You are all set to enjoy your meal, but you hear in the distance the old familiar buzzing sound getting closer to you...Yes you guessed right...The mosquitos have smelled your delicious meal and are on a mission to steal it from you once again!

?NOT THIS TIME!? you say to yourself, and ready yourself for battle, you crackle your knuckles, pull up your sleeves, grab in one hand an old newspaper and a fly swatter in the other.

The buzz is getting closer, and now you know that there are hundreds of them and only one of you...the battle is nigh, and only your skill will let you get away with your food untouched...

Blu Studios is proud to present you Zap'em ?The Attack of the mosquitos?.

Battle against endless hordes of mosquitos, flies and other bugs that only have one goal in mind ?Eat your food?.

Using one of the three standard weapons zap the mosquitos before they reach your precious food. Each of them have advantages and disadvantages:

? Hand: Fast, small hit area and no stamina required to swing around.
? Newspaper: Bigger hit area than the hand but it requires some stamina for each swing.
? Swatter: Ultimate mosquito killing weapon, kill mosquitos in a big radius, but the price is high. If you swing it around too much your will run out of energy, and surely the mosquitos will overrun you.

Switch between weapons to maximize the efficiently, remember if you run out of stamina you will need to rest before you can swing again....However mosquitos never rest.

Remember to use your aid items:

? Small portion of food: Will attract nearby mosquitos, and they will stay three until the food is good...Perfect place for an ambush...
? Glue Stick. Mosquitos will be attracted to it...however they will never be able to move away from it.
? Bug Spray. If you are being overrun spray the mosquitos to Oblivion.
? Light. Highly attractive to mosquitos, extremely deadly.

? Attractive and Fun Graphics.
? Full sound experience.
? Addictive Gameplay.
? Rich array of weapons.
? Survival Mode
? Several Mosquitos with different speeds and attack paths.

We hope you enjoy this game. Stayed tuned for exciting updates coming up.

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