Introducing a new and unique fun and sexy audio memory match game and a picture gallery and slideshow all in one. It's like nothing you've ever seen before! You'll love it, you'll want to show your friends - it's been tested on a lot of OUR friends! This is not your usual minute app - this app will keep you entertained for much longer!

Here's how it works:
- Pictures of beautiful sexy girls in bikini are hidden behind glass tiles.
- Tap the tiles to match a variety of different fun and playful sounds these girls make to reveal the pictures behind the tiles!
- Once you solve and reveal a picture you can preview the picture full-screen and save it to your Photo Album.

See the video:
Follow discovolos:

A gallery of pictures is available from the menu so you can view and browse through the solved pictures anytime. And if you forgot to save a picture you previously solved to your Photo Album you can do it at any time later from within the gallery.

Included are pictures of stunningly beautiful sexy babes, all carefully selected and bound to turn heads. All pictures are high-quality, fully licensed and used with permission by their copyright holders for use in this application (license details included in the app itself). So you don't have to worry about this app disappearing from the store. And look for more pictures and themes to come later.

These girls don't just know how to pose, but they sound playful and sexy too!

The game play is a lot of fun. This perfect combination of sounds and pictures will keep you very entertained - it's been tested on a lot of people.

If you have to keep the noise down while playing and don't have headphones handy and you just can't wait till you reveal the picture behind the tiles, then you can always turn Silent Mode ON. How do you play an Audio Memory Match game in Silent Mode you ask? In Silent Mode, numbers representing the sounds are displayed instead. Though playing with sounds on is way more fun;)

The game also keeps score and will let you know when you beat your high score. There's no time limit when playing and no time penalties. You can just take your time! You do though get penalized when using tiles incorrectly.

If a call comes in you can answer knowing that the game auto-saves your progress and you can resume from where you left off.

Just hit play

For every 3 puzzles you solve you win a Free Pass you can use to solve a puzzle for free.

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