want your help again. Kenny will email in as well, not for a 
    mission, but to award you a safehouse. 
    --==Cash & Burn==--
    It looks like Zhou isn't happy again, because the Irish are taking more and
    more stores who are under his protection, and he wants his money back, and
    what is the best way to do that according to Zhou? Kill them all. Sounds 
    easy, and to make sure you make a point of it, you get a flamethrower to 
    play with. I hope you have the Flame Retard bonus on you, or at least Double
    Armour, to make sure you have more health to play with.
    Now, with your flamethrower in hand, drive to the construction lot and you
    will need to smash the lock that is over the gate. Use your stylus and make
    sure that the lock is ancient history. Now move inside. You have 18 bundles
    of building materials to destroy, and they aren't going to be sitting ducks.
    Why else do you think you get Max ammo (3000) for this mission?
    Anyway, move close to the building materials in order to burn them, and you
    can easily tell when it is on fire and burning because if you haven't noticed,
    most of the building material here is wood, and wood crackles as it burns.
    However, there are going to be some enemy shooters here, so you might want to
    move a bit close and make sure that they are warm enough to survive this 
    cold day. 
    You need to keep moving on, and at every few sets, there is going to be more
    enemy gang members that want you dead. Note that they aren't unlimited, so you
    will help yourself by taking them out. Of course, you don't need to use the
    flamethrower on the enemy gang members, but what is more fun than burning 
    people into a crisp?
    Anyway, burn all 18 bundles of wood to finish off this mission. If you are
    running low on health, keep your eye out for some health powerups that are
    scattered all over the building site. After you are done, head to the entrance
    and that will finish the mission. Now, lets pay Zhou a visit again, shall we?
    --==Dragon Haul Z==--
    Reward = $400
    Now, Zhou has an idea to rob a bank, and this is going to be rather 
    interesting to say the least. Your first goal is to head south and take 
    control of the delivery van. Well do that, which isn't very hard, but they
    will shoot, so shoot back. Now, you need to just get rid of your wanted
    level, just ram a few cop cars and get rid of them.
    Now, after the raid, in which you are not a part of, you will need to dress
    up as the dragon in the Chinese New Year's Dragon Festival. Now, as a dragon,
    you are the head, so you are going to be directing the dragon. You need to 
    follow the markers, blowing fire when needed because this is necessary to 
    maintain that you are the real deal.
    The Suspicious meter is basically there to show how suspicious that the 
    general public is that you aren't the real deal. Therefore, follow the markers
    and breathe fire, breathing more if necessary, in order to maintain your 
    Don't miss the markers that you are meant to walk on and if you fail to blow
    fire when you are required to, you will get some more on the suspicious 
    Anyway, after this crazy raid, which your cut doesn't seem to reflect the 
    success of, you need to head to Chan's for the next mission. 
    Reward = 12 Bags of Ecstasy
    This is going to be one of the most crazy missions that you are going to be
    involved in. You will need to head to the piers, and Chan expects you to race
    him. Don't worry, this isn't part of the race, so it really doesn't effect
    the overall outcome if you win or lose. 
    Now, Chan, the foolish fool who participates in foolish activities associating
    with other fools, will have his boat break down, and you, armed with the 
    proper SMG with infinite ammo, you will need to protect him from 7 waves of
    enemy boats that will move in. 
    Now, the best way to succeed in this mission is to make sure what when you
    destroy the boats, make sure that it isn't near Chan, because the explosion
    of the boats will cause some damage towards the boat that you are meant to 
    Another tip is what when you are finished with one boat in the area, waste
    all the remaining ammo so you will have a full clip of 30 rounds before you
    face other boats. Finally, the water ski fires like a bike, so you will fire
    in front and on the sides, which is better than a car. 
    After you have somehow managed to survive 7 waves, which means you probably
    need to reload and save, Chan will be airlifted by a helicopter, and you need
    to move back to dry land, because you won't be saved. 
    Soon, Kenny tells you to meet Hsin, so head to where he is to start the 
    --==The Offshore Offload==--
    Reward = $700
    Hsin has a problem. You need to help him launder some money, but the problem
    is that the people who know how to do is are captured by the cops. Head to 
    the location, and you will find that the hostages are held by the cops in a 
    NOOSE van. You need a four door car for this mission, and if you have a 
    bulletproof taxi, use it, otherwise, get a relative fast and durable car.
    Head to the side alley, and you will need to apply some explosives and wire
    some detonators to open the backdoor of the NOOSE van to free them. Once you
    do, you need to move quickly, because the cops will come after you. Now, in
    your car, head to pick up the accountant, who is also in danger.
    Pick up the accountant, so stop close to the man and let him into the car. 
    The trouble now is surviving the cop rampage to get to the helipad. It depends
    on what route you use. Small roads will give better room to ram cop cars 
    whereas large roads will give more room to go as fast as you can to ram the
    Once you are at the helipad, you need to work on removing the wanted level, so
    this is where some speed meets force comes in. On large roads, speed up, and
    when you are at a quick speed, smash any cop car in your way to disable him 
    and rinse and repeat till you get rid of the wanted level. This mission is
    also important because it gives the Fully Cocked upgrade for Ammunation, which
    means you have access to the best of the best in terms of weaponry. 
    The next mission is withn Hsin, so head there and talk to him. 
    --==One Shot, One Kill==--
    As you can assume from the title, the motoo of One Shot, One Kill, it 
    deliberately applied to snipers. Now, Chan has a rat on his team, and you
    need to help him out. You need to head to the location and make the sniper
    rifle ready to fire. 
    Now, you need to take out the target with white shirt and blue jeans, so there
    is only one of him. Now, when you take him out, you want a perfect shot, so
    zoom in with the L button, and when you have a dead set shot, kill him. Now,
    you need to run. 
    Now, you have a three star wanted level. This is where you need to quick car,
    and the most plentiful car for this mission is the cop car. Seriously, when
    the cop gets out of the car, take it and drive quickly away, and the cop will
    TRY to take the car back, but no luck.
    Now, move fast and ram all other cars out of the way, taking other cop cars
    for your own use if your original car is damaged. You need to remove all
    three wanted levels before you can finish the mission. Now, you will get a
    fork, will you help Chan or Zhou first? For the interests of finishing the
    story quickly, finish with Zhou first.
    --==The Fandom Menace==--
    Reward = $200
    Now, you will be needing a SMG for this mission, because there are some nice
    paparazzi in this mission. You will be driving Zhou around the city, heading
    to a construction site, but the paparazzi will attempt to get some photos so
    when one does, you will need to follow him and kill him. The best thing is, 
    when they get a photo, they get off their bikes and move on foot, so give them
    the taste of lead.
    The best way to get rid of them is to make sure that they don't get a shot of
    Zhou. Now, on your trip to pick up the other two visitors, you should use the
    revolver for this mission. The revolver is the best choice because of its 
    one shot policy against people on bikes. Though you don't have much in terms
    of reloading, one shot is enough to get rid of other bikes.
    This mission is stupid, basically picking up two people before you head back
    to the starting location, which is interesting because it would be easier to
    drive the two guests to the safehouse, killing the paparazzi upon entrance to
    the safehouse. But then again, it is Zhou.
    Anyway, we are finished with him for the time being, so head to Chan where you
    will need to complete a string of missions. This is the reason you should 
    complete Zhou's missions over Chan's first.
    --==Counterfeit Gangster==--
    Well, the FIB is about to bust Chan because he has a lot of counterfeit 
    material in his possession. And you need to get rid of them. Now, there are
    some counterfeit materials right outside the building so get rid of them. This
    isn't hard, just your weapons, or even your fists, to get rid of the 
    Now, the last three hiding spots are at the docks, and you need to destroy
    the rest of the evidence within a set period of time because the FIB is going
    to raid the locations and find evidence there. One of the will need to be
    destroyed via the same method as before, it is just destroying some crates,
    which isn't hard.
    The second one is using a crane that takes the cars from the docks and drops
    them into the sea. No singing please. This is similar to the crane in San
    Andreas, so pick up the car, move car over the ocean, drop the car, and finish
    off. Just make sure that they all enter the sea, if you make a pile, they 
    might extrude from the water, but it is highly unlikely.
    The final mission is to move several cars into the sea with the bulldozer. 
    Now, you just need to tap the other cars a little to move them into the sea,
    because having the bulldozer fall into the sea wastes valuable time. There is
    another bulldozer, but you don't have time. Just move the cars enough so it 
    will tip into the sea by itself, but you don't want to put too much power to
    get the bulldozer to hit the water. 
    After this, you need to head back to Chan, and get another mission from him.
    --==Slaying With Fire==--
    Now, this is another crazy mission, Chan is absolutely paranoid, and he wants
    to remove all his former allies because he doesn't trust them and he thinks
    that they are all ratting him out. So you will need to head to Happiness 
    Island and firebomb everyone.
    The helicopter will by piloted by Chan, so you have to throw molotov 
    cocktails, which you have unlimited supply of, and bomb everyone. The biggest
    threat isn't small arms fire, it is the RPGs that some of the enemy will 
    Now, the best way to aim for them is when the heli is slowing down and you
    are moving slowly over an area. Aim for a group, and fire at where the enemy
    will be moving to, predict their path and let them walk into the fire. 
    You need to remember that at first, if you cannot kill them with the Molotov
    explosion, you will be able to watch them run into the fire and burn 
    themselves to death. 
    When you start, most of the enemies will be using small arms fire, such as
    pistols and SMGs, and this is relatively harmless. This is just practice fire
    for your molotovs, so get your game on and throw properly. 
    As you move on, you will need to throw more molotovs, against assault rifles
    this time around. Also, you will be facing RPGs, which is highlighted by the
    red blips. They aren't one shot kills, but given the amount of enemy fire
    that you are facing, it is imperative that you not let them let off a single
    shot, because, like I said, not a one hit kill, but it does hit you for a 
    large amount of damage.
    When you finish that, a chopper will appear, so you will need to firebomb the
    other chopper with molotovs, and bomb it enough so it goes down flaming. That
    will finish this mission off, and it is time to pay a visit to Heston. 
    --==Operation Northwood==--
    Reward = $200
    Heston apparently sees the error of his ways, and he wants to kick the habit
    and you need to get rid of the drug dealer that has been supplying him with
    it because he doesn't want to lose a customer. You will need a quick car and,
    due to some unknown power, the game gives you a Banshee as a man walks out. 
    Now, head to the bomb store, where you get the ability to now rig any car
    you like with bombs, which you can detonate when you want, though it will cost
    you, but this time, it is Heston.
    Now, when you are done here, head to the club and follow the dealer, and this
    is the reason you need a fast car, because he is also in a fast car, and this
    guy bolts and puts the pedal to the metal. 
    Now, this is just a matter of how good you are at following him. You need to
    follow him, but you cannot fire or drive aggressively at him, so you need to
    follow from a distance. This is going to be a hell of a driving mission so
    follow closely. This will be a winding journey, so follow until he stops in a
    place and gets out of the car. Now, park the car where you need it to be 
    parked, and move away, and explode the bomb.
    Now, head to Heston for another mission. 
    --==Torpedo Run==--
    Now, Heston will ask you to commandeer a police boat, that somehow is armed
    with unlimited amounts of torpedoes. Head there, and steal the boat, and you
    don't need to worry about the cops that are there. Head to where Zhou's boat
    is, and the game is on.
    The other boat will lay mines, that will damage your boat if you move close
    enough to it, so you might want to avoid them. Meanwhile, you will need to
    focus on getting off accurate shots at the enemy boat with your torpedoes, so
    try to make sharp turns with the R button to make sure that you avoid the mine
    and make up the distance. 
    You have infinite torpedoes, so keep firing until you get rid of the enemy
    boat. That isn't hard once you get the hang of it. However, you will get an
    email that you will need to head to Colony Island to destroy one of the vans
    that is carry some illegal materials. 
    Head to the island, and head to the location where the van is, so follow it,
    firing as much as you can to disable it. You can shotgun the van if you are
    lucky and get rid of it there and then, but otherwise, it is going to be a 
    drive by mission. Luckily, the van is slow. From there, kill the two men 
    inside the van and then take out the van to complete the mission. 
    Now, this provokes a reaction from Zhou, leading to the next mission.
    --==So Near, Yet Sonar==--
    Reward = 15 Bags of Acids
    Zhou wants the 4 crates of merchandise that had been sunk in the last mission.
    This is where you need to head into the salvage boat and use the sonar to find
    the location of the crates. 
    Now, you will be taught to use the sonar, so use the sonar to ping the 
    unknown items below the water. Now, just use the ping again when you are just
    over the location of the unknown item, and then the ship will salvage the 
    sunken crates.
    Now, after you get a few crates, the area expands further, and you need to 
    be careful of two things. You cannot ping too often, because once the meter
    raises to the full level, the coast guard will come along and take action on
    what you are doing. The second problem is that you will have the chance to 
    raise mines instead, damaging the boat. This is often due to chance, so be 
    mindful of that. 
    Find the crates and head back to the jetty to finish this mission. Now, head
    to Hsin to complete another mission. 
    [2.04] The Rat
    --==By Myraids of Swords==--
    Reward = $200
    We now start to get to the gritty ending of the game, the hunt for the rat
    within the Triads that is leaking out the information of the Triads to the 
    police. And you need to, under Hsin's orders, to go and behead some people who
    are suspected to being traitors. There is not trial before juries here in
    this world.
    You will now get access to one of the most powerful melee weapons in the game,
    the sword. It is a one hit kill if you manage to hit anyone, regardless of the
    amount of armour they are carrying on them. After all, body armour doesn't 
    protect you against a dead head. 
    Anyway, head to both locations, and before you kill anyone else, you want to
    take out the leader first, because in the second incident, the leader will
    try to escape in a car, so make sure that the assault rifle is ready to fire
    and destroy him. After you kill them, you will need to collect their ID cards
    that prove you have killed them, and then kill the bodyguards. Great 
    bodyguards they turned out to be.
    Now, after the mission, Kenny will message you and tells you to meet him at
    the amusement park and tells you that you have to quickly find the sword Yu
    Jian and find the rat within the Triads because those traitors that you 
    killed aren't it. So we just wasted the lives of quite a fair amount of 
    people because of some bad intel. That wouldn't be the first time in history
    that has happened.
