Thankyou all for the support!
Enjoy :)
9,000 BC has made it! :)
* Featured by Apple as "Best Archer Game"
* Featured by Apple as "New and
Noteworthy" among all Apps.
* In TOP 100 ALL Games!
* In TOP 30 Action Games!
* In TOP 25 Arcade Games!

"9000 BC is a unique iPhone app with a blend of arcade, action, role playing and defense strategy gaming for the iPhone featuring hand drawn stop motion graphics and loaded with options" -

"With its great mix of action, fighting, upgrades, strategy, and survival, I believe that the developer of 9,000 BC may have made an unbelievably great game." - (?????)

"Once ya pick it up your hooked :-bd" - Acidbottle from the U.K (?????)

"Unlike anything else I have seen. It's almost as if they are HD cave drawlings!" - 59 Paseo frm US (?????)

"If you are even remotely thinking of getting this, get it at this low price!!" - DGH94 frm US (?????)

"i couldnt put this down once i started playing this game because it is so amazing the volcano is WOOOOO..." - PinoyKid from US (?????)

" obviously is in the top 10% of the best apps in the Appstore. I highly recommend it." - mrkennychen from US (?????)

"I don't usually put games on my home screen but this app is on the dock, that's how much i love 9,000 BC! I'm totally addicted! " - Loves2spoon fomr US (?????)

"Awesome game with loads of replayability trying to get further and further than before. Ahievements via Openfeint is also a huge plus." Snooptalian from US (?????)

"This game has a very intricate upgrade system, lots of things to do, and many ways to kill your enemies, which are also numerous in numbers, size, and category." - Aznboii11 from US (?????)

We have heard your voice.
Version 1.1 has been developed based on countless feedback's that we got from the loyal 9,000BC gammers :)

??? What's new? ???
*** Powerful monsters are now on your side!
---> The Red Eyed Monster
---> The Ferocious Shark Head
---> The Powerful Beast Man has
--- arrived from the jungle and seas to aid
--- you in your battles!

*** Tree of MAGIC ***
---> You can buy Magical Fruits that give you
--- the ability to Cast Spells.
---> Eat a Magical Fruit to cast spells on
--- those evil monsters!

*** 3 Different types of SPELLS ***
---> Ancient Way of the Spear
-------> use this spell to get a huge magical
-------- spear for a while and kill multiple
-------- with one shot. Yeah, ONE shot.
---> Short Term Mind Control
-------> use this spell to stun the monsters,
-------- they will be SHOCKED and stay
-------- where they are for a short duration.
-------- COOL!
---> Mega-Tiny-ize
-------- cast this spell to SHRINK the
-------- monsters and make them weaker.

*** A lot of people wanted this
---> now you can Tap to Shoot the spear!
---- Woohoo!

*** Full OpenFeint support with
---- achievements,leader-boards and chat!

*** What's next? - MAPS!!!, more prehistoric
---- beasts, and EVEN more...

*** This is not it. We are still working hard on
---- the next release.

So, GO TO:--> to request a feature or tell us what you want!

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