"this game is ingenious...This formula of frenetic, mutli-genre gaming is a success."

"As far as puzzle games go for iPhone or iTouch it doesn’t get much more creative then word search or chess. Well forget those boring games and move into the future! Introducing TimeLoop, from Connect2Media. A puzzle game that revolutionizes the category." - 5/5

The graphics are slick and the sound effects are quite interesting. Tack on the great gameplay and you’ll want to sit and play as many levels as you can in one go. Have fun! - 4.5/5

"a brand new game that has a neat twist."
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Ever wished you could be in two places at once? Well in TIMELOOP you can! Those crazy scientists have invented a time machine but it has malfunctioned. Now they are trapped in time and rapidly running out of oxygen, only Nik, the janitor droid, can save them! But one Nik isn’t enough, so he uses the time machine to TIMELOOP, sending himself back in time, repeatedly if necessary, to save the day! As the game progresses the puzzles become increasingly difficult, strategic thinking becomes essential and timing is everything. With multiple Niks working alongside one another there is always more than one way to rescue the scientists. With 32 levels to solve, most with multiple solutions, the game is stuffed with cunning puzzles, unique wit, and some very cute cats to save along the way!

- 32 Increasingly mind, and time, bending puzzles
- Multiple solutions to almost every puzzle mean that the challenges keep on coming
- Gold, Silver and Bronze Award categories
- Discover and use tools including a spanner, blowtorch, mobile phone and even a hair dryer
- Command robot Nik to clear toxic leaks, weld broken doors, hack security computers and much more

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