    Now, Hsin and a Lester will want your help, Hsin demands it really whilst
    Lester is joining and in a bikie group that will help you find the rat, though
    it is at the cost of 10 bags of ecstasy. That isn't expensive, but given that
    you are closer, head to Hsin next.
    --==A Shadow of Doubt==--
    This is interesting, you will basically be a spy in this mission, you are to
    find the location of the Korean safehouse, and to do this, you need to follow
    a person. Now, it will always be raining, and to make things a little easier,
    you will be following a man in a pink umbrella. 
    Now, basically, you need to follow the man, so you will be hiding behind some
    trucks, corners, walls, anything to avoid being detected as the man, whose
    sexuality is debatable, after all, HOT PINK UMBRELLA for a GANGSTER, as he
    turns around to check his tail.
    From there, you will need to plant a bug under the car, quickly, as he is 
    busy talking, and then move out of the way. This is the first part of the 
    mission complete. From here, get in the nearest car and follow the blue
    blips that will turn up on your GPS. Follow them quickly, as if you fail to
    keep up, that will lead to a failed mission, and you will be shown the 
    location of their safehouse, eventually.
    From there, you will get another mission from Hsin, which you will take now,
    because of its ease, and a Rudy D'Avanzo will request help. However, given 
    that we are this far in, we might as well take on the Korean threat.
    --==Friend or Foe?==--
    Reward = $300
    Well, get in your van and move towards the green marker, where you will need
    to pick up your bomb. From there, after collecting the briefcase, head to the
    target building indicated by the yellow marker. From here, you need to plant
    the bomb and then you will need to defend the rest of the group while they are
    ransacking the building from the enemy Koreans that will attack you and try to
    kill your gang members.
    There are some pickups if you are in trouble, but as long as you kill all the
    enemies, you don't need them. Basically, a good weapon will take care of most
    of the trouble. Flamethrowers are the best weapon considering their ease to
    obtain from Arson Vigilante missions, and being quick to kill enemies, though
    an assault rifle isn't such a bad choice. 
    From here, kill all that the game will throw at you, and then head back into
    the van when the gang members have stolen and taken the safe and mounted it 
    into the van. From there, you need to drive ot the safehouse and then crack
    the safe. Along the way, you will be attacked by Koreans wanting payback and 
    for that, you will need to drive well and avoid them, you cannot shoot back
    and drive by, your van is far to slow and easy to damage because of its lack
    of speed. 
    Well, that is the last of the Hsin missions, so we should continue with the
    free missions until we have no more and have to do Lester's missions. So,
    head to visit the Rudy. 
    --==Grave Situation==--
    Reward = $250
    When you meet Rudy, he is an Italian mobster who tells you that the rat that
    you seek is another Italian mobster called Jimmy Capra, which is a problem
    because they have been recently allied with the Triads, and any attack on
    them could jeopardise that relationship.
    However, the problem is that you now get instantly surrounded by all of his
    men and you need to get out of there, with Rudy alive, well, I don't want
    to save him, but someone does, so basically, you need to fight your way out.
    Rudy should stay out of your way most of the time, and armour is dropped
    throughout the level, so if you have double armour, you should be in some
    great shape. Basically, take cover and shoot quickly and get rid of the
    enemy mobsters. A longer range weapon, such as the revolver, will be a good
    weapon of choice for this mission, mainly because it doesn't involve too
    many shots, only two are needed to kill. 
    Shoot your way throughout the level and you will clear the graveyard. Well,
    at least they don't have to pay transporting fees for all those corpses, 
    and in such economic times, every little bit counts. 
    From here, you will need to get those 10 bags of ecstasy that you will need
    to give to Lester. In reality, what can you get out of him, absolutely
    nothing, but it is part of the story. 
    --==Double Trouble==--
    Lester, the fat man who would have trouble completing the initiation 
    mission given that his weight shouldn't even make the bike move, needs your
    help to complete the initiation mission in his steed, because he can't do it
    himself. Head to the bikie's headquarters and grab the bike that you will
    need to complete the stunts in. 
    Basically, you need to follow the instructions, you will need to perform a
    burnout as instructed and then perform a large array of jumps and stunts 
    that is required of you. Soon, you will run into an alleyway, which is an
    ambush by the rival bikie gang, The Lost. You will need to dismount, less
    you want to ruin your bike, and shoot them all dead. 
    Moving along, you will need to kill more of The Lost members, and make it
    safely to Lester, who will thank you for the riding, but it still isn't
    over, you need to play with some explosives and plant them on the Globe
    indicated by the markers. Watch the globe roll down and kill even more
    gang members, and that will finish off this mission.
    From there, head to the marker with Lester and complete the next of his 
    missions, which he cannot do, because he is that incompetant. 
    --==Faster Pusher Man! Sell! Sell!==--
    Reward = 10 bags of Coke
    Basically, Lester is meant to sell Coke out on the street to pull in more
    customers, but he has been using the product so much that he is incapable of
    doing anything. Anyway, you need to sell 10 bags of coke to customers in 
    your van, or on foot, and you will need to sell to 10 seperate customers.
    It sounds easy, especially without police running around trying to beat the
    crap out of you with their nightsticks, but there is competition. Soon, 
    they will compete for your customers, and they will shoot at you if you
    drive near them. Killing them doesn't work well, they just keep coming back
    and try to kill you.
    Basically, the position of the customers are random, and there will be about
    4 customers on the map at any one time, so you will be able to finish this
    quite easily. All you need to do is to sell your coke faster than the other
    rivals, and you win.
    And if you can't figure it out, to transfer the coke, move it from your bag
    into the bag of the customer and you complete the transfer. 
    That completes the missions from Lester for now, and Heston will give you a
    call, saying that he might have a lead on the rat in your gang. From there,
    head to Heston and start the rat hunt.
    Basically, the problem is that there are scramblers around the city that make
    it hard for Heston to perform a wiretap on, since his wiretaps aren't exactly
    in the most legal situations. Basically, you are observing the strength of the
    signal, the stronger the signal, the closer you are to the scrambler.
    So, you need to travel around the city and trial and error your way to the
    scramblers. They are basically vans that have the scrambler mounted inside
    them. The first van is guarded by some bodyguards, so you will need to move
    in and take them out. Say inside your vehicle and shoot them, don't risk
    exposing yourself and taking damage for no good reason. 
    Soon, you will realise that the scrambling isn't stopping, so there is a 
    second scrambler. This one is mounted on the top of a roof, and again, it is
    well guarded, so you will need to take down the enemy units and then the 
    scrambler. That should take care of that.
    The final one is the hardest, ironically, because this one is acutally moving
    around the city. You will need a fast, but strong car for this mission, you
    will need to move around the city quickly, trialing the streets and hope that
    the signal gets stronger. If it gets stronger, you are on the right track.
    You will need to ram the van and give it a quick spray of lead with 100% 
    accuracy. A PIT move will give it enough time to spray the lead, but with a 
    fast and durable car, you can take the hits from the van and manage to play
    catchup, with enough time to take it out.
    With the van down, it is the last scrambler down, so the mission is over. 
    Heston is busy waiting for the wiretap to work, so Hsin and Rudy will mail
    in and ask for help. Head to Rudy because he only has one mission for now.
    --==Steal the Wheels==--
    Rudy claims that there is a recording of the rat that you seek and it is in
    a car that is in the impound. You will need to head there, but you are going
    to go in via the back since the front has a nice shiny gate.
    Move from the south and enter the impound lot, but don't bother killing all
    the enemy idiots that are running towards you, it is pointless since there
    is an infinite number of them, unless you are short on ammo or something. What
    you need to do is to move towards the nice gas tanker at the gate, and from
    there, you need an accurate, long range weapon to blow it up, and the gate 
    with it. 
    Quickly, get into the car, and drive off, you cannot let the enemy destroy
    the car with the recording in it, it could save your life, literally. From 
    there, drive to the waypoint, avoiding all the enemy cars that are in the 
    way, and drive safely. 
    Hsin will not be happy that you are working to destroy the relationship
    with the Capra mob, but visit him for the next mission.
    --==Arms Out of Harm's Way==--
    Reward = $200
    Basically, you need to play with some guns, and you are meant to interrupt
    this nice deal that is going on. You need to head to the designated location
    and get ready your guns. Basically, use an SMG or an assault rifle because
    there will be plenty of ammo for it, or a flamethrower if you feel so
    inclined because of the amount of easy access ammo. 
    Basically, you need to fight your way through this area and you will slowly
    but surely move towards the pier where there is a boat. The big wigs and the
    survivors will head here and try to escape, and I mean try because they will
    not succeed. 
    You need to get on the wet ski and from there, follow the boat that has 
    escaped and you need to shoot them until they are destroyed. Remember that the
    wet ski has the ability to fire directly forward, so you will need to try to
    get a good shot. 
    However, the most dangerous part of this mission will be the mines that the
    boat escaping will be dropping all over the place. However, with a few clips
    of your SMG, you will be able to sink the enemy boat, and complete this 
    mission. Now, for another mission from Hsin.
    --==The Wages of Hsin==--
    Reward = $2500
    Hsin is pissed off at the Koreans and now he has had enough, he wants them
    destroyed, and you are the sole person who can demolish and kill an entire
    gang. You will need to destroy the safehouse that you located earlier, and you
    will get the bomb before heading towards the safehouse.
    From here, you basically need to fight your way through the building and 
    area to get ready to plant the bomb that you want to blow up the area. There
    are several areas that you need to blow up, and they are all guarded by a 
    hell of a lot on enemy troops that you will need to take out before you can
    proceed, well, at least proceed alive anyway. 
    Basically, you need to blow up the entire compound, and you will need to be
    careful, there is a fair amount of fire here as well as bullets, so double
    armour and fire retard perks will be quite handy to possess here to avoid
    being killed.
    After you have cleared and destroyed those two buildings that you are 
    required to, you will need to head to the entrance and that means you doing a 
    complete full circle to get out and blow up the last building. From there, you
    are trapped so enter the way, get on the wet ski and get away with pure
    After this, Lester will need your help. The fat man can't get on a bike so
    he needs you to do so for him.
    --==Convoy Conflict==--
    Reward = $200
    Basically, you need to get on the bike that Lester has as his spare and
    head to the docks and escort the convoy. For this mission, I highly 
    recommend that you get the revolver, it is a lot easier and sure fire to 
    be useful in this mission.
    Basically, you aer protecting the convoy against the bikies from the Lost
    gang, and they are on their bikes. Basically, you need to be behind the
    convoy and protect it at all costs. To do so, just make sure you don't
    overtake it.
    The reason for the revolver is that when the Lost attack on their bikes, one
    lone shot from the revolver will knock them and kill them, or at least get
    them off their bikes and no longer a threat. A one shot policy is far more
    useful than the several bullets needed from the SMG. 
    Soon, you will hit a roadblock ambush, and you switch to SMG to get rid of
    the enemy ambush and continue to escort the convoy to the end destination
    and that will complete this mission.
    --==The World's A Stooge==--
    Reward = $1500
    It took Rudy this long to give you an answer, but he agrees to give you the
    recording if you take out all the rats first, which is counter-productive,
    but you want that recording, don't you? So lets start killing the rats.
    You would want to start first in the water, so take the western rat and he
    will run off into the water. Hop off into the wet ski and track him down,
    shooting the crap out of him to make sure that he doesn't talk anymore to
    the wrong people. From there, head to the next rat.
    The next two rats will either be stationary or moving. The one in Middle 
    Park will be stationary, so it will be exceptionally easy to kill him, you
    can punch the crap out of him if you really want to, but her, lets follow
    the traditional Sicilian method of shotgunning the man to his death.
    The last one is on the move, and you will need to get into a durable car
    that is also fast to play catch up and kill the last of the rats. Still,
    you don't get your recording, so that is interesting. 
    From here, Heston requires your help again, so head to his location and
    give him a helping hand.
    --==Evidence Dash==--
    Reward = $200
    Heston is in a bit of the problem, his car is missing and taken by IAD 
    and you need to get it back before his crew of officers blow up the car.
    The reason he cannot risk the car is that the car is precious to him, and
    he cannot have it destroyed. So we need to play a little fetch,
    Basically, follow the car, but in the end, it will come to a complete halt
    in an area that is infested with people toting guns. Basically, you will
    need to kill the people around the car and drive away with it.
    From here, you will need to take it to the pay and spray, you will need to
    repair the car after Heston's crew have shot the car so many times that you
    will think the bulletholes are the new fashion. From the pay and spray, 
    you will need to head into a secluded location. The safehouse in Lancaster
    is such a place.
    Now, the problem is that Heston's crew will continue to shoot at you along
    the way and that makes it hard if you want to survive and deliver the car
    in a relatively good working order. To do this, you should take the smaller
    roads, large roads give too much room, small roads will give you one small
    path through the centre of the road, sandwiched with other cars, making it
    When you are in the secluded location, enter the trunk of the car, and take
    out all the files and then burn them all. After that, drive quickly to the
    location where you need to dump the car, and that should be it. 
    From here, you get a message from Lester that he needs your help, again, and
    Rudy tells you that he has the copy ready for you. You know, of the 
    recording that you want. Lets get that first, seeing that you are closer to
    Rudy anyway. 
    Reward = $250
    Basically, you need to take Rudy to meet this supposed rat, so you need to
    head to a higher location and use a Sniper Rifle, with unlimited ammo to 
    protect him. Given that you have infinite ammo, something isn't good. So get
    ready to shoot.
    Almost immediately, he will be under attack, so you will need to protect him
    from up high. You need to take out the foot soldiers first, they are going to
    pose the biggest threat with their assault rifles and whatnot. When there are
    vehicles, use the sniper rifle to take out the enemy using the sniper rifle by
    blowing up their cars. That should take out the group of 4 with a few shots
    without the need for accuracy. 
    The GPS will be extremely useful in this mission, mainly because it will tell
    you where the enemies are coming from. This is quite hard the first time 
    because you don't have the knowledge of the timing of the mission and when the
    enemies will turn up, but soon, you will know when and where, and get this
    mission done.
