Simple and original game, well suited for both adults and children; the goal of the game is to compose, using only the gravity force, all pieces of a picture that has been messed up. Pieces can be moved by tilting the iPhone (or iPod) up and down, trying to move them to their original position, being driven by the sketch that is visible in the background.
Pieces move according to physics laws, some colliding each other, some sliding each over the other.
Circular and quasi-circular pieces must be placed by approaching the center of the original circle; all other pieces can be "hooked-up" by moving a vertex (or some other point of the perimeter) close enough to its original position; after that, the piece can be easily rotated to the right position. All pieces moved to their correct positions stay fixed, unless you need to unblock them again.
This can be done by "double tapping" on the piece, gesture that can solve other situations when a piece is stuck or cannot be rotated to the right orientation for lack of space.

33 different pictures included, classified as easy, medium, hard. Many more will be added in the next versions. Look at the user guide for more information (

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