Hello app world, this application is for all of my arcade lovers. You are simply moving an asteroid from left to right to collect the pebbles that corresponds to the asteroid's color. If you collect the correct pebble then you will be awarded 100 points and 1 collected pebble. Each level contains an amount of collected pebbles needed to succeed to the next level.

There are three difficulty levels

Normal being the easiest: this is for the novice.

Then there is Hard, you must have decent reflexes to play at this level.

Finally, there is Very Hard, at this level your reflexes must be superb, you must have strategy to play at this level.

If you have positive feedback, I am happy to hear, if there is any issues with the game please let me know and I will try my best to work out all of the issues you're having. I want to deliver the best gaming experience for you.

Thanks everyone for supporting me in this project, I bet some of you all are wondering why someone in my company wrote a review.
It's not a gimmick to get rich quick or no scam, basically I have my employees test the product and write honest reviews so that my developing team can resolve those issues that others may experience as well.
The website is moving from a different hosting site, so sorry about the delay.

Thank you all for supporting this project and sorry about the delay.

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