    Hsin needs you ASAP, and you will need to head to him first, because the 
    mission he gives is rather important.
    --==A Rude Awakening==--
    Now, Hsin basically tells you that you are an idiot for following Rudy, it
    seems that everyone except you know that he hates Capra and is using you to do
    the dirty work for him. So basically, pay him a visit. 
    There are three possible locations that he could be in, so head around the 
    locations and soon, the game will tell you which one he will be in. I find 
    that the order you visit doesn't matter, it seemingly seems to be the second 
    one that he is hiding in.
    Anyway, when you find his location, before you enter the store, Huang will 
    remark that he sees Rudy's car, so when you see it, destroy it. It will be
    useful if you do so. 
    Now, enter the store and it will confirm that Rudy was using you, the 
    recording is a piece of crap, and you now have found him out, so you will need
    to kill him. He will escape in his car, and if you didn't destroy it, you will
    need to chase and drive by him.
    But if you did destroy the car, it would be easier, so kill him either way, 
    and that will be the end of him. 
    From here, head to Lester and see if he has any progress on the rat he is 
    meant to be finding, provided he isn't high. 
    --==See No Evil==--
    Lester has completely no luck, and now that Meredith has performed, some..., 
    eh, acts on him, you need to play the role of bodyguard. You need a vehicle
    to protect the stupid couple in, and a bike is a good choice, mainly 
    because you are fighting other people who are also in bikes as well. 
    Basically, kill all the bikies that are going to approach the vehicle that
    the fat man is in, and it is your job to make sure it doesn't end in flames
    for the couple. 
    Basically, use a revolver as usual to knock the bikies off their bikes and
    move along, because you don't have time to kill all of them. You will then
    follow them to their apartment, which really makes me question what the hell
    they are doing. Anyway, bikies will approach the apartment, and you need to
    be the bodyguard, so shoot them all. Kill all that they are willing to risk
    and that will be that.
    Lester will then tell you about the fact that there are no rats in the bikie
    gang, which is a problem because that puts Hsin's suspicions back on you. 
    I'm curious about how Lester got that information, was he screwing her that
    badly that she gave the name so she wouldn't have to be screwed by him, no
    idea. Anyway, you need to head to Heston, for the last of the missions. 
    We are now getting to the end of the line, 5 more epic missions to go. 
    [2.05] Grand Finale
    Reward = $200
    Heston wants you to do the unthinkable, hack the FIB database, without getting
    caught and the trial leading back to him. Actually, this is easier than you
    may think, you don't acutally have to deal with a lot of cops. However, I
    suggest you get a Cognoscentis or something that is fast and strong for this
    mission, you will need to avoid the cops here.
    Basically, you will need to be watching the reception bars that you have on
    the top corner, there are two of them, and you need them both to be at full
    strength, which is 5 bars, to start the hacking. You need to perform three
    hacks, and each hack gets harder and harder.
    The first one is in an alleyway, which is easy, but upon completion, you 
    will get a 1 star wanted level. You will want to get rid of the wanted level
    straight away, because it would be nasty to fail the next hack when a cop 
    decides to turf you out of the car.
    The second hack is in a main street, and this is why you want to remove that
    wanted level that you will have. This will end up with a two star wanted level
    and you really want to get rid of that before you perform the third hack,
    which gives you a three star wanted level.
    If you have not figured out already, the hack progress bar will be continious,
    so if you move out of range, you will not lose any progress, which is handy if
    you are trying to avoid the cops and stopping to get as much done as you can.
    After the three hacks, you need to ditch the wanted level before you can get
    back to the completion of the mission. Heston emails you to tell you to get
    rid of the wanted levels, and do so. This is the reason for a Cognoscentis 
    because it is faster and exceptionally powerful in ramming other cars. 
    After the completion of losing the wanted level, Heston will email you and
    tell you the names of the two rats, and surprise surpise, the names are 
    Chan and Zhou. The both snitched on Hsin independently, and you now need to
    prove it. 
    However, Kenny will mail in and tells you that you need to convince Hsin that
    his son and a loyal member are the rats, and the problem is, he still thinks
    you are the rat, and he will attempt to get you killed. However, Kenny has a
    plan. Head to Kenny now. 
    --==Rat Race==--
    Kenny tells you that now that you have the proof, you will need to tell Hsin
    immediately, and now is the perfect time, he is at a meeting and he won't 
    try to kill you on sight. Guess this is your time to shine. However, for the
    moment, you will be on the back of a pickup, with Kenny driving, and you are
    armed with a minigun, and you need to kill all those who stand in the way.
    You now have umlimited ammo, which is excellent for a minigun. You will be
    drinking lead like crazy, so shoot all the cars that approach, and destroy
    them fast before they blow up and damage the pickup. After a while of you
    blowing up and killing a city, you will stop, and Kenny will switch places
    with you. Man, that was fun.
    Now, you need to drive to the meeting, Kenny is a crap driver. However, the
    cars aren't too big a threat in this mission, there is a helicopter that is
    firing rockets at you, and that is the threat.
    The Helicopter will fire and target with a triangle, and you need to avoid
    it because that is exactly where the rocket is going to land and explode. So
    you would want to avoid that, because it will take about 35% of your health
    in a single shot. I suggest that this is the perfect time to drive all over
    the road, because you want to avoid those rockets. 
    Now, you need to get to the destination. At the end of the day, the cars are
    going to damage you, but not a lot, it will maybe do about 20% of the damage,
    the helicopter will do most of the damage, so you would rather each a 
    broadside of lead than a rocket.
    After you reach your destination, Hsin will be displeased about the 
    information but a rat is a rat and they are ordered to be killed. And the
    subplot ends with who is now the Triad boss after Hsin, Kenny is boss. And
    now, to hunt the rats. Lets start with the easier rat, Chan. After all, he
    is stupid, how hard could he be to kill?
    --==Clear the Pier==--
    Rather hard actually. Basically, head to the pier and be prepared for a
    massive firefight, you are going to be using the assault rifle a lot here
    and ammo is everywhere, as well as armour, so make sure you have the double
    armour perk for this mission. A flamethrower might be useful as well. 
    Now, clearing the pier as actually the easy part, you have plenty of cover
    to use, and that makes your life a lot easier. Your henchmen aren't all that
    useful, they mainly run into harms way anyway, and you have completed all
    those missions solo, so that shouldn't be too big of a problem. Clear the
    pier, and then move inside the warehouse to clear that area.
    Chan is running, and he has plenty of men between you and him, and that
    makes life a bit harder. This is difficult before of the narrow corners and
    the bad camera angles that the DS gives you. Grenades will be useful, as 
    well as Molotovs if you don't have grenades. For weapons, shotguns are the
    best, especially the double barrelled shotgun, so use it. Kill everyone inside
    the warehouse and head outside, to see Chan running to his car.
    Now, this is going to be drive by time. You need to catch up to his car and
    kill him by driving by his car until he leaves the car. Then, kill him as 
    he is leaving the car. Ram him into a wall and then let loose the guns, or if
    you are lucky, get out and RPG him to death. Either way, we have taken care of
    one loose end, the last rat is Zhou. Lets kill him. 
    --==Hit From the Tong==--
    This is the second last mission, so I suggest you get the best of the best
    in terms of weapons. You really need the RPG for this mission, and you need
    a fair amount of rockets, 15 would be plenty. If you do not have RPGs, then
    do some drug deals and get it, you really need the RPG for this mission, you
    are going to be fighting an uphill battle if you do not.
    Now, first of all, break down the lock and enter the compound, and right
    away, it is time for the firefight, so use the assault rifle and kill all
    the guards. You get there in time to see Zhou escaping in his helicopter. 
    However, he is not escaping, he is hopping in his helicopter to kill you, 
    and the heli is armed with rockets and miniguns. This isn't good. A gunship
    against a lone soldier. 
    Now, basically, you need to kill all the guards on the ground and head to
    the top of the building, using the elevator, and ready the RPG. Now, the
    gunship has two modes, a rocket mode and a minigun mode. A minigun run is
    basically shooting straight down a single line, so moving out of the way
    or line will basically save you.
    However, the rocket mode is more dangerous, it will bomb everything and
    take down the entire rooftop. However, this is the perfect time for the RPG
    because the target is completely stationary. It will always start its 
    rocket runs from left to right, so head to the right immediately as it 
    starts to fire the rockets, and shoot the RPG. It will retreat and after it
    has moves away, you need to get off the elevator.
    It will have moved to another building, so kill all the guards on the 
    ground, take the health and armour boosts and move up the next elevator,
    and repeat the RPG attack when it moves into its rocket mode. The will
    move away and from there, head to the third building, but first of all, kill
    all on the ground, take up the boosters and move up to the third building
    and shoot down the helicopter. From there, it will blow up. 
    Head back to the ground and you will receive an email from Heston. There is
    a problem, neither of the two men, Chan and Zhou, that you just killed were
    the rats, there is a single rat, and the rat is having a meeting you are
    given the location to. Guess you killed two men for nothing. Head to the
    meeting and find out who the real rat is. 
    --==Salt In The Wound==--
    Well, who could be the rat? Hsin is not the rat, Chan and Zhou aren't the
    rats either, nor is Huang. So head to the meeting and find out who the
    rat is, and through process of elimination, the rat is Kenny. He has been
    using you to grab power to the top. Head to the desalination plant and 
    get ready for the final battle. 
    IAD and the FIB will enter and start killing each other, so follow Kenny
    and head north. Heston will support you and flank on your left side, so
    keep an eye on him and make sure that he doesn't take any damage. As you
    follow Kenny, kill all those along the way, and dispatch them, and keep
    moving north, taking all the armour and the health that you will need to
    As you move north, there is a man with an RPG, and you will need to get
    rid of him to advance. Basically, the easier way to kill him is to move
    forward, and when he shoots an RPG at him, move ahead and take cover 
    behind the pipes, and when he shoots again, assault rifle his ass back to
    the next dimension, and kill him. 
    Again, after he is dead, move forwards and kill all those who stand in
    his way, and make sure you take the health and armour boosters in the way
    to keep up your health. Once you reach the dead end, Heston will move to 
    the control room and you need to support and cover him whilst he gets the
    gate moving.
    Once Heston has gotten the gate to move out of the way, Kenny escapes in a
    boat, and you need to follow suit, so head to the marker and shoot at him,
    and you have infinite ammo for now, so keep firing and hope you get a few
    chance shots and manage to dish some damage on him.
    After he leaves the boat, he enters a car, and he will head to Hsin's 
    apartment, and this is where you need to go as well. This is going to be the
    grand finale, he will enter the penthouse, and you will need to follow. 
    Enter the building, and Kenny whips out the sword that he has stolen from
    the very beginning and hits Hsin with it. Then, he comes after you, so you
    need to kill him. He is armed with a sword, so you want to pull out a firearm
    and shoot him to death. That's right, kill your uncle, and finish this 
    mission. With his last breath, Hsin offically gives the leadership of the
    Triads over to you. You now control all the Triads. 
    Congratulations, you have now completed the storyling for Grand Theft Auto:
    Chinatown Wars. Now, Liberty City is at your mercy, you are free to do what
    you want, the path is now up to you. 
    [3.01] Paramedic
    Paramedic is the game where you basically have to save lives. This makes a 
    change from all the lives you've been taken isn't it? Anyway this is triggered
    by the Ambulance, so press Select to start the missions.
    You need to be in range of a hospital so move to the closest hospital. What
    you need to do is to save lives. There are two to three patients in each 
    wave, and there are 5 waves. You need to have 100% success rate on all 5 waves
    to get the special result which is unlimited sprint.
    Now, there isn't many hints and tips, but what you need to remember is that
    the GPS shows the quickest legal route. When you move to a patient, remember
    that you should use your GPS to find the quickest OVERALL route. In an 
    ambulance, use the big roads rather than the two lane roads because you don't
    have a lot of room to play around in, and the last thing you want is police
    When you are driving up to a patient, always reverse to a patient, so you can
    quickly accelerate to drive off again when need be. This is far better than
    swinging around in an ambulance which may lead to more unwanted police 
    Finally, keep an eye on the patient, they will have a chance to flatline. 
    Make sure that you revive them by tapping their icon on the touch screen when
    they flatline, because the hospital will not accept flatlined patients. 
    The most important thing in this mission is to stay on the big roads. The
    ambulance cannot take too much damage, and big roads give more room for 
    turning, which means you don't get police attention. It is very easy for the
    police to bust you when you are stopping to pick up a patient so you want to
    avoid that. 
    [3.02] Vigilante
    Vigilante is back, and more fun than ever. This time, you have a selection 
    of crimes that you can respond to. That is, you can choose what crime you 
    want to fight. 
    There are several crimes that appear on the police computer. There is Hit and
    Run, Car Jacking, Grand Larceny, Murder, Arson, Street Racing, Drug Deals,
    Homicide, Rioting, Robbery, Grand Thief Auto, Mugging, Burglary, Assault, etc.
    The main aim of the game is to actually kill them. Your computer screen will
    tell you where they are, how far away, how many of them they are, how 
    heavily armed, and what vehicle they are in.
    Armament is a tricky question. None means that they use fists, and the 
    occasional pistol turns up. Light means pistols. Medium means SMGs and 
    pistols, whilst heavy means flamethrowers in the case of arson, and normally
    assault rifles. You better have body armour on, because that will be necessary
    to beat these guys.
    Of they are on the ground, it is quite easy to kill them by just running them
    over with your car. As for what car, the patrol car, NOOSE van or the FIB
    Rancher, I prefer the Rancher. It is a tough car, though not as fast as the
    patrol car, but it can hold its own.
    You need to kill all of the criminals or felons to win. If they are in a 
    car, you need to examine what kind of car. Most cars are easy, just put out
    your pistol or SMG and shoot them. Motorcycles are even easier, just bump
    them off. Note that if they are in a car and you take them out, they will
    try to carjack you. 
    When you complete 5 waves of vigilante justice, you will get the bonus 
    and gold medal. The bonus is double body armour. That is your body armour
    will provide double protection. So you have three bars of health, two bars
    of body armour and a bar of normal health.
    [3.03] Taxi Driver
    Taxi Driver is back again, and this time, you can earn some tips. Anyway, the
    whole aim is to deliver people from position A to position B. Remember to
    constantly check your GPS for shorter routes, the GPS only provides the 
    shortest LEGAL route. It doesn't account for random lane changes and driving
    on the opposite side of the road. 
    The Taxi Driver missions are structured in groups of 5. For every 5 fares you
    get in a row, you will get a bonus. Achieve 15 in a row and you will get a 
    bonus, all taxis will be bulletproof. Nice eh?
    Two things you need to remember when driving. When the taxi starts to smoke,
    you need to go to a pay and spray to fix it up. This will not ruin your 
    customers in a row. If you, or by some external factors get a passenger 
    killed before they board the taxi or you do not arrive in time, your streak
    breaks. I once had a speeding car kill the passenger just as he was about
    to enter the taxi. Needless to say, that car was riddled with revolver holes.
    Now, fares are determined on distance alone. The further the distance, the
    more time you get and the larger the fare is. That is self-explanatory. The
    tips system is a little bonus you get for being a good driver. When a 
    passenger enters the car, they will give you a hint for a tip.
    There are three types of hints. The first is none at all, that means that
    as long as you get them there, you get a nice small tip. The second is the
    word quickly. The faster you deliver them, the larger the tip. The third and
    hardest tip to earn is safety. You need to deliver them without excessive 
    crashing and bumping. Given that you need to drive fast, that is not an
    Like I mentioned, getting 15 fares done in a row will net you a bonus that
    all taxis are now bulletproof. That means that you can drive into a gang's
    territory and attack them, and their bullets just bounce off. Though just
    because it is bulletproof, it doesn't mean that it is idiotproof. If you
    fail to drive safety and crash into everything, it still takes damage. 
    [3.04] Firefighting
    Firefighting is back again, and you get the general feel of it when you rescue
    Chan from the nice fire. Anyway, there are two methods to find the fire 
    engine. The first is to start fires and hope that they turn up. However, the
    Liberty City fire station is at the block directly west of your Northwood
    safehouse. The block facing east will house two fire stations. This should
    be clear enough instructions.
    The second fire station in Liberty City is the block southeast of the
    safehouse in Downtown, if you want to find an alternative. 
    Anyway, firefighting involves you fighting 10 missions, which you do not need
    to complete in a row unlike taxi driving. You need to fight fires using the
    controls below your firearm, control it like you are tossing a projectile
    weapon. The direction you point is the direct you fire the water gun. 
    There are three types of emergencies, Building Fires, Gas Tanker Fires and 
    Protesters. I will detail a method to fight each of them.
    Building fires at the easiest fires to take on. Just approach them on the 
    side and fight them like a normal fire. There are no real hazards when 
    you are fighting these fires.
    Gas Tanker fires on the other hand are a completely different story. These,
    when a set amount of time, will explode, so I suggest that you stay back,
    fighting the outlying fires, and then when the tanker explodes, then you
    fight the fire when you move forwards. There is a mission where there are two
    tankers on fire, one will explode, one won't. The cars won't explode, so don't
    worry about them
    Finally, protesters. These are basically hippies and students protesting, so
    you need to use your water cannon to attack them. After they take three 
    hits, they will normally flee and break up. These are the least dangerous of
    the fires. HOWEVER, in a mission outside the UN building, the students will
    toss a Molotov Cocktail, and you will need to put that out. 
    The reward for completing all ten missions is the Flame Retard reward. It
    might sound offensive, I guess Rockstar wants to go out of their way to 
    offend people. This basically makes your fireproof, which means that you can
    have a lot of fun with flamethrowers. Also, when a car is flaming, have cops
    follow you and you should run into the car fire, then out. You don't catch
    on fire, but the cop will. 
    [3.05] Noodle Run
    Noodle run is a delivery business, you deliver good to customers who demand
    it. You often have three deliveries to make per suburb, and you have to 
    fend off rivals. To get the bonus, you need to complete this twice, one in 
    each section. 
    To start Noodle Run missions, you need to enter the Dragon Wagon. The Dragon
    Wagons are located on the block south west of your safehouse in Lower Easton
    and on the block south west of your safehouse in Cerveza Heights. Search 
    the block for wagon, you can identify it because it has a golden dragon on
    top of it. You have to understand that both wagons lead to different missions
    and as such, you need to complete both wagon missions for the prize. They
    are found in other locations, but these locations are consistant and close
    to safehouses.
    Basically, this is a delivery mission. You need to drive to the customer, 
    exit the wagon, ring the door bell, and wait until the customer exits the
    building to accept the delivery. Move next to them, collect the money, and
    enter your wagon and onto the next delivery.
    However, at the start of the second wave, you will get rivals from the
    other noodle company, the Noodle Express. They will attack you when you
    are driving to the destination and when you ring the doorbell, they will
    attack. They are normally armed with pistols and micro SMGs. A few pistol
    shots will get rid of them, they aren't hard to kill.
    You need to keep making deliveries until you get the gold medal, and then
    move over to the other side, and then complete that set of noodle runs.
    After you have completed both sides, you will get the Regeneration bonus,
    which allows you to heal your health over time. 
    [3.06] Excess Delivery
    This is the package delivery business, and like the Noodle Run, you need to
    achieve gold, which is to perform all the deliveries, which is 5 out of 5, 
    in two areas. To get the bonus, you need 2 gold medals, one from Middle Park's
    postal office and the next from Industrial's freight centre.
    To start them, you need to enter a blue van. One is found in Middle Park East,
    a block directly south west from your safehouse in Lancaster. You need to
    search the block and you'll find it eventually. It is at the front of the
    building if you can figure that out. The second one, in Industrial, it is 4
    blocks south west west from your safehouse in Little Bay. For further 
    reference, it is a block north of the dock area for the Industrial inlet. 
    Now, this is a pickup and set dock mission. You need to head to the location,
    get out of your van, pick up the briefcase, drive to the destination, and the
    let the person who wants the package to head outside and pick it up whilst
    you remain in the comfort of your own van. Sounds easy? Well, considering you
    get a Henchmen for these missions, I don't think so.
    Throughout your missions, other couriers, about 4 to 5 couriers, will come and
    attack you. I seriously didn't know that the delivery business was so
    competitive. Anyway, your henchmen will attack the other couriers in their
    own vans, normally Burritos, along the path.
    The best time to get rid of the opposition is when you are picking up the
    briefcase. They are usually armed with SMGs and Pistols, so you should take
    them out when they are in the open, instead of in their vans because it can
    damage your own van. You only can use that van, you cannot get a new vehicle
    so don't damage it too badly. However, once the enemies are gone, they are 
    gone for the rest of the delivery at least.
    You need to make 5 deliveries, and you cannot let the enemy deliver a single
    one. They will make the deliveries, so if you don't get the briefcase, case
    the enemy, run them down, mow them over with your SMG, and pick up the 
    package from their cold dead hands. 
    The bonus for making both delivery runs with 100% success is Big Pants. Well,
    they might be out of fashion, but Big Pants will double the amount of drugs
    you can carry. You will be able to hold 100 drugs instead of the usual 50,
    which is nice if you have saved up a huge stash and someone is extra 
    desperate for the goods. 
    [3.07] S&M Grand Slam
    This is like a selection of races that you can choose. There are two races 
    that you can race in. The Ladder board that allows you to choose the races,
    the Bohan Classic and Bohan Valley is directly two blocks east of the Chase
    Point Pay and Spray. It is a block where it is solid at the top, with a small
    empty space at the southern end of the block.
    As for what car use in the race, the Grand Slam and Transfender Invitational
    both require you to use your own car. The car outside the building is 
    typically a Banshee or Turismo, so they will do. Cognoscentis, Infernus,
    Dukes and other exceptionally fast cars will also do the trick, but as a 
    rule of thumb, for the Grand Slam, it is possible to win both races with
    cars found outside the ladder. 
    Both races require you to use speed, and the computer cheats at the start so
    the best time to win the mission is during the turns. When you turn, try to
    ram the other car out of the way. The best way is to speed up and don't slow
    down for the turn, and the excess speed is transferred to the other car, and
    that buffer the other car provides gives a sharp turn, to their dismay.
    Another trick would be the PIT. Basically, what you do is when you are gaining
    on the other car is to steer into their car at the base, basically, when you
    are at their rear wheels, turn your car into them to spin them out. 
    Practice is the key to winning, you need to know the tricks and turns of 
    each course, something that I cannot detail here in text. 
    [3.08] Transfender Invitational
    The Transfender Invitational is like the Grand Slam, you still need your own
    vehicle. The ladder is held right next to the Westminster Pay and Spray, and
    you have three races, the Algonquin Auto-Trial, Star Junction Circuit and the
    Middle Park Motivator.
    Now, the Comet outside is a poor choice, is has extremely bad handling around
    corners, which there is going to be a hell of a lot of. There is normally a
    Cognoiscenti two blocks north and one block east of the current location of
    the Ladder Board. Alternatively, there might be a Dukes there instead. There
    is a Banshee or Sabre GT one bloth north, then one block east of the Suffolk
    If you don't want to move that far, there are always plenty of fast cars in
    this area, so pick and choose the car you want.
    Again, the strategy is basically the same, you want to make your best moves
    in the turns, where you have the chance to spin the other racers out of 
    control, and therefore, out of the race. Of course, you can't play with guns
    because that is rather cheap, but hey, if you are in a powerful car like the
    Cognoiscenti, it isn't hard. Why? Because even though the other cars may have
    speed on you, your have weight, and that will send those cars flying.
    Again, practice makes perfect, and it is impossible to give you a feel for the
    turns with traffic and all that with a text diagram, so that is practice makes
    [3.09] Bohan Snake
    The Bohan Snake is a challange in a Hellensbech. Directions to any fixed 
    landmark is hard, so basically, enter the Industrial area via the Dukes Bay
    bridge. From there, head to the end of the road, and then turn left on the
    main road. On that main road, head West until the end of the road. At the
    T Junction, turn right, heading north. The second block on your right will 
    have a car in the alleyway, visible on the road, and that starts the 
    challange. Or, if you have found Hyun-Su the dealer in Industrial, it is 
    one block north and then one block west of his location.
    Again, I cannot help you much, except there is a lot of tight turning here
    and since this is an industrial area, you want to avoid all the trucks that
    are on the road, which will practically ruin your chances of success. To pass
    this mission, you need to finish the course of 39 points within 1 minute.
    Another pointer is when you head towards the dock are, where you need to go in
    a circle to grab the points. At this point hug the wall, and this will avoid
    the cranes.
    Other than that, there isn't much I can do, I'm not the type to upload 
    youtube videos because of possible legal problems and no one wants to see
    a random person playing a DS over the net. 
    [3.10] East Side Escapade
    This mission can be started in Lancaster. The position is on the north end of
    the block in Lancaster, found one block north of the Lancaster fuel station
    and north of the Lancaster police station. It is a Banshee that you are
    Again, this is like the Bohan Snake, basically, you drive in the markers and
    move along. The Banshee is a good car for this, it is fast and has excellent
    handling, though you do want to watch out for the crashing, because this 
    car will go flying. 
    Again, there isn't much in terms of help, you just do what you need to do,
    practice will make perfect, though you really want to be careful when you are
    driving through Middle Park since there are trees there. I nearly said Central
    Park, damn force of habit.
    [3.11] Fast Tracks
    A rather interesting mission, this is where you commandeer a tank. The 
    mission is started by the Rhino, which is found in Francis International 
    Airport. The best way to define it is that it is on the south side of the
    building which is directly north of the southern end of the southern runway.
    Or, the southern end of the building which is directly south of the main
    building of the airport. 
    This is an interesting mission, you need to drive through the markers, but
    you want to destroy all the red cars, avoiding the blue cars. Now, for every
    red car you destroy, you wipe 5 seconds off your time, but destroy a blue
    car, and that is an extra 10 seconds on your time. And the aim of the game is
    to finish as quickly as possible. 
    Basically, aim with your stylus, but make sure that you don't slow down, 
    because it is hard to move ahead with your hand pressing a button and 
    controlling a stylus. Just keep trying to get the hang of it, there isn't
    much I can help you except practice. 
    [3.12] HoboTron
    This is one of the best side missions that you can play, you basically kill
    zombies. This is found in the middle of Colony Island, in a graveyard, so you
    will need to find a blue marker, and step into it. The trouble is getting 
    into Colony Island. It is the island north of the Algonquin Bridge, so you
    either swim there or head there by boat. Take a pick.
    Now, basically, you will need to get through 6 levels, and for the first
    five levels, you get a new gun.
    Now, when you get a gun, you will get 60 rounds, 20 cartridges for the shotgun
    per use. When you run out of ammo, you will need to head to a new location for
    more ammo.
    Basically, there are green markers on your GPS that indicates ammo. When you
    are out of ammo, or out of body armour, head to the green blips for the goods.
    However, you want to avoid the red blips, they are hobos, and you need to
    kill them all. 
    Basically, Level 1 is Twin Pistols, Level 2 is Micro SMG, Level 3 is the 
    Single Barrel Shotgun, Level 4 is the Assault Rifle and Level 5 is the 
    Minigun. Also, you will have bombs. You get a bomb for each level, and three
    to start off. A bomb is a timed bomb, you set it, and it goes off after a 
    set period of time. 
    All you have to do in the mission is to kill all the enemies, and that will
    be it. However, it might be easy on the first few levels, because the enemies
    are not armed. However, this is the progression.
    Level 1 = Hobo using Fists
    Level 2 = Hobo Running with Fists and Above
    Level 3 = Hobo with Sword, and Above
    Level 4 = Hobo Running with Sword, and Above
    Level 5 = Hobo with Molotov, and Above
    Level 6 = All of the above
    Now, the first two levels are okay, basically, run around with an SMG and
    kill everyone, but when it gets to swords, you will want to keep your 
    distance, because that sword does a lot of damage. When it comes to Molotovs,
    you want to minigun them from a distance. 
    Don't worry about score, worry about staying alive. The best way to finish
    this mission is to run around and get all the enemies in a single big 
    group, and then let loose on all the weapons that you have. This is one of
    the more fun side missions. Avoid the guys with Molotovs, they will explode
    when they are killed.
    [3.13] Monument Mania
    Monument Mania is another checkpoint race, which is started by the Angel 
    bike in the northern end of Outlook Park, which is directly one block north
    east of your safehouse in Hove Beach. Basically, you have one minute to finish
    the race and collect all 39 checkpoints.
    Actually, given the speed of the bike and the fact that you are using a bike,
    this mission will be a lot easier than most of the other races. I managed to
    get a Gold in my first attempt, so basically, the aim here is to make sure 
    that the bike doesn't overshoot any turns.
    Again, I'll chant the mantra that practice makes perfect, however, just make
    sure that when you are on the road, keep ann eye out for any turns up ahead
    and while in the park itself, make sure that you keep an eye out for any
    trees or lampposts. The biggest problem that could occur is you falling off
    your bike, which wastes valuable time. 
    [3.14] Go-Kar-TT
    The Go Kart Time Trial is found in the most south western end of Firefly
    Island, and is near the go kart track which is directly south of your safe
    house in Firefly Island. 
    The Go Kart Time Trial consists of 4 time trials, and the aim of the game
    here is that you will need to complete all the time trials under the
    qualifying time in order to get the bronze medal that you will require.
    The first mission is the basics, but they progressively get harder as you
    would imagine. The biggest problem with the race is the speed of the go
    kart and the bad handling. Also, there are obstacles that are very well
    hidden if you do not have adequate lighting for your DS.
    When racing this track, I'd advise you to keep out of sunlight or turn up
    the power of your DS if near sunlight, because the guard rails will be very
    hard to see and the tire stacks are hard to see as well. The guard rails will
    block your movement, but the tire stacks are worse, they will uplift your
    bike, and then push it back, killing speed and wasting time.
    This is one of the more frustrating time trials, given the poor conditions
    that you race under, and practice is essential for this one. Especially on
    the last one, I had to have a fair amount of gos in order to finish. Just
    remember, the markers that you have to go past do not require you to go
    straight through the centre, you can take the sides as well. 
    [3.15] Dukes Dust Up TT
    This is another time trial found in Meadows Park, where it is in the Sultan
    car that is directly south of the tennis courts, on the northern end of the
    building in the park. It shouldn't be hard to find. 
    Now, like the other time trials, there are other courses as well, so you 
    will have to complete three races around the park in order to offically 
    complete the time trial. This isn't that hard, the first two will be more or
    less easy, but you need to remember the twists and turns and how to handle
    them since they are going to be useful in the third race. 
    The Sultan is a decent car to drive, it doesn't have too much speed, which
    is exceptionally useful since a Banshee or the like would make it extremely
    hard to move around, and handling is decent, which makes it a lot easier
    on you. 
    The most important parts are the ramps that are there. They may look like
    harmless pieces of wood, but when you drive over it, it sends the car flying
    and if you move in at a bad angle, you are more or less going to restart the
    mission. Also, when you are going around the pond, make sure that you stay 
    on the path, the lightposts will kill your speed so make sure that doesn't
    [3.16] Liberty City Gun Club
    The Liberty City Gun Club is run by Ammunation, and is where you can practice
    your skills for 5 weapons, the Pistol, SMG, Shotgun, Grenades and the Sniper
    The location of the Gun Club is in Francis International Airport. Now, put
    yourself at the aircraft terminal, that is, the building where people would
    board and depart. From there, it is south west. Or for lack of a better
    description, there will be a junction of 3 large roads (2 lanes in each
    direction) at Francis International Airport. There is a northern, western
    and southern road. Take the South path at the junction, and the first 
    building on your right will have yellow chevrons on it, and that will be 
    the gun club. There are maps online if you are still lost. 
    Basically, your aim is to complete the course as fast as you can, whilst 
    killing all the red targets, avoiding the blue ones. Basically, you want to
    get all of them gold, so Ammunation will give you a discount on all the 
    items that you purchase off them. 
    Basically, the aim of the game is to kill the red targets, which gives you
    500 points per kill. There are rare gold targets, which will disappear if
    you do not move fast, and they will give you a nice 2000 points, or 1000 if
    you are on the Sniper Course. However, do not kill the blue targets, they 
    will give a nice penalty of 1000 points.
    If you finish the course quickly, you get an extra 100 points for every 
    second you are before the time is up. However, after the time is up, no 
    matter the score, you are out of time.
    The best tip I can give for you is to complete the Vigilante missions first
    and get the double armour perk. This is extremely useful because you will
    have armour as your health, you cannot be using the green bar of health, so
    having the double armour gives you double the health that you effectively
    Other than that, it will be trial and error and a hell of a lot of practice
    that will win you the mission. Remember, 5 golds will get you a nice 
    ammunation discount. Though a five-fingered discount is obtained from just
    taking one of their vans.
    [3.17] Hi-Way Tire Tourney
    The last of the street races to the best of my knowledge, this is located on
    the block directly north west of the Amunation gun range. Now, this will be
    a set of three races, and they are exceptionally easy, they are the easiest
    of the street races.
    There are three races, the Schottler Sweep, the Broker Open and the Dukes
    Dynamo. Now, the car to use is the one that is outside the ladder board, the
    Banshee. This car makes the entire race a breeze, and unlike the previous
    two street races, the S&M Grand Slam and the Transfender Invitational, this
    is one where you can lead the other cars comfortably.
    The Banshee is best for this race, because of its availability, as well as
    its speed and turning. There aren't as many sharp turns, there are some 
    progressive turns, some small turns, but not as make sharp ones. However,
    there is more room to race, so you can easily block cars if you wish.
    The most dangerous part of this race would be the lampposts that you will
    be trying to avoid. Pedestrians aren't too much of a problem, just run them
    over if they aren't watching where they are walking. Other than that, there
    isn't much to do. Finish this to end off the street racing missions. 
    [3.18] Graveyard Groove
    This race is located in the most north western building in Steinway, near the
    graveyard. It is near the T intersection of Steinway in the North West, so 
    look there. Alternatively, look for the graveyard in the northwestern part of
    Steinway, and look for the Hearse from there.
    Basically, you need to collect all the checkpoints for this mission in order
    to complete it. You will need to collect 39 checkpoints, and you will need to
    do some fancy driving. 
    Basically, there are two tips that I can give. When you are on the baseball
    field, take the home base and move around the bases, and from third base,
    move and collect the checkpoint on the pitcher's base, and move on from 
    there. This is the most efficient process.
    The next tip is just after that part, at the point where there are two
    checkpoints on each side of the statue. You will need to do a donut here
    because it is much more efficient and saves more time overall that reversing
    around, which is prone to error. 
    The Hearse is pretty cool to drive, lets hope that there isn't anyone inside
    the hearse at the back, dead or alive. 
    [3.19] Beach Blitz
    Beach Blitz is another checkpoint type race, and this time, you are using a 
    Sabre GT, which is a decent car. You start this off at Beach Gate, and this
    is located in front of a house on the most south eastern street pointing
    east towards the sea. Basically, it looks like a F and it is on the bottom
    horizontal line. 
    Basically, you have 45 seconds to zoom around the beachside and collect all
    the checkpoints. Again, practice makes perfect, but the problem is that there
    are a lot of tight turns which makes it hard to actually drive in and the
    fact that these tight turns will cost you a fair amount of time. Even the
    great handling in the Sabre GT will not make up for the fact that you have
    to perform a quick 90 degree turn with percision and room for only one exact
    car spot.
    Also, there are some rocks that you will need to look out for, and if you
    drive too fast, you will miss some forks what will lead you into a fence and
    cost you even more time. This is not as easy and you will probably need to 
    have a few tries before you will get it right.
    [3.20] Loose Exchange
    This is an easier trial, you use a cavalcade for this mission. Now the truck
    has great handling, which makes this mission is relative breeze. This is 
    located in Castle Gardens. Basically, from the Broker Bridge heading west, 
    turn left and follow the road. It will move into a larger road, and it will
    take you to the most southern road in the game. From there, on your left, 
    there are dock buildings. The second one is the one you want, it is an empty
    lot. The Cavalcade is in there. Or, draw a straight line from your Lower
    Easton safehouse to the docks, and it will be on the left hand side of that
    You have a bit over a minute to collect the necessary checkpoints. This isn't
    that hard because although you do lack speed, the game compensates for that
    with the larger time limit, and the car has decent handling, which makes
    it relatively easy to use.
    The only problem with this mission is that you will be crossing lanes of 
    traffic and that means that you want to avoid cars because otherwise, you will
    be facing a fair amount of speed bumps along the way.
    [3.21] Wetscapade TT
    For me, this is the worst mission in the entire game, it is extremely 
    frustrating, and it sometimes only because second ahead of Patriot Park. 
    Basically, you will start this at the jetty that is directly south of the 
    Algonquin entrance to the Algonquin bridge. When you enter Lancet from
    the Algonquin bridge, turn left, and there are some jetties to your left. 
    You will be looking for a wet ski for this mission.
    This is bad because you will be under pressure from the time to complete 
    this mission, and the wet ski is extremely slow and has poor handling to boot,
    so you will be using the R button a fair amount of the time. You will have
    4 trials, so get used to it.
    Basically, you will drive around in the water, though you will need to look
    out for all the mines that are there. The mines are a problem because three
    will sink your wet ski. Sometimes, especially in Course 4, the mines are
    increasingly hard to avoid, so you might have to take one in order to make
    sure that you can finish.
    Ramps will slow you down, and your wet ski will be able to move on ground
    for a limited amount of time. Otherwise, this is one mission I cannot give
    to up help on, because there isn't much to give. Practice makes perfect.
    [3.22] Patriot Park TT
    The Patriot Park Time Trial is located in the northern part of Middle Park,
    on the southern side of the building. Now this mission is also quite hard
    and annoying because you will be driving a patriot, which is slow, and 
    there are going to be some extremely tight turns.
    There are four courses, and you will need to complete all four to succeed.
    There are some points that you need to know about the patriot in order to
    The Patriot will need a fair amount of speed to go up a hill or some stairs.
    When you drive up a flight of stairs, you need to have already a fair amount
    of speed. If you are in front of some stairs and drive up, the patriot will
    fail you completely.
    Also, on this mission, there are a large amount of lone trees that will stick
    out, rocks, benches, and other objects that your patriot cannot seemingly 
    run over with ease. These will deadlock your time and fail you, so you will
    need to do a few practice runs in order to get your timing correct.
    Another point is when you exit the park on certain occasions to continue
    with the course. You will need to align the patriot perfectly with the
    path below your car in order to exit the park. The exits are extremely small
    and they will only just fit your patriot, as well as alleyways, so if you are
    off by just a little, you will be smashing into a solid object and your are
    bound to fail the mission. 
    [3.23] Riding Shotgun
    There are five seperate riding shotgun challenges in this game, so you will
    need to look out for them. One is directly north of the parking garage, by
    the water, in Purgatory. The next one is four blocks directly south of your
    safehouse in the Meat Quarter. The third is one block east and then two blocks
    north of your safehouse in South Slopes, on the northern side of the block,
    the fourth is on the same block as the Willis Pay and Spray, it is in the
    middle of the massive block, and the final fifth one is in Industrial, and it
    is a block directly north west of the S&M Grand Slam ladder board. 
    Basically, you will be driving a Pickup truck, with a henchman in the back of
    the truck, with an assault rifle, and you will be killing enemy gangs. You
    aim is to score 1250 points within 90 seconds. The points work by one gang
    car destroyed being 25 points, a 100 points for a gang leader.
    Now, you really want to move fast and destroy 12 gang leaders quickly. You
    need a fair amount of luck, and some blocking skills to get the gang leaders
    without getting yourself in trouble. You also will have a SMG for yourself
    with 500 rounds as a supplementary weapon should you need it. 
    Basically, destroy as many gang cars en route to the leaders as possible,
    do not stop specifically for gang cars unless they are leaders. You have to
    take down 1 leader every 8.5 seconds in order to get the medal that you are
    looking for. And don't forget, you need to do this five times in order to
    complete this.
    [3.24] Boulevard Boogie TT
    This is the final time trial, and is a set of four courses on a Sanchez bike
    which is found in the south western corner of the park in Boulevard. This
    is the final time trial, I promise.
    This is a set of four races that you will need to complete on a Sanchez. They
    are not that hard, but the real problem is the fact that the Sanchez is a 
    relatively fast bike, which is a problem when turning, and it is very easily
    damaged, especially on the first mission, which will force it to suffer a 
    tell of a lot of damage. 
    Other than that, this is one of the lest frustrating time trials, though you 
    will need to keep an eye out for anything that can damage your bike as well
    as ramps that can force you into the sea. The sensative handling will be 
    useful in some areas and a major disadvantage for the vehicle in others. 
    [3.25] Midtown Mayhem
    This is the final lone challenge, and this one is started by the Sultan 
    which is located directly one block south of the fuel station that is located
    in the Meat Quarter area.
    Again, this is where you need to drive around the city and collecting the
    checkpoints. The biggest threat to this mission is the large amount of cars
    that are on the road that can cause you to suffer a large time loss. But
    other than that, there is nothing to it.
    [3.26] Rampages
    Rampages are found all over the city, and because of this, I suggest that
    you look for a map that will have the location of every single rampage 
    that there is in the game. A quick search on the GTAForums will net you a map
    by Pkpaa50, or you can head to GameFAQs and look on that map there and look
    for the rampages.
    Basically, a rampage is where you will need to kill as much as you can as 
    fast as you can to score as many points as possible. You will be armed with 
    a variety of weapons, the most common being a flamethrower, but you will
    get rifles and even unarmed challenges. 
    The points are scored by every enemy gang member killed or cars destroyed and
    by using the weapon that you are given. Sure, you can use a minigun for the
    mission, but it will net you less points if you are told to use a flamethrower
    for this mission. Also, the gun they provide has unlimited ammo, so it would
    be unwise to turn it down. 
    There are many rampages, totalling 30, though there are duplicate challenges
    that are available. 
    The trick to getting more points is to get a chain. A chain is where you 
    keep firing and killing and blowing up as much as you can without letting go
    of the fire button (A) or stopping to reload. So it would be most effective
    for weapons such as flamethrowers and miniguns. 
    You will also get bonuses for things like killing people via the explosion
    of cars, and killing multiple people from exploding cars. 
    There are two things that I suggest that you do before you start any of the
    rampages. First is to get the Flame Retard perk and the next is to get the
    Double Armour perk. Flame Retard is needed for mission where you play with
    flamethrowers and molotovs and the Double Armour perk is needed because when
    you start, you get armour automatically, and you can see why double armour
    would be handy. 
    Other than that, in rampages, just kill everything.
    [3.27] Unique Stunts
    Unique Stunts are back. You may be asking, what do they do in the first 
    place. Well, Unique Stunts in this game have you driving over a ramp and
    crashing throw an advertising billboard, damaging it. There are exactly 
    30 of them in the game. 
    You don't really need an extremely fast car for these, but it is best if you
    have cars like the Banshee and the Infernus for this type of mission because
    that would be giving you as much speed as possible and giving the highest 
    probability of success. 
    Again, I will not give out textual locations, not only would that be tedious
    and force me to drive around the city, but this is common on most maps. The
    reason for the textual description for time trials and races is because they
    aren't described properly on any map, but it is with Unique Stunts.
    Remember, there may be a lot of ramps all over the city, but for a Unique
    Stunt, it has to be through a billboard in order to count as one. Again, the
    map by Pkppa50 on the GTAForums is the best way to go because even though it
    may be in its early stages, it has all the unique stunts listed.
    [3.28] Security Cameras
    The final of my side missions, since there are other side missions that get
    their own category, this is where you need to destroy 100 security cameras
    that are located all over the city, akin to the hidden statues, packages and
    whatnot over all the games. 
    You will be taught about them in Tricks of the Triad but you will only be 
    able to destroy them in Natural Burn Killer where you have access to 
    projectiles. You will need to toss a molotov or a grenade at the camera in
    order to destroy them.
    Now, again, I will not give you a position of all the cameras, it will be
    counterproductive and a map, such as the one by Pkpaa50 will be extremely
    useful in helping you find it. A textual description is nigh impossible for
    all 100 cameras.
    However, what does destroying all these cameras do? Well, it counts to the
    100% completion and more importantly, it has two side effects. It will 
    decrease the probability of being detected and receiving a wanted level 
    when you commit a crime without a police officer nearby as well as 
    decreasing the odds of a bust happening when you score a major drug deal.
    Other than that, that is all the cameras do. 
    [3.29] Guardian Lions
    When you complete the main story, there will be a use for the random swirly
    dots that you will see. These are where the Guardian Lions Statues of Fu are
    located. There are 20 possible locations, yet there is only 2 found, so you
    will need to scourge through all 20 for the location of all of them. 
    These will give you access to extra mission from the Rockstar Social Club,
    and they do not contribute to the 100%, though the location and finding the
    two hidden statues do. Use Pkpaa50's map to find the location of all the blue
    swirling dots and happy hunting for the statues.
    I will not be completing any of the secret missions, mainly because the DS
    connectivity to the Rockstar Social Club is slower and worse than a flaming
    pile of dog crap, connection is shaky at best, limited locations for WiFi 
    access, and most importantly, I normally play this not near a power source, 
    and anyone who has played the DS over WiFi or DS to DS gaming knows that this
    drinks the battery like no tomorrow. 
    [4.01] Wanted Levels
    As per usual, this GTA game has 6 levels of how wanted you are by the police
    and in some cases, the army. There are 6 wanted levels, and each level is 
    represented by the stars and cars. For each level, there is a star and a car,
    so for Level 1, there is a single star and car, Level 6 has six stars and 
    You need to understand that there is a system to hell if you are in visible
    range of a police officer or not. On your GPS, if it is flashing red that 
    means that you are spotted by a cop and you need to hide. Completely blue
    means that the cops have no idea where the hell you are, so you're fine. 
    Now, there are several ways to get rid of your wanted level. The easiest is
    to hide in a safehouse, save, and walk out again. Thats the simple way. The
    hard was is to remove all the wanted levels manually by taking out the cars.
    Each level has a number of cars associated with it. By knocking out that 
    specific number of cars, it will drop your wanted level by 1. For example,
    say you knock out all 5 cars on level 5, it will drop to level 4. 
    That means, on level 6, you will need to knock out 21 cars to have your 
    wanted level on suspension. And so forth. To knock a car out, you need to
    either ram the police car with enough force to disable it, that will give off
    a red X from it and it will be disabled. The cop inside isn't however. The
    other method is to ram the cop car or have it ram into a nice solid object
    at high speeds. This is easier than knocking it out yourself. The third way,
    well it is unreliable, is to have a cop car disabled via a vehicle explosion.
    That is, when the vehicle has exploded the explosion could knock it out.
    If you are in a suitable car and you are lucky, you can pay and spray your
    car for a small fee, but that is asking you to actually reach a pay and spray
    and they aren't that scattered. Good luck surviving the many bullets and 
    Rhino tanks en route. Note that cars like patrol cars and ambulances will
    not be accepted. 
    After you have entered suspension, that is, when there are silver stars 
    instead of the regular gold stars, that means that the cops have stopped 
    looking for you, however, they are on the lookout for any suspect activity
    and if you commit a crime like murder or carjacking, it will alert the police
    and all wanted levels return. The number of silver stars will correspond to
    the wanted level. Wait till the suspension is gone before killing again. 
    Now, about the wanted levels themselves. There are 6 levels, and I'll explain
    what goes on in all of them.
    Level 1 - You've probably let loose a few bullets randomly and annoyed the
              cops somewhat. They will attempt to arrest you and they will run at
              you with a nightstick. This is easy to avoid.
    Level 2 - Now you have the cop's attention, and they will bring in more 
              support and they will run at you with a nightstick still, but they
              shoot at you from now on with the pistol. They only take a few 
              shots before they reload for some reason.
    Level 3 - Now you have their attention, they decide to send in the helicopter
              to attack you. The heli will shoot at you, but they aren't too hard
              to take down, using your SMGs and Assault Rifles. You can even 
              throw molotovs at it for a instant kill. Also, NOOSE officers will
              attack you if they see you.
    Level 4 - The NOOSE, same as a SWAT team, will be actively hunting you, coming
              after you in their vans as well. The helicopter will also drop ropes
              allow NOOSE members to drop down. All NOOSE members will attack you
              with their sub-machine guns. Now you need to be worried.
    Level 5 - This is now a federal problem, so the FIB comes in. They will send 
              in field agents, armed with pistols, in their nice FIB Ranchers, 
              which are probably the best of the normal police cars. They are 
              extremely strong and mobile. More and more cops will get involved in
              the hunt for you.
    Level 6 - This is now a matter of national security, the army is sending in
              their tanks to hunt you down. Their Rhinos are locked, you cannot
              hijack them and they take heavy weapons such as RPGs to take them
              out. There is no escape. There are only two options, you can either
              escape or you will end up dead. 
    Now, you might want to avoid the police, but even the single tap on the nearby
    patrol car will get you in trouble. Cops are useful for one thing, ammo. They
    will give you plenty of pistol and SMG ammo, more pistol ammo than anything 
    else. Arm yourself with a sword, and get some ammo.
    If you want to go on a killing spree and cops are your target, you will need
    at least two weapons and body armour. The assault rifle will be needed to 
    take down the helicopter and the shotgun is useful when they are exiting their
    car. You will have no chance against tanks unless you have the RPG. Note 
    that this doesn't apply to real life. In real life, several things can happen
    that won't happen in his. People will get head shots, and snipers will kill
    you. And in the game, police are stupid, just exiting the car to shoot when
    they have the cover of their car. 
    [4.02] Taxis
    Taxis are a nice touch in this game. Somethings, you simply cannot be bothered
    to drive to a location, and you need to get there, so what do you do? You
    hail a cab of course. 
    After finishing the appropriate mission, you will get the ability to hail a
    cab. Now, to hail a cab, you fight need to find a cab that isn't occupied
    so it will be one with a light on the top.
    Now, to hail a cab, blow into your DS's microphone. That will force Huang
    to whistle, and that effectively hails a cab. Now, where you want to go is
    you using the GPS to outline your destination, either though stabbing the map
    with your stylus or just the quicklinks. 
    After that, you can either watch or skip the animation to the destination, you
    pay the fare, and live goes on. This needed its little section just so people
    could understand. 
    [4.03] Hotwiring
    There is a new system to steal cars, and that is to hotwire the car. That 
    means you break into a car, don't have the keys, so you activate by hotwiring
    it. Failure to do this within the time period will lead to the alarm being
    activated, and that will automatically give a lone star wanted level. 
    There are three types of hotwiring games, and this depends on the type of 
    car that you get. Slow and old cars get a screwdriver hotwiring game, the
    average cars get the actual hotwiring game, and the best cars get the
    PDA minigame. 
    The Screwdriver hotwiring minigame is for the worst of the cars, mainly the
    crappy old bombs and trucks. This game is done by sticking a screwdriver into
    the keyhole, twisting it anticlockwise, then clockwise, and finally, 
    anticlockwise again. That should hotwire the car. 
    For most cars that you will steal, the main game is the actual hotwiring 
    minigame. You need to unscrew the four screws that protect the actual wires,
    so spin them anticlockwise and undo all of the screws. Now, move the wires
    together, and then twist the wires together and that will hotwire the car.
    The final one is for the best of the cars, and this requires you to hook
    up your PDA to the car's onboard computer system. You need to input the
    four digit code that appears on the PDA into the car's security system. If
    you get a single key wrong, you will have to restart the whole thing over
    again. However, don't panic, when you have the number that you need to 
    input is on the computer screen, there will be a delay to make sure you have
    a chance to input it. 
    [4.04] Safehouse Awards
    There are awards that you can win in the game and have them on display in
    your safehouse. There are only 8 of them, and most of them relate on a 
    drug deal.
    Diamond Pillbox          - Sell Hallucinogenics
    Golden Binoculars        - Find 40 Drug Dealers
    Jewelled Bong            - Sell Depressants
    Jewelled Key to the City - Own all 21 Safehouses
    Platinum Syringe         - Purchase Heroin
    Silver Safe              - Make a profit of $2,000
    Titanium Briefcase       - Find all 80 drug dealers
    Wooden Spoon             - Lose $500 in drug deals
    [4.05] Food
    Food is relatively important in the city, since you need it to recover health
    In dumpsters, you may find mouldy burgers and hot dogs, I suggest that you
    do not eat these, these items will be detrimental to your character's health
    so doing so will decrease your health. In the green dumpsters, which contain
    such mouldy good and other objects, such as sex toys and condoms, you will
    find, on some ocacsions, proper burgers and hot dogs that are safe for 
    You may obtain food in the form of hot dogs and nuts from vendors on the 
    street. Hot dogs sell for $5 and bags of nuts sells for $3. However, the bag
    of nuts will not recover as much health as the hot dogs and the hot dogs are
    far more common around the city than bags of nuts. Note that if you crash into
    the van, they will explode. 
    The last set of food found is from scratchcards, there are fries and burgers.
    More details in the appropriate section, but fries will recover half of your
    maximum health, burgers will completely heal your health, though the problem
    is winning the scratchcard in the first place. 
    [4.06] Safehouses
    There are 21 safehouses in the game, there are many that can be purchased,
    some will be obtained through the missions, and others through random 
    encounters with pedestrians and one will be obtained via the scratchcards.
    Basically, there are two things that you want to look out for when you are 
    getting a safehouse, the garage and whether it is secluded or not. A garage,
    as you may imagine, means that you get a garage that can hold one car. It
    can hold most cars, but cannot hold vehicles such as tanks because they are
    too big.
    Seclusion will be needed for theft of drug vans and ammunation trucks. 
    Seclusion is where you can take those vehicles and open them up for the 
    goodies that they contain, in the case of the drug vans, you get free drugs
    and in the case of the ammunation trucks, free weapons. 
    Other than that, the safehouse is rather useless. The couch is where you 
    restore all your health and save the game, advancing six hours while you do
    so. The Laptop allows you to connect to the Nintendo WiFi Service and the
    whiteboard allows you to replay past missions. There is also a red box
    that allows you to store drugs that will be safe from the cops when they
    bust you.
    And that is all there is to safehouses. 
    [4.07] Drug Dealing
    Drug dealing, whether you agree with it or not, is the most important 
    aspect in this game. It is the best way to make money, and without it, it 
    would take a long time playing taxi driver or delivering noodles to get that
    much money that Drug Dealing brings in. 
    Basically, the premise is rather simple, there are 6 drugs, Weed, Downers, 
    Ecstasy, Acid, Cocaine and Heroin. There are three groups of drugs, 
    depressants (Weed and Downers), Hallucinogens (Ecstasy and Acid) and the 
    Powders group (Cocaine and Heroin). 
    Basically, the three groups define how much make from it. Depressants sell
    for a very low price, at most $20, while the Hallucinogens will head to the
    $200 most of the time, and the Powders are the money makers, they will sell
    for the thousands if need be. 
    Basically, there are 80 drug dealers in the city, and you need to find them
    all to get the best deal. For pricing, you will need to see whose turf that
    they are in. The turf that they are in depends on what they sell cheaply
    and what they purchase at a high price. This is the basis of business, you
    purchase cheaply and sell at a high price for a profit. The turf map should
    be where you concentrate your initial efforts.
    However, there is the chance of tip offs. You can only have 3 tip offs at a
    time, and they consist of sell and buy tip offs. A sell tip off is where 
    a dealer will be selling a certain product at a VERY LOW price, and the 
    price is so low that it would be crazy not to buy. They are trying to offload
    some hot goods, so be careful of busts. However, when you purchase all of 
    the certain drug that the dealer is offering at low prices, the supply dries
    up and the tip off is gone.
    A Buy Tip Off is where you basically get to sell as many products that the
    dealer wants before the time expires. This is where the dealer will be 
    purchasing the product they want at a VERY HIGH price. So you would want to
    purchase all cheap stock of that product from tip offs and cheaper dealers
    and sell it at a high price for the profit.
    So basically, the best way to make money is to purchase all the drugs that
    you can from the selling tip offs, and then stash it in your safehouse
    until you get a buying tip off and then sell it at a high price. This is 
    what you should be aiming for.
    And that is about it to drug dealing, there isn't much else that you will
    need to know, except that you don't want to get busted, that will lose all
    your drugs as well as your weapons, and that is the last thing you want if 
    you have hundreds of RPGs on you. 
    [4.08] Random Encounters
    There are random pedestrians in the city, and they do what is similar in
    GTA IV, basically, you need to help them out and you get a reward. Basically,
    there aren't many of them, but they are a source of money early on and one
    of the missions give you a safehouse, which isn't bad at all. 
    For the locations, with the upload of the new map on GameFAQs, the World Map,
    it gives the location of all the random encounters that you will have in the
    game, so just use that map with this map and that will help you out. Again, it
    is far better than trying to describe locations on a text block. 
    Reward = $10
    Alonso is a crazy man, he just wants to see the bus depot, so just get a car
    and drive him to a bus depot that is marked on your GPS map. Basically, drive
    him there and watch him bash buses.
    Basically, you can only met Cherie at night, and as a night worker, as in a
    prostitute, she thinks that you are coming onto her, and when you back off,
    she also gets offended, so she calls more night workers, all armed, and you
    need to hold them off. Either run or fight back, but with a shotgun, that'll
    teach them to be complete asshats.
    Reward = $20
    Basically, this hot dog vendor is suspicious of his wife acting up, so he
    wants to bug her car to see what is going down. Basically, head to where the
    car is parked and then bug the car, and you get $20 for it. This can only
    be completed during the day. 
    --==Giorgio, Again==--
    Reward = $20
    This time, he is suspicious enough that he wants you to drive him to where
    his wife is meant to be and he wants to catch her screwing another guy. What
    happens there is rather interesting, but hey, what can you do? Again, this can
    only be completed during the daytime.
    Reward = $75
    Basically, this limo driver wants you to drive a limo from the club to a 
    party in Hove Beach, and basically, you are the chaffeur of the mission. Make
    sure that you don't leave the guy behind, less you want to fail the mission.
    Reward = $200
    Mercy wants to go on a speed date with you, and by speed date, it isn't what 
    do you do for 5 minutes, you need to drive like crazy, doing insane stunts and
    creating a lot of near misses to get her excitement bar up. Basically, just
    drive close to the line with traffic driving in the opposite direction, or 
    drive like crazy on roads with a lot of traffic, and once she is happy with 
    her cheap thrills, drop her off at the hospital.
    --==Mercy, Again==--
    Basically, she wants you to drive her to her lawyer's office, and this isn't
    a hard mission, but just get there quickly to finish off this mission.
    Reward = $50
    This can only be done at night so keep this in mind. Basically, you need to
    escort her home from her current location, and drive her to her home which
    isn't all that far away. Simple mission.
    --==Selma, Again==--
    Basically, she tries to hit on you and this time, she is demanding, so your
    only choice is to escape. I hope you have infinite sprint because you will
    need it to make your escape.
    Reward = $100
    This guy is crazy, he demands you to hijack on of the Ammunation vans that
    are driving around the city, and with that, you need to drive to the van,
    force out the driver and kill him before he kills you, and then deliver
    the van.
    --==Tommy, Again==--
    This time, he has a stolen van and what he decides to do will basically 
    give you a wanted level that you need to get off before you can complete the 
    Reward = $250
    During the day, Wilhelm is looking to purchase a house cheap, and he wants
    you to drive him to City Hall where the foreclosure auctions are. With a 
    time limit and a large distance to cover, you really need to drive fast and
    don't crash like an idiot.
    --==Wilhelm, Again==--
    Reward = $500
    Again, this is during the day, Wilhelm wants you to drive him to another
    auction after the has just gone to one. Again, drive fast and safely to
    complete the mission.
    --==Wilhelm, Reloaded==--
    This time, it is a relatively short missions, but this is one of the best
    rewards that you can get, you get the keys to a new safehouse in Meadow 
    [4.09] Scratchcards
    There are many different scratchcards in the game, and all are bought at your
    local store. They are found practically everywhere, and they are found on the
    sidewalk with blue arrows pointing in, and there is no real big program such
    as a street race or such going in.
    The scratchcards operate on a simple premise, you have to scratch three of
    the same icon to win. The bigger the prize, the more unlikely you are to
    Basically, there are three things you will be playing for. The cheap
    Burger Shot based scratchcards will be giving food if you win, and if you get
    the lucky three for the rarest icon, you get a prize of about $50. The next
    item you are playing for are the Ammunation scratchcards, where you will
    be winning weapons and ammo, some will be body armour and projectiles.
    The most expensive scratchcard, considering Burger Shots are $4, Ammunation
    are $10, are the lottery and prize ones, with a prize tag of $15. They are
    generally giving away cash, but there is one that will give away a house.
    This is important because the Star Junction House can only be obtained via
    this method, and no other method. Note that once the house has been won, you
    cannot win another house, it will be impossible to get three houses again.
    There is another cash based jackpot that rewards $1000 if you win.
    My general note is that you should aim for the ones with the house (they are
    green in colour and cost $15), and once you win it, that should be the end
    of your encounters with it. There are much faster and better ways to make 
    cash, and this isn't one of them.
    [4.10] Gangs
    There are several gangs in Liberty City, however, their influence is 
    rather minnow, they do nothing in the game except contain drug dealers 
    within their territory and shoot at you if you attack one of their own. 
    All gangs are represented via men with a uniform of their gang colour, a 
    car symbolic with that gang, and are all armed with SMGs. 
    There are 9 gangs in Liberty City this time around, and three gangs have two
    piece of turf that they control, the other six gangs all control a small
    circle on the map.
    The African Americans control two areas, they control North Holland and the
    Firefly Projects. Their colour is a deep shade of blue, and they drive around
    in a White Voodoo. They give the best purchase price for Acid and they are
    a cheap source of Downers.
    The Russian Mafia controls one area, Hove Beach, and their gang colour is a 
    very intense shade of yellow. They all drive around in Cavalcade FXTs with 
    an orange colour, and give good prices for Coke, whilst selling Ecstasy at
    a cheap price.
    The Angels of Death are a bikie gang, and they control the area around
    Willis. They are all mounted on their Angel motorbikes with a colour of red
    as their gang colour. They sell Coke at a cheap price whilst purchasing 
    Ecstasy at a high price.
    The Irish American Killers, with the luck of the Irish, have a green colour
    and they control Steinway. Involved in construction, they drive around in 
    green Bobcats. They purchase Ecstasy at a good price and they sell acid for a
    relatively cheap price.
    The Mob controls Little Italy, as you would expect. They are with a black 
    colour and they have two cars, a Cognoscenti, black with a sun roof on the
    top and a black Turismo with larger than normal windows. They are the cheap
    suppliers of Ecstasy and they purchase Coke at relatively good prices.
    The Midtown Gangsters are the ones that control the Little Bay area, and
    they have a nice colour of light blue. These are the Koreans, and they 
    drive around in blue Chavos with a black top. These guys sell Heroin at a 
    low price and they purchase Acid at a high price.
    The Spanish Lords are another group controlling two areas, they control
    East Holland and South Bohan, and they all drive around in the pink 
    Dukes with a visible engine. They have the gang colour of beige, or a cream
    colour if you like. They sell Coke at a decent price and they purchase 
    Ecstasy at a high price.
    The Jamacians control the Schottler area, and they drive around in green
    Mananas with a yellow top and they sport a light yellow colour as their gang
    colour. They sell weed at a low price, and they purchase downers at a high
    The Triads, the gang that you are a part of, control the Cerveza Heights
    and the Chinatown areas. They have a purple/pink colour and they drive 
    around in purple/pink Hellenbachs with white racing stripes. They sell 
    Downers at very cheap prices and they purchase Heroin at relatively high
    There is one more gang that isn't listed here though they appear in 
    rampages. They drive around in black Comets, and they are known only that
    they are Chan's men, which is technically a part of the Triads. They do not
    show up in the Turf Map.
    [5.01] Pistols
    There are three sets of pistols. There is the normal pistol, twin pistols or
    the revolver. All ammo for pistols are compatable with each other, therefore,
    the rounds for the revolvera are the same for the pistol.
    The Normal Pistol carries 17 shots. It is the weakest of the pistols, but it
    does have decent accuracy and does decent damage, which other guns seem to
    lack. They are cheap, and they are the most common weapon in the game, they
    are carried by cops all over the city when they shoot at you. They are the
    most common firearms.
    The Twin Pistols is a bit rarer to find. It is basically you wielding two
    normal pistols, bring the magazine up to 34. What this lacks in damage it
    will make up for in accuracy and speed. This is not as easy to find, the most
    common are from enemy gang members, rivals and on missions. Or you can 
    purchase it from Ammunation. 
    The Revolver is the most powerful of the pistols, and one that I like to use
    in the game. It will kill people with 2 shots at most, one shot if you do it
    in relatively close range. It will destroy a vehicle with several shots, and
    5 rounds is more than enough to get the ammunation driver out of the van. 
    This however, suffers from a slower rate of firing, and it has a smaller 
    magazine, you can only let loose 6 shots before a reload, like a normal 
    revolver. Its power, however, is not matched by the Twin Pistols and the 
    normal Pistol. 
    My Choice
    The Revolver. Although it is slower, it has great stopping power, which is
    needed because your will often run out of ammo quickly for your assault
    rifles and SMGs. It is a long ranged weapon, and does the job.
    [5.02] Sub-Machine Guns
    There are two types of SMGs. There is the Micro-SMG, based on the Uzi, and
    there is the normal SMG, which is based of the MP5. Again, ammo is compatable
    for the SMGs.
    The Micro-SMG is a faster firing, 50 round magazine SMG. It does the job 
    well, it can do decent damage, but it does not have a lot of stopping power
    when it comes to vehicles. The problem is that this gun leaks bullets. It
    is very inefficient in killing its targets, and stopping power is a problem.
    This is a reason it is good in the beginning, but later on, when you need to
    take down vehicles, this isn't a good choice. 
    The second SMG is the SMG. It is based off the MP5, and this is a far 
    superior SMG. This is because it has the stopping power that you want in a
    gun that you will be using to perform drive bys. This is where it comes in.
    The full magazine of 30 rounds is enough to make the occupiant bail from
    their car, if not destroy it. However, the problem is the magazine size, 30
    bullets just sometimes isn't enough.
    My Choice
    The SMG is my choice. This is because you need firepower when you are going
    to preform drive bys. Drive bys are quite important in this game. You really
    have no sense of cover, so you need to get some cover, and that means 
    [5.03] Shotguns
    Shotguns are again ammo compatable, and there are three versions, the normal
    Shotgun, the Stubby Shotgun and the Double Barrelled Shotgun. 
    The Shotgun is one of the more powerful weapons in the game, at close range,
    because at a distance, and this applies to all shotguns, at a long range,
    shotguns are utterly useless. Anyway, this can only fire a single cartridge
    before you need to reload, but it has tremendous stopping power. Its a good
    weapon at close range, so you want any shotgun. 
    The Stubby Shotgun is a double barrelled shotgun, it can carry two cartridges
    instead of the normal one, but because if its design, it is not as accurate
    as you would like. You need to be real close to do some utter carnage, but 
    for a medium distance, it is utterly useless. This is replaced by the best
    of the shotguns. These are normally found from ammunation drivers. 
    The Double Barrelled Shotgun is the best shotgun in the game. It has two
    cartridges, and a much more accurate barrel, which means it is deadly
    at close range, and in medium range, and slowly loses its accurate at 
    long range. Armed with incredible stopping power, this is one you need to
    keep at all times, just in case you want some vehicles destroyed.
    My Choice
    The Double Barrelled Shotgun. The reason being its stopping power and its
    improved accuracy over the other shotguns. You need shotguns to be 
    dangerous, and this definitely is.
    [5.04] Assault Rifles
    There are two different assault rifles, there is the normal assault rifle, 
    based off the AK-47, and the carbine, based off the M4A1. Again, ammo is
    The Assault Rifle has 30 rounds in its magazine, and it is incredible. It is
    a slow firing weapon, but it can take down units at extremely long range,
    which is nice. The real problem is the slow rate of firing. If there is a 
    helicopter, you want the enemy down fast, you don't want a small delay, and
    the bad thing is, its damage is comparable to the carbine. That is a problem
    but the Assault Rifle is quite powerful.
    The Carbine is a faster firing rifle, armed with 50 rounds in the magazine.
    It does the same amount of damage as the assault rifle, though it is slightly
    faster in terms of firing. The only problem is going to be the rate it will
    leak bullets. You only need so many bullets, and the extreme rate of fire 
    basically wastes ammo, and ammo isn't cheap. Assault Rifles are rarely used,
    they are found only in missions, dumpsters, and by the army. 
    My Choice
    It is a 50/50. The assault rifle is a slower gun, but lacks the quick 
    firepower of the carbine. However the carbine leaks bullets and assault
    rifles aren't cheap. Your choice.
    [5.05] Heavy Weapons
    There are three heavy weapons, a flamethrower, an RPG and a minigun. They are
    not ammo compatable, so they will have seperate ammo.
    The Flamethrower is a powerful weapon. Carrying a max of 3000 ammo, it drinks
    ammo rather quickly. However, it has the ability to set people on fire, which
    is more or less a death sentence, and the ability to torch cars. It can set
    a car on fire and set to explode with very little ammo. The danger is car
    explosions and the flames, so you need to flame retard perk for this to be 
    very effective. The best thing is that ammo is cheap, arson missions for
    vigilante will alway net flamethrower ammo. However, range is a massive
    problem, you need to within close range of the target to set them on fire.
    RPGs are exceptionally powerful, it has the ability to target everything, 
    including helicopters, something that the flamethrower lacks. The problem
    is that the RPG is a single shot weapon, before reload, and it expensive and
    ammo is rare. The best place to find ammo would be from Ammunation trucks. 
    However, it is still rare, and it is debatable whether the rarity of the 
    ammo is worth the incredible stopping power.
    The Minigun is the final of the heavy weapons. It is the most expensive
    to purchase, and the worst of the heavy weapons. Although it can target
    everything, it drinks bullets like crazy, in a few seconds, you can have
    easily wasted about $10,000 in ammo. Even worse is the fact that ammo is
    exceptionally rare, you only get the minigun in one mission and the rest
    you need to purchase. However, the stopping power is exceptional, a few
    bullets will destroy everything bar a tank. 
    My Choice
    It is a toss up between the RPG and the Flamethrower. The Flamethrower
    not for its stopping power, but it lacks range, and the ability to target
    helicopters. However, the flamethrower has cheap and free ammo. The RPG
    however, has more expensive ammo, but can target everything. It will be
    able to dish out massive damage. So again, a 50/50 situation. 
    [5.06] Projectiles
    There are four projectile weapons, and one of which is freely available.
    The Flashbang is a cheap weapon you purchase off Ammunation. This weapon is
    designed to be thrown, and it will stun all people in the area for a short
    period of time. This will force them to disengage from combat and wait until
    the flash wears off, giving you time to escape. However, this lacks any
    damage whatsoever, so that could be a problem. 
    The Molotov Cocktail, which can be purchased off Ammunation, is more cost
    effective it you build them yourself if you go and fill them yourself at a 
    gas station. These are effective, they can hit helicopters if you have good
    aim, and they deal good damage to vehicles and humans alike. It also has the
    power to burn people, which is handy if you have a bunch of stupid cops 
    running through trying to beat you up with their nightsticks. Just let them
    run through some fire.
    The Grenade is the explosive variant of the Molotov. However, it lacks any
    flame damage, though it is more effective against vehicles and human targets.
    This however, fails to damage most vehicles with a single grenade, and that
    makes it very uneconomical to use in normal combat, it is better to throw
    molotovs, or use this next weapon.
    The Proximity mine is purchased off ammunation only, and it is fun weapon
    to play with. This is what you need to use when someone or something is
    chasing you on the ground, place one of these and it will explode when a
    target, including yourself, comes close. You can also target these as well.
    It is good for escaping, and when you want to make sure that the enemy
    doesn't sneak up on you.
    My Choice
    Molotovs or Proximity Mines. They both have good stopping power, the 
    Mines are more practical in getting rid of people chasing you, which 
    when you are in a car chase, is extremely useful. However, the molotov
    has decent stopping power as well as having the benefit of being cheaply
    created at the gas station. Your choice again. 
    [5.07] Melee
    There are many melee weapons, not as many as in the normal console and PC
    versions, but then again, you can only use so many.
    Fists. You will always have these, and these are somewhat useful early on
    when you beat up pedestrians for their money, or enemy gang members for their
    weapons and more ammo. Three taps on the fists will give off a roundhouse 
    kick if you do this quickly enough.
    Baseball Bats are more common as a melee weapon, and they do decent damage
    to both humans and enemy vehicles. They are common enough that you can find
    them all over the city, but they aren't carried normally by enemy gang 
    members or cops. But does that matter, after all, you don't need ammo for
    this thing.
    Nightsticks are the melee weapons that the police are using. They will attack
    and pummel you with these. These are basically more common, since police will
    use them on level 1, and these are more common. Nowever, these aren't the
    best in terms of melee weapons, you need something with more grunt to it, 
    something like this.
    The Chainsaw, most often found on construction sites, are decent melee weapons
    and they deal decent damage to vehicles as well. These aren't exactly one
    hit kill weapons, but who doesn't want to run around a city going around
    killing people like it was common practice. However, the chainsaw does give
    room for the victims to escape, which the next item doesn't.
    The Sword is the best melee weapon in the game. It is only found in a single
    mission, and in the red triad dumpster two blocks south of your Lower Easton
    hideout, in the middle of the alleyway. This is a one hit kill weapon, and
    although it doesn't deal any damage to vehicles on a practical scale, it 
    kills people in a single shot. Which is rather handy if you don't want them
    to fight back. This is as dangerous to humans in close range as a shotgun, 
    and that is saying something.
    The final melee weapon, though it should not be in melee, is the Teaser that
    you can purchase off Ammunation. It is basically a stun gun, more like the
    Tazer, and it zaps people. It pushes them onto the floor, stunning them, and
    you can pummel them in this time. Interestingly enough, cops will not come
    after you if you zap them with this, and when you eventually kill them 
    either. This will kill people, after about 7 shots at them. However, you need
    the gun to be at 100 on the ammo slot because it needs to recharge. It has
    some range to it as well, but not a lot. 
    My Choice
    The Sword. Huang is Chinese, and the sword suits him, given that he lost
    the sword in the first place and started this entire mess. Melee weapons 
    need to be deadly in melee combat, and you don't need to hit vehicles with
    it, that is what guns are for. So the sword is a keeper. 
    [A.01] 100% Completion List
    Now, for the 100% Completion List. This will be a printable copy, so you can
    print this off it you like, and will be telling you what is required in order
    to get the coveted 100% Completion List. I'll save you the troubles of the
    percentages, just complete all of them and you will get the 100% completion
    that you want. 
    Storyline Missions
     [ ] Yu Jian
     [ ] Pursuit Farce
     [ ] Under the Gun
     [ ] Payback
     [ ] The Wheelman
     [ ] Tricks of the Triad
     [ ] Natural Burn Killer
     [ ] Recruitment Drive
     [ ] Pimp His Ride
     [ ] Whack the Racers
     [ ] Jackin' Chan
     [ ] Stealing the Show
     [ ] Flatliner
     [ ] Bomb Disposal
     [ ] Carpe "Dime"
     [ ] Store Wars
     [ ] Raw Deal
     [ ] Driven to Destruction
     [ ] The Tow Job
     [ ] Tail Blazer
     [ ] The Tail Bagging the Dogs
     [ ] Copter Carnage
     [ ] Kenny Strikes Back
     [ ] Weapons of Mass Distraction
     [ ] Street of Rage
     [ ] Missed the Boat?
     [ ] Cash & Burn
     [ ] Dragon Haul Z
     [ ] Sa-Boat-Age
     [ ] The Offshore Offload
     [ ] One Shot, One Kill
     [ ] The Fandom Menace
     [ ] The Counterfeit Gangster
     [ ] Slaying with Fire
     [ ] Operation Northwood
     [ ] Torpedo Run
     [ ] So Near, Yet Sonar
     [ ] By Myraids of Swords
     [ ] A Shadow of Doubt?
     [ ] Friend or Foe?
     [ ] Grave Situation
     [ ] Double Trouble
     [ ] Faster Pusher Man! Sell! Sell!
     [ ] Scrambled
     [ ] Steal the Wheels
     [ ] Arms Out of Harm's Way
     [ ] The Wages of Hsin
     [ ] Convoy Conflict
     [ ] The World's A Stooge
     [ ] Evidence Dash
     [ ] Oversights
     [ ] A Rude Awakening
     [ ] See No Evil
     [ ] Wi-Find
     [ ] Rat Race
     [ ] Clear the Pier
     [ ] Hit from the Tong
     [ ] Salt in the Wound
    Random Pedestrians
     [ ] Wilhelm
     [ ] Wilhelm, Round 2
     [ ] Wilhelm, Round 3
     [ ] Guy
     [ ] Cherie
     [ ] Alonso
     [ ] Selma
     [ ] Selma, Round 2
     [ ] Giorgio 
     [ ] Giorgio, Round 2
     [ ] Tommy 
     [ ] Tommy, Round 2
     [ ] Marcy
     [ ] Marcy, Round 2 
    Odd Jobs
     [ ] Vigilante, 5 Waves, 100% Kill Rate
     [ ] Paramedic, 5 Waves, 100% Kill Rate
     [ ] Firefighter, Gold Medal
     [ ] Taxi Driver, 15 Fares in a Row
     [ ] HoboTron
     [ ] Fast Tracks
     [ ] Most Tattoos in a Row
     [ ] Noodle Run, Algonquin
     [ ] Noodle Run, Dukes
     [ ] Excess Delivery, Alpha Mail
     [ ] Excess Delivery, Liberty State Delivery
    Time Trials
     [ ] Boulevard Boogle Time Trial, Course 1
     [ ] Boulevard Boogle Time Trial, Course 2
     [ ] Boulevard Boogle Time Trial, Course 3
     [ ] Boulevard Boogle Time Trial, Course 4
     [ ] Dukes Dust Up Time Trial, Course 1
     [ ] Dukes Dust Up Time Trial, Course 2
     [ ] Dukes Dust Up Time Trial, Course 3
     [ ] Go-Kar Time Trial, Course 1
     [ ] Go-Kar Time Trial, Course 2
     [ ] Go-Kar Time Trial, Course 3
     [ ] Go-Kar Time Trial, Course 4
     [ ] Patriot Park Time Trial, Course 1
     [ ] Patriot Park Time Trial, Course 2
     [ ] Patriot Park Time Trial, Course 3
     [ ] Patriot Park Time Trial, Course 4
     [ ] Wetscapade Time Trial, Course 1
     [ ] Wetscapade Time Trial, Course 2
     [ ] Wetscapade Time Trial, Course 3
     [ ] Wetscapade Time Trial, Course 4
     [ ] Beach Blitz
     [ ] Bohan Snake
     [ ] East Side Escapade
     [ ] Graveyard Groove
     [ ] Loose Exchange
     [ ] Midtown Mayhem
     [ ] Monument Mania
    Street Races
     [ ] Bohan Classic         -> S&M Grand Slam
     [ ] Bohan Rally           -> S&M Grand Slam
     [ ] Algonquin Auto-Trial  -> Transfender Invitational
     [ ] Star Junction Circuit -> Transfender Invitational
     [ ] Middle Park Motivator -> Transfender Invitational
     [ ] Schlotter Sweep       -> Hi-Way Tire Tourney
     [ ] Broker Open           -> Hi-Way Tire Tourney
     [ ] Dukes Dynamo          -> Hi-Way Tire Tourney
    Liberty City Gun Club
     [ ] Pistol Medal
     [ ] SMG Medal
     [ ] Shotgun Medal
     [ ] Grenades Medal
     [ ] Sniper Rifle Medal
    Riding Shotgun
     [ ] Beechwood City
     [ ] Industrial
     [ ] Purgatory
     [ ] Suffolk
     [ ] Willis
     [ ] Beechwood City, Chainsaw
     [ ] Beechwood City, Flamethrower
     [ ] Boulevard, Unarmed
     [ ] Castle Gardens, Carbine Rifle
     [ ] Castle Garden City, Carbine Rifle
     [ ] Colony Island, Double Barrelled Shotgun
     [ ] East Islands City, Twin Pistols
     [ ] Firefly Island, Twin Pistols
     [ ] Firefly Projects, Minigun
     [ ] Fishmarket South, Assault Rifle
     [ ] Happiness Island, Minigun
     [ ] Hatton Gardens, Assault Rifle
     [ ] Lancaster, Flamethrower
     [ ] Lower Easton, Flamethrower
     [ ] Meadow Hills, Micro SMG
     [ ] Meadows Park, Double Barrelled Shotgun
     [ ] Middle Park, Shotgun
     [ ] Middle Park West, Flamethrower
     [ ] Northern Gardens, Flamethrower
     [ ] Northwood, Assault Rifle
     [ ] Northwood, Carbine Rifle
     [ ] Northwood, Chainsaw
     [ ] Outlook Park, Micro SMG
     [ ] South Bohan, Flamethrower
     [ ] South Bohan, Stubby Shotgun
     [ ] Star Junction, Sword
     [ ] Steinway, Flamethrower
     [ ] The Meat Quarter, RPG
     [ ] Westminster, Stubby Shotgun
     [ ] Willis, SMG
    Security Cameras
     [ ] 1-10
     [ ] 10-20
     [ ] 20-30
     [ ] 30-40
     [ ] 40-50
     [ ] 50-60
     [ ] 60-70
     [ ] 70-80
     [ ] 80-90
     [ ] 90-100
    Unique Stunt Jumps
     [ ] 1-10
     [ ] 10-20
     [ ] 20-30
     [ ] All 21
    Drug Dealers
     [ ] 1-10
     [ ] 10-20
     [ ] 20-30
     [ ] 30-40
     [ ] 40-50
     [ ] 50-60
     [ ] 60-70
     [ ] 70-80
    Raid Spanish Lord's Warehouse
     [ ] Once
     [ ] 1
     [ ] 2
    [A] Contact Information
    APPEARS IN g,a,m,e,f,a,q,s.c,o,m always. Remove the commas. Never on that
    c,h,e,a,t,c,c.c,o,m. Remove the commas.
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    Finally, if you see that there is something wrong in this FAQ, or something 
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    game), or they are not allowed outright. 
    Anyway, POINT OUT ALL SITES NOT LISTED HERE. It will be up to me what site is
    allowed or disallowed.
    www.GameFAQs.com <Master Copy> 
    NeoSeeker and SuperCheats will have the guides a full day after it appears on
    GameFAQs. This is because those two sites grab any new update from me from
    GameFAQs itself, so if you are itching for the newest version, please check
    www.GameFAQs.com first.
    Why, because they stole some of my works before, and I will not forget that.
    No amount of goodwill will be able to repair what you have done. 
    [D] Copyright Notice
    This game is Copyright 2009 Rockstar Games. All Copyrights are held by their
    rightful owners as well as any Trademarks used. 
    This document is protected by copyright laws in many countries, so please 
    don't steal. This FAQ can be used for personal use, which means you can store
    a copy on your home PC, your IPod, USB Drive, etc. You cannot use this FAQ to
    sell for your own financial gain. Doing so is fraud, and I will promptly have
    all the money gained wired for directly to me. 
    If you do sell it, and you are caught, I will launch court proceedings if 
    necessary. If a website steals this, I will have your site shut down, either
    through talking to your server, Internet Service Provider, and if you are a 
    big site, through your advertisers. It might start with a small email of 
    request, but I can snowball it. In fact, I will. 
    You also cannot claim this guide as your own. You are not allowed to use this
    guide and submit this to another website, claiming it as your own work. I will
    google search random phrases from my own FAQ just to ensure that it hasn't 
    been stolen or hijacked by other people.
    I am also not affiliated with any corporation, and I was not paid by any
    developer, publisher or distributor for the production of this guide. This was
    done solely out of my own free time and will, a dedication to the gaming 
    industry in general. 
    This document is copyright 2009. All Rights weren't not patented in Chinatown.
    This FAQ uses the V2.01 Template. 
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